Club Results for 'Winnipeg Pigeon Flyers Inc'

31/10/2008Combined Old Bird and Youngbird Averages and Awards 
31/10/20082008 Youngbird Race and Diploma Winners 
31/10/20082008 Youngbird Averages and Awards 
17/10/2008Upsala Combine -Youngbirds 
17/10/2008Dryden Combine - Youngbirds 
04/10/2008Ignace Combine - Youngbirds 
04/10/2008Dryden Combine - Young Birds 
27/09/2008Dryden Combine - Young Birds 
27/09/2008Kenora Combine - Young Birds 
20/09/2008Dryden Combine - Young Birds 
20/09/2008Kenora Combine - Young Birds 
15/09/2008Dryden Combine - Young Birds 
15/09/2008Kenora Combine - Young Birds 
13/09/20082008 Old Bird Awards and Averages 
13/09/20082008 Old Bird Trophy and Diploma Winners 
09/09/2008Red Lake Road - North Section Young Birds 
09/09/2008Red Lake Road - South Section Young Birds 
30/08/2008Kenora - North Section Young Birds 
30/08/2008Kenora - South Section Young Birds 
24/08/2008West Hawk Lake Section - North Young Birds 
24/08/2008West Hawk Lake - Section South Young Birds 
19/07/2008Nipigon "A" 
19/07/2008Upsala "B" 
05/07/2008Ignace "A" 
05/07/2008Dryden "B" 
30/06/2008Upsala "B" 
30/06/2008Nipigon "A" 
21/06/2008Upsala "A" 
21/06/2008Upsala "Yearling Race" 
21/06/2008Dryden "B" 
16/06/2008Sioux Look Out "A" 
16/06/2008Dryden "B" 
08/06/2008Dryden "A" 
08/06/2008Kenora "B" 
01/06/2008Dryden "A" 
01/06/2008Kenora "B" 
24/05/2008Kenora "North Section" 
24/05/2008Kenora "South Section" 
17/05/2008Westhawk Lake " South Section" 
17/05/2008West Hawk Lake "North Section"