Because we could no longer cope with the increase in the number of questions and fanciers had to wait (too) long for an answer, we have decided to close off our question section. Furthermore, the great majority of new questions submitted has already been answered in the past.

As we want to keep offering interesting medical information to our readers, we will now concentrate more on those general Ask The Vet articles which have already been published on our homepage in the past. In addition, our Ask The Vet archive, which contains numerous questions and answers, is a mine of information which will still remain at your disposal.

beste Dr, onze duiven hebben sinds de tweede overnachtvlucht last van knorren?

One of my pigeons has a white layer on one of its eyes, sometimes it is completely shut and it swells.

The birds drink water and the water stays in the crop. The birds crop swells and the bird will die. Could you advise?

My birds have stopped exercising around the loft and are way behind at the weekend.

Two of my best stock birds eggs are very small.What could be the cause of it?

Hello all at pigeon paradise, I'm hoping you can help we have been having problems with our birds for some time now?

What medication can prevent / treat an inflammated mucous membrane?

I have a cock, 4 years old, at the top of his back just below his neck his feathers are curling up?

I have an old bird who this morning has a twisting head, he was injected for PMV and treated with Baytril?

Some of the racing pigeons in my loft have a white spot on the tonsil?

My pigeon lost weight and struggles to fly up?

I recently had my pigeons droppings tested as well as swab test which revealed chlamydia and a high Cocci count?

I would like to know if there`s a broad spectrum antibiotic product that can be injected into a pigeon?

I have a young hen who appears to be egg-bound. How do I solve this problem?

Is there a broad spectrum antibioticum injection in the muscle or under the skin?

Ik heb sinds vorige winterkweek terugkerende massale sterfte van nestjongen van slechts enkele dagen oud.

The bird sneezing then looking sick, bacterial infection?

Some of my pigeosn are losing weight and have a deep keel. What is the best treatment?

What is the preferred vaccine for paratyphus? Dead or live vaccine?

Met welke antibiotica is een ontsteking in de Uterus te behandelen?

What do you recommend in case of adenovirus infestion?

Which health program can I use during the racing season?

Mijn jonge duif zakt soms door zijn poten, maar is voor de rest gezond.

Can yeast be diagnosed via a crop swab, and how do I treat it?

Newly bought pigeons are fading away and losing body. What is wrong?