PIPA rankings: Ulrich Lemmens (Balen, BE) has the best young bird in Belgium over 3 and 4 national races with two different pigeons, UPDATE: pedigree

Ulrich Lemmens from Balen owns the best young birds in Belgium over three and four national races (based on national and zonal results per 10). The best pigeon over three national races for young birds is 'William'; the best young bird over four races is 'Young Freddy'.

You can find the classifications below:

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Ulrich Lemmens with former Miss Belgium Virginie Claes

William, the best young bird of Belgium on 3 national races
(The pedigree of William can be found here)

Young Freddy, the best Belgian young bird of 2012 on 4 national races

Special thanks to Pierre Van Meeuwen!