Rules regarding online comments

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The PIPA website and the PIPA forum were founded in 2000 and 2003 respectively, to give pigeon fanciers a place to read the latest news on pigeon racing from around the world, and to discuss every possible pigeon related subject. Every fancier can obtain information and read online posts for free, without the need to register or log in. You are only required to log in if you want to post a comment yourself or if you want to join our auctions, as well as some other interactive functions.


When posting a comment for the first time, you will be asked to fill out your real name. This only needs to be done once, and it cannot be changed later on. This information is strictly confidential and is only known to our editorial team. When posting a comment, only your username will be displayed.

We reserve the right to disclose your identity to any parties involved in case you offend the rules of our online forum, or in case of a court order.


An enjoyable online forum can only be possible with consistent moderation based on clear rules. This is the responsibility of our team of moderators. They try to make sure that the online discussions take place in a decent way. They will also intervene if necessary, to prevent conflict.

The following rules apply:

  • Offensive, obscene, vulgar, sexist or slanderous comments are not allowed. Also, threats and discriminating remarks will be immediately deleted.
  • Respect towards other people's opinions and feelings is a must. Personal attacks cannot be tolerated.  
  • It is not allowed to advertise products in any way or at any occasion.
    Exception: second-hand pigeon racing materials can be offered in the forum column 'Vraag & Aanbod - Offer & Demand'.
  • Unrelated comments may be deleted.

Those that do not follow the rules will be sanctioned as follows:

  1. Warning: you receive a warning from one of our moderators.
  2. Temporary ban: you will be temporarily banned from posting comments.
  3. Permanent ban: you will be permanently banned from posting comments.

Note: a temporary or permanent ban does not affect the accessibility of our website (submitting pigeons, reading articles, placing bids, etc.).


A moderator will let you know if he is about to modify one of your posts. If you do not agree with his decision, please contact the moderator involved through e-mail or a private message. Please do not discuss the issue publicly on our forum or in the comment section of an article. Such discussions will be deleted right away.

You can also help our team of moderators by reporting inappropriate comments. If you think a post is in appropriate, just click "report as inappropriate" on the bottom right.


PIPA cannot be held responsible for the content of the comments posted by our users, nor for their consequences.

Any further questions?

For any questions regarding our website or the online forum, please refer to aepd.aeirbtpi@ ec