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Medical guidance one century ago; did it exist?

It sure did! Several companies, many of which do not exist now, had their own range of products on the market similar to those of today’s specialised firms. We have no idea of the quality but we assume that today’s products are a whole lot better.

Most of the diseases that can be treated have not disappeared. In fact, we have noticed that the number of diseases has increased over the years. It is also remarkable that prices varied a lot between different companies. Products used to cost between 3 and 40 Belgian Francs, depending on the package, which was fairly expensive for the beginning of the nineteenth century. Only wealthy fanciers could afford such products. You can read more about some of these products below.

The Fichefet products

C. Fichefet was a pharmacist from Brussels and he offered more than 20 different products, which could only be purchased in his pharmacies. His brother Ernest was running a flourishing business in Fleurus, under the name of Fichefet-Dewez. He specialised in seed mixtures for pigeons and other poultry. 

25 years of experience and success

Champion and winner of a gold medal
in the Bruxelles-Centre union in 1924

More than 200 prizes in 1923 and 217 prizes in 1924
were won by the specialist C. Fichefet.

A good health for your pigeons is the key to success
To cure diseased pigeons
To raise beautiful youngsters
To prepare for the races
To assure a good moult


The Wittouck medicines

Sylvain Wittouck, one of the biggest champions at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, used his success to start dealing in medicines. He had a range of magic potions and miracle drugs against arthritic wing joints, diphtheria, jaundice, coryza, etc.

arthritic wing joint pills

Pills for the crop

Coryza syrup

Sylvain Wittouck died in 1924


This successful range of products was created in the 1930s. Even the word doping, which has a negative connotation nowadays, was used to promote their medicines. Let’s have a look at some of these products:

Columbine doping pills
The effects of our Columbine doping pills are truly unbelievable. There is no other product
on the market that will give the same results. This product has been developed
to increase the speed, the power and the strength of your pigeons
and to improve endurance. This is what makes the Columbine Doping Pills unique and unmatched.

Columbine stomach medicine
This is an effective, operative and infallible medicine against all forms of weight drops,
foamy droppings, digestive problems, irregular growth of the youngsters etc.

Columbine – Eye drops
First of all keep in mind that our the Columbine Eye Drops differ a lot from the eye drops
that are widely available on the market. These drops have a completely unique composition.
They contain pure Morrhuol and the most active elements of Norwegian Cod Liver Oil,
as well as phosphor, calcium, vitamins etc.

Colombine – mycoplasma oil
This is the only effective remedy for all forms of cough and mycoplasma!
95% of the pigeons that do not win prizes suffer from mycoplasma.
These are the symptoms: they sneeze, they yawn, they smack, scratch their heads and they look unhappy.
They also have digestive problems, weak chest muscles, a bad posture, watery eyes, mucus in the beak and crop,
they cram their feed in and they have watery or slimy droppings.
Most of these pigeons return home late or exhausted from a race.

Columbine – Multi seeds
This is a carefully composed and medicinal mixture of seeds and grains to assure a good and complete moult.
With this product your pigeons will not suffer from split feathers, blood flights etc.
This product gives a rich, soft and shiny plumage. In a group of 100 pigeons you can quickly and easily indicate
the pigeons that were treated with this mixture: their plumage looks better, shines more and is fuller.
The Columbine Multi Seed is the ONLY SPECIALISED PRODUCT WORLDWIDE that has been scientifically studied
and created to improve the plumage of your pigeons. A single test will demonstrate the effect of this product:
it is amazing how well the feathers will look after one dose. It can be used from 1 September to 1 April,
first of all for the moult of the primaries, the secondaries and the tail feathers and also for the cover feathers.

Supra - Columbine
It is with good reason that Supra Columbine is the champion of all elixirs for pigeons on the market
and it is the favourite choice of the greatest champions in pigeon racing worldwide.

Columbine – Elixir
A fully scientific dosage and composition. Its unique effect and quality have made
this the preferred product for the greatest champions in pigeon racing.

Comumbine – Water
A perfect health elixir with a germ killing function. It kills all harmful microbes, which are the main source
and spreaders of diseases. It gives a soft and rich plumage; it keeps the pigeons active and attentive.
Contrary to most other products it does not add any unnatural smell or taste to the drinking water.

Columbine slime powder
A miraculous health powder that gives your pigeons their vitality and good temper back.
It makes them stronger and stimulates appetite. Great healing power, instant effects and fully harmless.
This is the only perfect medicine in all cases of snot, cough, sore throat, digestive problems,
poisoning, secretion of mucus of old and young birds, etc.
This is a powerful product for young birds that are unhappy, that pull out feathers etc.
Several great champions us this product once a week throughout the season to regulate digestion and as a purifier.


Brux - Brussel

Top prizes...
Sustained success...
Money and fame...

This is what the specialties of
offer and guarantee you.

Easy to use and always effective; never harmful;
with unequalled and unbeatable effects;
Completely pure and natural, does not wear out or dope the pigeon;
Infallible, based on long term scientific research
and clinical analysis but most of all based on the results in competition;
a special package which allows for infinite use;
Documentation and information service provided for customers;
Additional information provided for free and in private;
Consult us. We are here for you.

Vitaminised and enhanced oil for pigeons

Highly active and rich in vitamins A, D and E. This oil is used, for instance,
in our BRUX vitaminised enhanced drops. So the Brux vitaminised oil
contains all necessary and additional substances or elements
for the good health and development of the pigeon. 
It provides a rich, soft and complete plumage;
it has a positive effect on the regular and natural development
of the muscles and the skeleton.

Enhancing pills for the long distance
 These pills enhance the endurance and reduce fatigue. The BRUX enhancing pills for the long distance
do not dope the pigeons and they are by no means harmful to the pigeon and its vital functions.
We advise using this product in cases of muscle weakening, exhaustion
and to enhance recovery after a serious illness or a race in bad weather conditions.

The one and only speed and fitness pill
These pills improve your pigeons’ fitness without doing any harm.
This is the secret ingredient for the short distance champions.
They have a positive effect on the respiratory system as they stimulate the heart
and they support the pigeon both physically and mentally.
These pills do not fatten the pigeon; they give it the fitness to win races.

Vitaminised and enhanced drops
Highly active and rich in vitamins A, D and E. An indispensable product
for any irregularities in growth, bone formation, the moult etc.
This products both prevents and cures these disorders.