Debaene Hubert, "Like a rocket to the national top"

In the late 90's Hubert decided to switch to the extreme long distance. No time or resources would be spared on achieving this goal. Top of the notch pigeon accomodation was built in Beernem with all the most up to date equipment that a modern racing pigeon could need. A lot of money was also invested in pigeons.  Only the best ones of the best were found good enough to inhabit the brand new loft.  Five years later, Hubert has completed his journey to his goal. 
In 2003 Hubert became the 3rd General National Champion KBDB and won the National Long Distance Champion Trophy. But Hubert stays firmly with his feet on the ground, he realises that reaching the top was difficult but staying on the top will be even more difficult. 

The start…
Hubert has been a pigeon racer for more than 30 years. It hasn't always been easy to combine racing sport with running one of the most successful commerce businesses in the region of Beernem. Hubert's pigeons were often the last item on his to do list.

Eventhough the extreme long distance is Hubert's main focus., he also has several pigeons for the “easy” long distance.  The strains with which Hubert competes originate from the best racing colonies around. Just judge the value of the “Debaene” breeding loft if you know, that in the last years purchases from these fancier have been made: Broeckaert from Wervik, Van Damme-Boddaert from Oostkamp, Noël Peiren from Zedelgem, Emiel Denijs from Tielt, Mark Verschelde from Zulte, Vaneenoo Julien from Wingene, Vanderwegen A&L, Theo Ernest, Kees De Baet, Koos Van Dyck, Wilfried Vandermaelen and Cyriel Van Poucke

Champions of the last two seasons …
In 2002 flew
the “Adonis” and the “Pyreneetje”  3 provincial victories, on the national level show the list of records the following: Perpignan 16th and 46th against 3,548, Limoges 19th against 24,479, Brive 23rd, 34th and 99th against 25,352, Montauban 48th against  6,711 and San Sebastian 49th against 1,475. The best result was achieved on the flight from St-Vincent (901km). Interprovincially, in the competition of 4,422 pigeons, Hubert's pigeons have flown the following places: 6th, 14th, 23rd, 33rd, 34th, 36th, 77th, 121st, 136th, etc.
The highlight of 2003 was undoubtfuly the achievement of the 3rd national place in the general championship of the KBDB.  Besides that Hubert has won 12 first and 16 top-5 places in various championships.   
His national champions in 2003: were St-Vincent 8th, 17th, 35th and 91st against 5,101,
Barcelona hens 10th against 2,652, Limoges 39th against 8,618, Barcelona 50th against 11,806, Montauban 66th against 6,901, Limoges 67th against 16,504, Argenton 81st against 17,129 and Souillac 92nd against 3,551.
As we were getting ready to leave, Hubert told us that his aim was to be on the top, but he also added modestly: “but I would like to stay there for a while…”