Because we could no longer cope with the increase in the number of questions and fanciers had to wait (too) long for an answer, we have decided to close off our question section. Furthermore, the great majority of new questions submitted has already been answered in the past.

As we want to keep offering interesting medical information to our readers, we will now concentrate more on those general Ask The Vet articles which have already been published on our homepage in the past. In addition, our Ask The Vet archive, which contains numerous questions and answers, is a mine of information which will still remain at your disposal.

Wij hebben wekelijkse sterfte bij duiven die ogenschijnlijk het 'geel' hebben?

Some of my birds are retaining the seed in their crop. The droppings are normal, and the birds are hungry?

One of my young pigeon looked a bit unwell. I checked its throat for canker. And i noticed the end of its tongue was pale yellowish green?

My pigeons are eating well but find it difficult to swollow?

My pigeons were diagnosed with herpes virus about 2 months ago and also were vomiting just over a week ago?

What is causing this 'chewing' and laborious breathing in my pigeons?

I would like to know what causes herpes virus and how do the birds get infected with this?

Please assist as i dont know what to use to treat yellow spots in the throat of my pigeons?

When I open the beak of a bird, a silverish/white stain is present on the roof of the birds palate. This rash like stain is on both sides of the opening in palate?

We have started our racing season 2 weeks ago, and mine is a disaster with loss of good pigeons. On handling they look healthy. Can you help?

Je suis en colombophil italien, j'aimerai avoire Votre conseil sur un problem que j'ai dans l'elevage?

My pigeons have always sputum in the throat, and I can not eliminate it. I've tried to various forms, but can not?

I have almost the whole flock who suffers from a dark red throat and the larynx is all the time pumping in and out I mean it's never stable?

Is there any adenovirus and herpesvirus vaccines available for pigeons? Can we use circovirus and pox vaccines for chickens?

Recently in my racing team i have been noticing some pigeons with a white mould like spot in their epiglottis?

Er zit in 1 afdeling 3 duiven met 1 bleek oog terwijl de andere gewoon kleurrijk is. Voorheen waren beide ogen goed?

Welke zijn de gevolgen bij duiven die (zwaar) besmet geraakten met het :- herpesvirus - paramyxovirus - adenovirus?

Hi! I'm a vet student; I've just necropsied a pigeon and found a green liver with two white plaques. What could be happening?

Some of the racing pigeons in my loft have a white spot on the tonsil?

Lately i have been noticing my race team with an accumalation of mucus in the back of there throats?

Ik heb sinds vorige winterkweek terugkerende massale sterfte van nestjongen van slechts enkele dagen oud.

My birds have slight swelling around the eyes. What could be wrong?

What do you suggest with pigeons with swollen heads, watery eyes ans yellow streeks in the mouth?

Is Baytril advisable against herpesvirus?

What causes one of the eyes of a pigeon to get slightly paler?