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(11/07/2015) St.-Vincent (int.) 2015 | National winner Belgium old birds: Pollin Marc (Jabbeke)

The National winner Belgium from St.-Vincent in the category "old birds" is Pollin Marc (Jabbeke). The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 21:20:32 CEST after a race of 896.428 km, achieving an average velocity of 1023.87 m/min.

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(06/07/2015) Montauban 2015 | National winner Belgium yearlings: Pollin Marc (Snellegem)

The National winner Belgium from Montauban in the category "yearlings" is Pollin Marc (Snellegem)., achieving an average velocity of 1258.25 m/min.


(01/12/2013) Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE) has another great star in his collection

Marc had a tragic start to the season when Diana, Marc’s wife and the mother of Geert, got involved in a serious traffic accident. She was severely injured. At the moment she is still in a long rehabilitation process. Marc and Geert have dedicated their title in the extreme long distance old birds to her.


(20/07/2012) Another top weekend for Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE) with 1st Limoges yearlings, 2nd St.Vincent old birds, 2nd-3rd-4th Blois youngsters and 3th-4th Poitiers old birds

The weather does not seem to bother the pigeons of Marc Pollin at all: sun, wind or rain, his birds can handle any type of weather.


(01/06/2012) Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE) on a winning streak

History has learned us that the Pollin pigeons are always in for a surprise in difficult weather conditions. They did it again in Poitiers with a 1°, 2°, 3° and 4° prize locally and with a great result provincially!


(24/05/2012) Top performances Belgium 17/05/2012 - 22/05/2012

The past weekend brought us long awaited beautiful pigeon weather, ideally suited for the first interprovincial races of this season. Last weekend there were a lot of top performances.


(13/10/2011) Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE) for the second year in a row General Provincial Champion KBDB West Flanders!

One of the leading colonies of our country from sprint to 'grand distance' is without doubt that of Marc and son Geert Pollin! In the sport year 2011 this West-Flemish topper once again managed to achieve a series of magnificent victories!


(16/07/2011) The “3164098/10” from Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE) won the 1st provincial Bordeaux in West-Flanders by the yearlings and further the 3rd national 6249 pigeons

1045 yearlings were basketted in West-Flanders for the national competition from Bordeaux on the 2nd of July. The “3164098/10” from Pollin was primus in his category and ensured everything went his way. He finished off the, for him, 799 km with a velocity of 1054,83 m and was clocked at 19h23 by a liberation at 6h45.


(11/02/2011) Marc Pollin - Snellegem (BE) ‘General Champion KBDB West-Fl’ and one of the most laureate colonies of our country!!!

Unbelievable, phenomenal, overwhelming, dominant… these are all superlatives which perfectly reflect the performance level of the Marc Pollin colony in 2010… simply one of the best colonies of our country!


(24/11/2010) Marc Pollin - Snellegem (BE): "the King of Flanders '10" crushed the opposition in an unrivalled 2010 season

What “Superman” Marc Pollin from the West Flemish Snellegem (near Jabbeke ) put on the map in 2010, can only be described as “World-class” ! In certain competitions this great champion – known for his “all-round pigeons” – mad mincemeat of his opponents !!


(12/10/2010) Jewels Of The Sky 2010 - Pollin Marc & Geert

Pollin Marc & Geert present "Son Mortifer"