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Update on Race Schedule

(22/06/2012) Update on Race Schedule

Due to the very tough race this past weekend and the short turnaround for the upcoming scheduled race of 400 and 300 miles we have decided as group to instead fly one of the shorter races this weekend and give the yearlings/old birds a break.
Sioux Look-Out and Dryden Races June 9, 2012

(13/06/2012) Sioux Look-Out and Dryden Races June 9, 2012

Hi guys - the results will be posted for this past weekend's results on Wednesday night as I'm having difficulty uploading them.  I switched programs on my computer so I may have to reformat them to be able to load properly for easy viewing.  I have attached the excel file of the results to this message so hopefully that works till I can figure it out.
Corerection to Kenora race result

(23/05/2012) Corerection to Kenora race result

Good evening everyone, it has been brought to my attention that in copying and pasting the result on the view page that the 9th position bird was missing.  It is now corrected.
Kenora Race

(22/05/2012) Kenora Race

Hello all, the Kenora race is in the books and the weather cooperated on Sunday morning long enough to allow us to hold the race.
West Hawk Lake

(12/05/2012) West Hawk Lake

Hi guys, first race of the year is in the books – turned out a bit tougher than the expected but overall I think mostly everyone has them all back I would assume.  The driver pulled a fa
2012 Race Schedule

(21/04/2012) 2012 Race Schedule

Hi guys –The schedule is pretty much the same as in previous 3 or 4 years.  We will discuss how we continue on if weather plays a factor.  I do think that we will likely have to dro
Kenora Release Information

(04/09/2011) Kenora Release Information

Good morning guys - the North birds were released at 8:15am, they had mostly sunny skies, temp at 8 degrees and a light NW wing at 7 km/h.
2nd  Section Race of Young Bird Season

(27/08/2011) 2nd Section Race of Young Bird Season

The second Section race of the 2011 young bird season is in the books, the birds once again had light headwinds throughout the whole course but the returns were very good.
First Young Bird Race

(21/08/2011) First Young Bird Race

Good morning guys – here are the results from the first race of the YB season.
Last Old Bird race of 2011 - 500mls

(11/08/2011) Last Old Bird race of 2011 - 500mls

Hi guys – sorry for the extended delay. Results were ready to go last night but we were waiting for Harvey to bring his clock by.