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A tribute to Cees Luykx (St.Willebrord, NL), a great marathon champion

“The man who lets the others do the talking, he is today’s most successful long distance fancier. He owns unbeatable long distance stock that was outstanding in the races of the Pyrenees.” This is how Cees was described by his fellow fanciers. Unfortunately this long distance champion has passed away. This is a sad day for our sport.

We would like to pay homage to an exceptional fancier. He was praised for his extensive knowledge about pigeons, the role he has played in our sport and of course the numerous prizes he has won throughout his career. Cees Luyckx passed away on the 5th of August 2012 from a disease, he was only 64 years old. PIPA will do everything to pay tribute to Cees. He will always be remembered as a great champion.

Cees in front of his loft


In 1973 Cees started out as a fancier in the overnight races. He used a youngster of Oude Sproet of Piet Lazeroms. This was a logical choice for Cees, since Piet Lazeroms had gathered all the talent from the region in one single bird. Cees paid him a visit and it paid off. As a result of his successes Cees would visit the loft of the Lazeroms family regularly and he often received a few youngsters or a round of eggs off some of their most famous pigeons. Cees was convinced of the breeding and racing quality of the Lazeroms pigeons, which is why the pigeons he bred himself always had about 25% of Lazeroms origins.

We found an interesting quote of Cees:

´A pigeon fancier is nothing more than a coach of a few top athletes. I think pigeons are athletes that have to perform at a high level and it is our task as a coach to create the right circumstances to make sure the pigeons perform best in our own loft. Remember that the other fanciers - the other coaches - will also try their best to boost the performance of their pigeons. It is important to know what kind of coach you are. We can assume that the pigeons won’t make any mistakes; if they do not perform well in your loft it is because of the fancier. The fancier can influence everything; he can change the circumstances to increase the performance of his pigeons. He has to make sure his pigeons perform well and he has to find a good approach and a method in his game. You should not change your approach too often, like a fashionista who changes her outfit every day.´

These quotes have made Cees a great champion. Taking a closer look at his list of achievements we could conclude that he was indeed a great champion!

1st National   champion NPO overnight        2009
1st Provincial champion overnight long dist. 2006
1st Provincial champion overnight long dist. 2007
1st Provincial champion overnight long dist. 2008
1st Provincial champion overnight long dist. 2009
1st General    champion Fondclub ZN          2009
2nd National   champion NPO overnight        2008
6th National   champion NPO overnight        2007

We all know that you cannot win such great results without the help of a few excellent pigeons. That is why we will take a closer look at some of the first class pigeons of Cees. He would describe his own pigeons as indestructibly strong. Let’s take a look at some of his indesctructibly strong pigeons:


(Click here for the pedigree)






He won the 1st National Barcelona against 7,016 pigeons and a 5th international against 25,821 pigeons, an impressive result! This pigeons also has the bloodlines of the Lazeroms pigeons, which Cees liked a lot. Shortly after this victory Cees said a few words about his prizewinner:

''Well, what should I say? It is my favourite pigeon for sure! The bird is so minute and yet so indestructibly strong. And you know what? This pigeon has once again the origins of the West-Brabant long distance family of the late Piet Lazeroms." 

The strength of these pigeons might also be the result of their somewhat unorthodox training. The first prize winner from Barcelona had not been raced as a young bird! He was basketed for the first time as a yearling and he did his first races in 2009 as a two year old. The bird was three years old when he took the win in one of the most prestigious marathon races: the national Barcelona!

(Click here for the pedigree of Daughter Barcelona)

The Barcelona has excellent breeding qualities as well. For instance his daughter has won a 7th Bergerac against 1,191 pigeons (or a 27th against 4,096 pigeons) in a race of 804 km.

(Click here for the pedigree of Perpignan)

The Perpignan has won a 6th Perpignan against 6,507 pigeons; a top result! But this bird was not a one trick pony. He has won five national top-700 places ZLU. Besides he is a full brother of the 49th national from Montauban. He has a wonderful eye and plumage and a strong character, this is a beautiful bird. Another interesting fact is that his mother has won a 17th national from Bergerac against 6,629 pigeons. This result is no surprise when you consider her origins: Limoges is the grandmother of Perpignan and has won no less than three provincial first prizes from Limoges in ’96, ’98 and in ’99. She also proved to be an outstanding breeding pigeon.

(Click here for the pedigree of Carwinner Tarbes)

She has a won a 1st NPO Tarbes against 3,416 pigeons over 988km, which resulted in a 2nd National Tarbes against 10,606 pigeons. She won a car with this performance! (Since she is already an old bird she is offered together with a son of hers, see Part 1 Sale #18). Another excellent son of Carwinner Tarbes is Passau.

(Click here for the pedigree of Passau)

Passau has won a 20th NPO against 4,850 pigeons from Passau. This champion is also offered together with a half sister (See Part 1 Sale #17).

(Click here for the pedigree of Bordeaux Ace)

It is remarkable that we also find the bloodlines of Magnifiek of Geert Kouters & Son. This cock has won no less than 21 prizes in marathon races, which resulted in a 3rd national ace pigeon over five years in the Fondspiegel. The link between him and Barcelona is of course the half brother of Magnifiek. 

The Bordeaux ace has won two top 50 NPO places, an outstanding performance. She was ranked 5th against 1,492 pigeons from Bordeaux (and a 22nd NPO against 6,162 pigeons). Later on she also took a 7th prize against 1,379 pigeons, which resulted in a 35th NPO against 6,304 pigeons. She is one of a kind!

The inside of the loft, where the pigeons were raced on widowhood

Cees was always busy looking for better pigeons. He never selected the birds in the hand; he selected them in the basket! This was a successful approach but Cees also tried to combine two lines that were doing well. This might explain the strength of his pigeons.

Unfortunately this will be the last chapter in the successful career of Cees Luykx here at PIPA. His pigeons will retire soon and their outstanding qualities will soon find a new place in a different loft. Luckily the pigeons of Cees Luykx will always be there.

Whenever we see this star appear we know everything will be fine.

Cheers Cees, we will miss you!