Because we could no longer cope with the increase in the number of questions and fanciers had to wait (too) long for an answer, we have decided to close off our question section. Furthermore, the great majority of new questions submitted has already been answered in the past.

As we want to keep offering interesting medical information to our readers, we will now concentrate more on those general Ask The Vet articles which have already been published on our homepage in the past. In addition, our Ask The Vet archive, which contains numerous questions and answers, is a mine of information which will still remain at your disposal.

Occasionally we observe pigeons which appear to have an indifferent wing action,when the beat of one wing is slightly different?

Mijn jonge duiven (winterjongen) trainen niet, maar vliegen kleine rondjes om het hok?

A pigeon of mine is with one stiff wing?

I would like to know if there is any possibility to save my pigeons infected with salmonella (a lab test confirmed it)?

My birds were crash landing when flying?

j ai une femelle qui parait en bonne santé mais elle a des problèmes pour voler?

I am experiencing very heavy losses with my yearlings this season. They exercise very well twice each day for one hour?

J'ai accouplé 24 jeunes femelles 2010 et deux d'entre elles m'arrivaient plus a volées pendant 2-3 jours après avoir pondu?

In 2009 4 of my widowhood cocks developed flying problem during the season, in 2010 3 cocks developed the same symptom?

Sinds een half jaar heb ik problemen met duiven die o.a. niet meer kunnen vliegen of scheef vliegen?

Every few weeks i have one or two birds that go light and weak to the point that they are not able to fly to their perch or nest?

I have a hen that is raising one young bird that is very weak and has difficulties to stand?

My pigeon lost weight and struggles to fly up?

What disease caused pigeon loss in Malta ?

My race pigeons arrive late, and some even get lost. What is my problem?

Can trimethoprim during moulting be negative for the moult?

What is the best treatment against streptococcus?

My pigeon has flying problems and picks next to the corn. What is the treatment for this?

Waarom willen sommige duivinnen plots niet meer vliegen en vermageren ze zonder reden?