Wonder woman Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL) makes great strides with her excellent bloodlines!

Marijke Vink has always been associated with the pigeons of Gerard Koopman, whom Marijke visited in 1988 after his impressive results from – at that time – New-Amsterdam. Today, 24 years later, top class pigeons such as Aladian, Reza, Farah Diba and Tips have put their mark on pigeon racing worldwide.

2012 was again a splendid season: the pigeons from Mookhoek performed amazingly well. Gerard Koopman knows why: “Marijke races with a relatively low number of pigeons and she did not purchase a lot of my pigeons either! But the few pigeons she purchased were of top quality. Top of the shelf! Think of the descendants of Kleine Dirk, Gentil, Emperor Qin, Ermerveens Hope, Mr. Ermerveen and of course Lei! Top quality was the key. A lot of fanciers talk about top quality pigeons but we should not use that word too often. Marijke knows what a true top quality pigeon is!” It was almost a guaranteed success. These successes were not only achieved in Mookhoek but also in The Netherlands and abroad in the one loft races!

The 2012 season

The 2012 season went very well. These are the results that were achieved in the Entente!

Nanteuil le Haudoin - 4,373 p. - 1,10,22,49,77,etc           24/13
Peronne             - 3,239 p. - 1,9,15,37,55,75,135,137,etc 41/23 young birds
Peronne             - 4,794 p. - 2,3,4,33,40,80,116,121,etc  25/16
Argenton            -  746 p. - 3-7-13-35-52-56-101-137-etc 16/ 9
Nanteuil le Haudoin - 1,321 p. - 4-74-118-121-133-171-etc    19/ 8
Vierzon             -  990 p. - 6-11-87-90-98               20/ 5
Nijvel              - 4,389 p. - 8-14-34-49-60-61-75-etc     26/19 
Nanteuil le Haudoin - 3,031 p. - 8-21-33-85-87-89-92-etc     37/18 young birds
Bourges             - 1,734 p. - 9-32-49-115-116-163-197-etc 16/10 
Mantes la Jolie     - 2,245 p. - 14-18-34-85-158-166-etc     13/ 8 
Morlincourt         - 3,262 p. - 17-18-21-72-90-97-101-etc   37/21 young birds

These are great results with a high prize percentage against high numbers of pigeons. Remember that Marijke usually baskets a low number of pigeons. The Koopman pigeons in her loft did a great job in the entente over the entire season and they won no less than five first prizes:

1st Peronne  3,239 pigeons
1st Nanteuil 4,373 pigeons
1st Bourges  1,764 pigeons
1st Vierzon    990 pigeons
1st Argenton   746 pigeons


Today’s top class pigeons of Marijke Vink

At the moment Marijke has a few real champions in her lofts in Mookhoek: Demelza, Natascha, Verdi, Louis, Domela, Pim and for instance the amazing racing pigeon 09-631! They are all (to a greater or lesser extent) descendants of the famous bloodlines of Koopman, combined with some new additions including Heremans and Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp. The introduction of pigeons of Wouter van Nederpelt (Messi) and F. Lemmens proved a success as well.

Demelza NL07-1802217 V
bred from Louis (Koopman) x sister Super 66 (F. Lemmens)

3rd  NPO Blois 2009 - 15,172 pigeons
4th  NPO Blois 2009 - 12,047 pigeons
12th     Creil 2010 -  3,549 pigeons

She is the dam of:
3rd      Peronne  against 38,108 pigeons
10th     Peronne  against 35,985 pigeons
24th NPO Argenton against 10,432 pigeons

Verdi NL08-1522926 M
bred from Zoon Aladin x Dochter Ché (Eijerkamp)

1st      Orleans     against  1,276 pigeons
1st      Pommeroeul  against    783 pigeons
4th  NPO Orleans     against 10,660 pigeons
4th      Chalons     against  2,486 pigeons
5th      Strombeek   against  4,036 pigeons
8th      Strombeek   against  4,103 pigeons
9th      Peronne     against  3,331 pigeons
10th NPO Bourges     against  8,579 pigeons
29th NPO Chateauroux against  7,355 pigeons

= (grand)father of:
1st  NPO Peronne     against 38,775 pigeons
1st      Strombeek   against  3,948 pigeons
3rd      Peronne     against 38,108 pigeons
3rd  NAT Orleans     against  4,249 pigeons(for Joop Merckx)

Natascha BE06-6148080 V
bred from Poot (son Olympiade 003) x Bessy = a direct Heremans-Ceusters

107th National La Souteraine 13,965 pigeons
120th National Argenton      14,534 pigeons

She is the dam of
1st  Duffel            376 pigeons
4th  Nanteuil        1,321 pigeons
8th  Strombeek       3,943 pigeons
11th Mantes la Jolie 3,919 pigeons
16th Blois Sec2     12,748 pigeons
24th Peronne         4,927 pigeons

Pim NL11-1722115
bred from Louis (Koopman) x Dochter Domela (a TIPS inbred)

1st Nanteuil le Haudoin 4,373 pigeons
1st Nijvel              1,072 pigeons
2nd Peronne             1,094 pigeons
3rd Nanteuil le Haudoin   367 pigeons
3rd Peronne               302 pigeons

= a half brother of Demelza and Kleine Diba (1st Ablis against 2,292 pigeons)

Superhen 09-631 NL09-1170631
bred from Broer Domela x Halfzus Chanel (a 100% Marijke Vink)

1st  Strombeek       1,047 pigeons
3rd  Strombeek       4,036 pigeons
3rd  Strombeek       1,101 pigeons
5th  Tours           1,048 pigeons
6th  Mantes la Jolie 3,939 pigeons
7th  Strombeek       2,672 pigeons
8th  Creil           1,186 pigeons
20th Creil           3,549 pigeons
= a half sister of 1st Peronne 3,240 pigeons

The achievements of these pigeons speak for themselves. Even though pigeons such as Tips, Aladin or Farah Diba are no longer housed in the loft of Marijke she continues to make improvements with new stars and new champions that might significantly change pigeon racing. Only time will tell. Her collection of top class pigeons and their achievements indicate that she is on the right track!