Advertising on PIPA

Why advertise on PIPA?

  • is the world’s most visited website about pigeon racing.
  • Every day, on average 25,000 people visit our website, viewing more than 200,000 pages per day. The average visitor spends about 8 minutes on our website, more than enough time to have a look at your advertisement!
  • PIPA’s website reaches the entire pigeon world, day after day the website is visited by people from over 200 different countries.
  • An online advertisement can offer a better value for money than a print advertisement: you benefit from a much larger audience. What printed magazine is read by 25,000 people? Our site reaches 25,000 readers, every single day.
  • At the same time, PIPA is a mature company, with a wide network in the entire pigeon racing world.


Our approach

Together we determine which banner(s) and which running timee suit your needs best.

Your banner can link to your own website or to a document (for instance a PDF file) that we can publish online for you. We can also provide a graphic design for your banners.

We make a price offer and we wait for your approval to set up your ad campaign.

Your campaign will be launched after receipt of payment. From then on your banner(s) will be visible to everyone visiting our website.

Different possibilities

The image below shows you a number of possible spots for your banner.

Short-term campaigns

Our short-term campaign is a great option if you are looking to promote an event, an offer, etc. You can advertise for as little as one day!

Our most popular short-term campaign is the "banner frontpage" with a hard to miss 450x80px format. This will cost 2OO€ (excluding VAT) for one day, and 100€ for every additional day. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details!


Long-term campaigns

Those looking to increase brand awareness in the long run can opt for a long-term campaign. This campaign can be booked for a year and can be extended every year to your liking.

We offer campaigns starting from 1700€ a year (excluding VAT). Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information!


What our customers say

“Advertising on PIPA was a great choice: More than 3,600 unique visits in a week, information requests and distribution opportunities worldwide, among which a PIPA agent :) A very good return on investment!”

Cristiano Paltrinieri,

“To be honest, advertising through PIPA is far more effective than in magazines, in which fanciers don’t read the advertisements. We even had customers from Paris, who had seen the banner on Saturday morning. They jumped into their car and came to buy a small pigeon loft.”

Sonja Saverwyns,


Contact us

We're here to help you! Get in touch through our contact page or e-mail us at agp e.abvnsptii@eird.