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Good afternoon everyone - well the month off of making results has done a number on my concentration. I have one (hopefully) final revision to make to the result before it goes to print and it is a major one.

Yesterday I had made a error with Landon’s time sheet and had entered Mikes birds and times into Landon’s column – well to top it off it I also made a mistake of entering Harvey’s overfly into Billy C’s overfly column. I know Harvey didn’t race but his overfly, as is everyone’s is automatically calculated on the spreadsheet once the speed of the first two birds is determined that calculates how much time lofts get/give each other. Harvey’s overfly is on a row directly below Billy’s on the spreadsheet and when I manually entered the overfly’s on the race calculation sheet I entered Harvey’s overfly into Billy’s column. What this did is give Billy an additional 2 minutes and 58 seconds of overfly on all other lofts. So in actuality when I made the correction he gave back the 2 minutes and 58 seconds so instead of being 1:10 TO WIN he is really 4:08 TO WIN.

I REALLY apologize to all affected!

See you all Friday for crating that is if I