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(10/08/2013) Serge & Maryline Martin (Missy les Pierrepont, FR), 1st national Narbonne yearlings

Serge Martin from Missy les Pierrepont (France), pigeon fancier of 49 years, surrounded by his family, his friends and a pigeon found back on the roof, just won the 1st national Narbonne 2013, against 1862 yearlings and the 8th international Narbonne yearlings 2013 from 5831 pigeons!

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(26/07/2013) Narbonne (int.) 2013 | National winner France Yearlings: Martin Serge (Missy-Lès-Pierrepont)

The national winner France from Narbonne in the category "yearlings" is Martin Serge (Missy-Lès-Pierrepont).The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 16:27:00 CEST after a race of 723.861 km, achieving an average velocity of 1276.65 m/min.