Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE): great results with a small team of pigeons!

A good loft needs quality not quantity. This is demonstrated by Eddy & Maarten Leutenez, who have managed to make it to the top in the national longer middle distance and long distance competitions with a small number of birds!

Eddy & Maarten Leutenez have always known how to achieve top results. Their main approach is to work with true, top quality pigeons only. If you opt for second class birds you will never achieve success and the fanciers from Kruishoutem are well aware of that. That explains why you find nothing but talented pigeons in their breeding loft. This is exactly why they have won so many impressive results throughout their career. Earlier on, in their loft in Semmerzake, they had won several national victories, provincial first prizes and a provincial and even national ace pigeons. Since their restart in 2007 in Kruishoutem, they are as ambitious as ever but due to a lack of space they have to compete with a significantly smaller team of pigeons. For next season they will have about twelve cocks, ten hens and again a round of about 30 young birds. Their aim is to excel in the competitions from longer middle distance to long distance but that will not be an easy task. That is why only the very best pigeons will make it to the team in Kruishoutem: they simply have no room to accommodate average pigeons. Pigeons that cannot make it to the very top will be left out. Eddy says he prefers no pigeons rather than average pigeons.

A youthful yet powerful breeding team

There were many highlights in the 2012 racing season. Top of the bill was of course the weekend of 4th July, where the first interprovincial prize from Blois was won (the Guldensporenvlucht), as well as the first interprovincial prize from Brive. This double victory is the best proof of the sheer talent in the loft of Leutenez. Their present breeding basis can be split up into three main bloodlines:

1.The Bollekes line (De Noyette J.) : with for instance Het Bolleken and her parents Jose x Rita
The Bolleke BE09-4108109, winner of for instance:

1st Interprov Tours 2,257 p.
1st Roye              664 p.
4th Ablis             265 p.
8th Interprov Tours 2,045 p.

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 2. Marc De Cock pigeons: including the Milan line and pigeons of De Rauw-Sablon, for instance Miss Milan and Federer (a grandson of the Dream Couple of De Rauw-Sablon)

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 3. Steveninck Benny: The bloodlines of Chipo and Hautekiet, including Josje and Cameron.

Most of the champions of Eddy & Maarten stem from one of these three bloodlines or a crossing. To illustrate the value of these three bloodlines we introduce you to some of the top class racers of today for the Leutenez fanciers.

- Basiel BE11-4263939

Blois YL    Intprov   1,522 p. 1
Blois Oude  Intprov   1,306 p. 5   (reg 1st of 199 p.)
Chateauroux Intprov     885 p. 7   (reg 1st of 51 p.)
Tours       Intprov   3,634 p. 38
Tours       Intprov   2,355 p. 46  etc…

He is a direct Jose De Noyette (Ooike), where he was raced as a young bird. At the end of the season he moved to the loft in Kruishoutem to join their team of yearlings for 2012. He stems from the same top class line as Bolleken, who Eddy & Maarten purchased from Jose together with her parents two years ago.
Sire: Halfbroer Bolleken BE07-4348505. As the name says he is a half brother of the top hen Bolleken, since he is also a son of Rita BE05-4159707, who was coupled to De Poot BE06-4211141.
Rita is the dam of for instance:
- Het Bolleken: 1st Interprov. Tours 2,257 p. & 8th Interprov Tours 2,045 p.
- Cancellara: 4th Interprov. Blois 3,683 p. & 15th Interprov Tours 2,357 p.

On top of that she is also the grandmother of several top racers including Bolleke National, Bolleke Tours, Bolleke Bourges, Bolleke Crack (winner of a 41st Nat. Argenton 22,384 pigeons and a 43rd Nat. Chateauroux 15,902 pigeons in 2012) and of course Basiel. If you want to take a closer look at their list of achievements you can always reread our previous PIPA article about the achievements of the Leutenez loft.

Dam: Dochter Zwartje 712 BE06-4211137… she has won a 6th from Clermont against 1,014 pigeons and a 15th interprov. Tours against 1,799 pigeons.

- Bolleke Bourges BE11-4332034

’12 Montrichard    Prov    306 p. 2 (reg 1st van 56 d.)
’12 Argenton       Prov  1,090 p. 3
                 N.Zone  2,005 p. 9
                   Nat   7,046 p. 12
’11 Bourges     Intprov  1,028 p. 9
                 N.Zone  9,480 p. 34
                   Nat  31,719 p. 53
’11 Gueret      Intprov    846 p. 32
                 N.Zone  5,666 p. 148
                   Nat  14,362 p. 240
’12 Montluçon   Intprov    776 p. 19
                 N.Zone  7,828 p. 107

She is a direct daughter of the famous Bolleken BE09-4108109, coupled with top class breeder Mauro BE08-4070146 (bred from Blauwe Superkweker 114/01, a direct Jules Mannaert, x Elisabeth 155/03, a direct M. Aelbrecht and a grandchild of Marseille x Fijn Blauw). This makes Bolleke Bourges a full sister of Bolleke National, the 3rd best young bird in Belgium in the national races for young birds in 2010.

- Bolleke Crack B11-4232051

’12 Argenton     381 p. 2
       Zone A  8,476 p. 13
       Nat    22,384 p. 41
’11 Clermont     521 p. 3
’11 Blois        251 p. 4
       Intpro  3,090 p. 7
’12 Clermont     146 p. 6
’12 Chateauroux  299 p. 9
       Zone A  6,962 p. 42
       Nat    15,902 p. 43
’11 Ablis        614 p. 13
’11 Ablis        306 p. 29

She is a daughter of Schonen Blauwen B08-4200981 (a half brother of the well known Bolleke) x Josje (a granddaughter of De Crack of Benny Steveninck).

- Goudhaantje BE09-4077273

Brive          Intprov   626 p. 1
               Nat    11,128 p. 14
Clermont       Loc       420 p. 2
Argenton I     Loc       316 p. 3
               Nat.   19,816 p. 72
Arras                    227 p. 5
Chateauroux II Intprov 1,110 p. 18
               Nat.   22,718 p. 102
Blois          Intprov 5,142 p. 43
Chateauroux I  Intprov   440 p. 9
               Nat.   20,517 p. 110

These pigeons stem from top talent as well. Sire and dam were purchased from Marc De Cock from Temse as young birds and they have some great origins:        
Sire: Federer  BE08-4347712… a grandson of the Dream-couple of De Rauw-Sablon: Albert x Paola.
Dam: Siska BE08-4347741… a granddaughter of Milan, which is one of the last top racers of their previous loft in Semmerzake. She has won a 1st interprov. Blois against 2,474 pigeons and a 6th national Argenton against 17,129 pigeons.

- Blauwke Gueret BE10-4007924

’10 Gueret Nat    13,885 p. 74 (Loc 7th of 310 p.)
’10 Tours I.Prov   1,925 p. 87
’11 Chateauroux      734 p. 19 (Loc 2nd of 38 p.)
’11 Chateauroux      391 p. 10
      Intprov      5,000 p. 100
’11 Tours I.Prov   2,714 p. 11 (Loc 4th of 260 p.)
’11 Tours I.Prov   4,503 p. 17 (Loc 6th of 395 p.)
’11 Bourges Zone A 4,873 p. 215 (Loc 14th of 271 p.)
’12 Chateauroux    3,486 p. 48 (Loc 2nd of 201 p.)

Sire: Freire BE05-4323879 (Benny Steveninck)

A son of Karin B03-4423894, which was a full sister of Vader Chipo! He belongs 50% to the old line of Eddy Leutenez, because the mother of Karin is a full sister of Millo, winner of the first National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB KBDB 1997!

Dam: Cameron BE05-4323990 (Hautekiet line)

Each one of these birds plays an invaluable role in the breeding loft of Leutenez; the fanciers from Kruishoutem obviously have a bright future ahead. Eddy & Maarten show that it is possible to compete with the best fanciers from Belgium even with a relatively small team of birds. Of course good pigeons and strict selection make things a lot easier. Because of a lack of space and a high number of talented descendants they were forced to get rid of a lot of birds. This resulted in a youthful team of breeding and racing pigeons that can be considered among hte  best grand middle distance and light long distance pigeons in Belgium. The quality of their breed is also evidenced in other lofts, where the Leutenez pigeons were successful as well! Leutenez is a name to remember for sure.

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Provincial & Interprovincial TOP-10 season 2012

1st   Inter-Provincial     Brive           626 p.
1st   Inter-Provincial     Blois         1,522 p.
2st   Inter-Provincial     Argenton        233 p.
2nd   Provincial           Montrichard     303 p.
3rd   Provincial           Argenton      1,090 p.
4th   Inter-Provincial     Argenton        950 p.
4th   Inter-Provincial     Blois         5,645 p.
5th   Inter-Provincial     Blois         1,306 p.
7th   Inter-Provincial     Chateauroux     885 p.

In total: 28 x TOP-10 (Inter)provincial 2010-2012

National TOP-25 Season 2012

9th   National Zone A      Argenton   2,005 p.
12th  National Zone A      Brive      4,743 p.
12th  National             Argenton   7,046 p.
13th  National             Brive     11,130 p.
13th  National Zone A      Argenton   8,476 p.
21st  National Zone A      Gueret     7,174 p.