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‘Mister Teletext’ Hans Dekkers (Hedikhuizen, NL) is regarded as one of the best one day long distance fanciers for several years now!

Hans is known for having won no less than 63 teletext notations! The successful fancier from Hedikhuizen gained a lot of respect in his career. Hans is assisted by his wife Janny and he is considered to be one of the most consistent one day long distance fanciers in The Netherlands!

Hans Dekkers has plenty of experience and he runs a unique loft with several NPO stars. NPO stars are pigeons that know how to finish at the top of the provincial NPO competition. In The Netherlands there is always a Teletext notation in the races of between 450 and 700km, in which at least the first ten in every district are included. A lot of pigeons are basketed for these races so it is quite an achievement for a fancier to have one teletext notation. It is hard to imagine that a single fancier can manage to achieve 63 teletext notations! Good old Hans did not use his imagination, he simply went for it. Every season again he wins important titles one after the other!

It did not take long for him to realise that good quality pigeons are all that matters. That is why he moved to Hedikhuizen in 1996 to look for good bloodlines. He visited three fanciers: Jo IJpelaar, Wal Zoontjes and Jos Leuris. These are three great champions in Brabant and they are known for their strong pigeon families or pigeons that can race in any weather condition. Hans purchased a few rounds of youngsters and soon a new champion was born.

Hans Dekkers: a big champion

A fancier who has won so many national and provincial top prizes is undoubtedly a big champion. Hans has won top prizes in races of between 400 and 650 km, which means he also has a collection of outstanding pigeons. Let’s take a look at his best national and provincial prizes over the past five years: 

1st Prov.     Champion not nominated middle distance        2011
1st Prov.     Champion not nom. one day long distance       2011
1st National  Champion Fondspiegel Cat.6 one day long dist. 2009
1st National  Champion Fondspiegel Cat.6 one day long dist. 2008
1st Prov.     Ace Pigeon One day long distance              2008
1st Superstar One day long distance 'De Duif'               2010
1st Prov.     Champion Long Distance Youngbirds             2009
1st Prov.     Champion Long Distance Youngbirds             2007
1nd Champion  Not nom. One day long distance N.U.           2010
2nd National  Loft championship one day long distance       2011
2nd Prov.     Champion Nominated one day long distance      2010
2nd National  Champion Fondspiegel one day long dist.   '07-'08-'09
3rd National  Pigeon Championship youngsters                2006
3rd National  Pigeon Champion youngsters 09-042             2009
3rd Prov.     Emperor General                               2007
3rd Olympiad  Pigeon One day long distance in Poland        2010
3rd best fancier in the Netherlands - W.H.Z.B.              2011
4th national  Champion fondspiegel one day long dist.    '06-'07-'08
5th National  Loft Champion one day long distance           2010
5th National  Pigeon Champion youngbirds                    2006
5th National  Champion Fondspiegel one day long dist.    '05-'06-'07
6th National  Loft champion youngbirds                      2007
6th National  Champion Fondspiegel One day long distance    2007
9th Best fancier in The Netherlands - W.H.Z.B               2010
9th National  Pigeon Champion youngbirds                    2006

Throughout his career Hans has won no less than 63 teletext notations so there is no doubt that his loft houses a collection of absolutely top class pigeons! I would like to show you some of the most impressive results that Hans Dekkers and his wife Janny achieved in the last few seasons:

Chateauroux –  4,604 p= 1,2,12,30,31,68,77, etc.
Blois       –  3,924 p= 1,3,4,5,20,22,23,30,34,etc.
Nanteuil    –  6,683 p= 1,44,60,88,89,114,etc.
Harchies    –  4,854 p= 1,2,3,4,5,7,16,18,19,etc.
Strombeek   -  3,096 p= 1,10,14,50,60,80,etc.
Pommeroeul  –  3,071 p= 1,5,6,9,32,38,39,40,etc. *the fastest of 18,820 pigeons
Epehy       –  2,276 p= 1,4,22,40,41,58,etc. *the fastest of 13,164 pigeons
Blois       –  1,160 p= 1,8,11,23,49,53,68,etc.
Nanteuil    - 14,308 p= 2,5,11,18,21,27,etc.
Duffel      –  4,248 p= 2,3,4,8,23,24,25,34,35,36,etc.
Harchies    –  3,273 p= 2,4,10,24,25,26,28,30,etc.
Ablis       –  2,592 p= 2,3,4,5,7,9,11,13,14,15,16,etc.
Morlincourt – 20,920 p= 3,4,27,34,92,126,189,etc.
Breteuil    – 20,797 p= 3,41,63,65,73,118,etc.
Nanteuil    – 10,207 p= 3,12,13,30,etc.
Tours       –  5,812 p= 3,13,19,72,etc.
Epehy       –  4,435 p= 3,4,10,14,37,38,etc.
Nijvels     –  3,953 p= 3,6,8,9,10,11,12,etc.
St.Quentin  –  1,859 p= 3,4,7,11,13,15,17,etc.
Bourges     –  7,356 p= 4,46,52,99,101,etc.
Salbris     -  7,599 p= 5,7,30,32,136,140,etc.
Ablis       –  2,001 p= 5,6,7,8,13,14,15,17,18,30,31,etc.
Salbris     –  6,971 p= 5,41,52,82,etc.

Keep in mind that most of the results above were won with a team of 24 widowers on total widowhood. This makes us wonder what type of pigeons Hans has in his loft. You really need a top quality breed if you want to race at a top level for several years in a row.

Top class pigeons in Hedikhuizen

Hans owes much of his success to two great breeding pigeons: Champion 1 and Car-Winner. In fact these two pigeons are closely related to another great pigeon, the Briljant Boy. This is a son of the couple IJpelaar x IJpeltje. This pigeon is probably just as talented as Champion 1. This cock with ring number NL01-5154586 seems to have a unique characteristic: nearly every youngster that he bred has been very useful both in the racing loft and in the breeding loft.

Champion 1

This champion has won:

Houdeng       1/ 5,022
Niergnies     1/  408
Tours         9/ 7,857 NPO
Bourges      10/ 8,308 NPO

He is the sire of:

Houdeng       1/ 2,046
Epehy         1/  453
Ablis         4/ 2,592 NPO
Chateauroux   8/ 4,529 NPO

And grandfather of:

Reims         1/ 7,386 NPO
Nanteuil      1/ 6,683 NPO
Harchies      1/ 4,858
Blois         1/ 4,829 NPO
Strombeek     1/ 3,096    Peronne     1/  298
Salbris       1/  947    Salbris     1/  218
Epehy         1/  596    Blois       1/  214
St.Quentin    1/  541    Salbris     1/  179
Nanteuil      1/  525    Bourges     1/  165
Duffel        1/  473    Montlucon   1/  124

This excellent pigeon has bred a whole collection of winners of NPO/teletext notations (= provincial top 10). Let’s have a look:

Sire of              6x Teletext
Grandfather of       9x Teletext
Great-grandfather of 3x Teletext

The majority of his excellent descendants will be included in the auction on PIPA. The following overview should give you a good idea of the magnificent characteristics of these pigeons, both as racing birds and as breeders! 

The breeding value of these pigeons is as never seen before. It is self evident that the same applies to F3-F7 as well.

(Click here for the pedigree of Olympic Tim)

An outstanding pigeon and winner of:

Bourges  5/ 4,826 NPO
Salbris  8/ 5,008 NPO
Blois    9/ 7,415 NPO
Bourges 13/ 5,373 NPO

The De Witte (an inbred of Champion 1) is another pigeon that illustrates the quality of this homogenous and successful breed. This hen has won a first provincial and she bred the excellent pigeon Sven. They have achieved great results and we know that this type of pigeon is unique and hard to find!

There is so much quality in this loft that it is almost impossible to understand. That is why we give you a short overview of the winners of provincial top 10 prizes NPO that are included in the PIPA auction. These are basically top quality pigeons with great breeding qualities and an impressive list of achievements! That is a good summary of the loft of Hans Dekkers.

The top class pigeons (top 10 NPO/provincial) that are now being auctioned online at PIPA (Click here to go to the auction):

- SVEN          5x  top 5 NPO/PROV
- DE WITTE      1st Prov + the dam of Sven
- DE KOOT       1st NPO
- MISS EPEHY    1st Prov
- ADJE          3rd Prov
- MR.Salbris    3rd Prov + 3x top 75 NPO
- BEAUTY        7th NPO
- BERT          4th NPO
- STEF          2nd + 9th Prov
- MARCO         3rd NPO + the sire of 3x1st
- YALISA        7th Prov Ace
- BEAU          6th NPO
- OLYMPIC TIM   4x Top 15 NPO
- BAS           2nd + 3rd NPO
- MAX           7th NPO + sire of BAS
- SANDER        4th + 7th NPO
- TIJN          4th NPO
- NOVA          2nd Prov Ace
- BRAD          1st Prov + 5x Top 65 NPO