Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem-Deinze, BE) outclass rivals from Argenton with a 1-2-3-4 Prov Argenton old birds and 1st Prov Argenton young birds!

Another Impressive feat by Paul & Carlos Gevaert-Lannoo from the East-flemish town of Meigem near Deinze.

We could see from recent performances that this team of birds was in top form. However they had a few disappointing results in the race from Bourges with the young birds. But in this weekend’s race from Ecouen things looked a lot better: the pigeons had found their top form again in the last two weeks, with some excellent results. There are not too many fanciers who can be so successful with a team of no more than 30 youngsters. To illustrate we give you some of the latest results of this family of pigeons:

11/8 Argenton Loc  162 old birds:
1-2-3-4-10-16-18-24-39-42-46 (11/11)
Prov  687 olds: 1-2-3-4-16… etc (prognosis prov top 25)
Nat 4,782 olds: 8-9-12-13-59-125-127-212-434-682-763 (11/11)

11/8 Argenton Loc  1,021 young birds:
1-4-5-6-17-28-29-35-46-59-70-113-202-208-209-287 (16/23 per 3)
Prov  6,097 young birds: 1-7-10-20… (prognosis top-50)
Nat  25,949 young birds: 6-31-37-82-179-280-310-432-828-1146-1353-1403… (15/23)

11/8 Argenton Loc  263 YL: 6-10-23 (3/5)
Prov 1,090 yearlings: 23… (3/5)
Nat   7,046 yearlings: 72-119-441 (3/5)

11/8 Orleans Loc 693 young birds:
8-26-31-62 (4/4)

These are the results of the young birds in the previous weeks:
21/7 Blois Loc  463 young birds:
2-3-4-6-7-15-16-18-22-27-29-34-40-48-55-85-126-199 (18/18)

28/7 Ecouen Loc  423 young birds:
1-5-9-10-16-43-52-140 (8/8)

04/8 Vierzon Loc  610 young birds:
1-8-24-95-118-221 (6/6)

Provincial victories by the young birds and even a 4th provincial old birds

Impressive results, it's hard to believe. Let's take a closer look at the two provincial winners. They both stem from the same bloodline: the golden stock mother of Gevaert-Lannoo, Chateauke!

-Amber BE12-4175014 (click here for a full list of achievements)

21/7 Blois      463 p. 4
         Prov 3,105 p. 21
04/8 Angerville 382 p. 1
11/8 Argenton 1,021 p. 1
         Prov 6,097 p. 1
         Nat 25,936 p. 6

Sire: Brother Kaafje BE08-4280314… already father of Miss Bond, winner of 1st Prov Gueret 3,103 pigeons, 4th Nat 14,362 pigeons in 2010. He is also a brother of super hen Kaafje and stems from the top couple Dikke Antoon BE05-4325774 x stock mother Chateauke BE05-3202164.
Dam: Gabytje BE06-3199311… a direct Gaby Vandenabeele which stems from Tsaar 538/02 x Ida 037/99.

Click here for a full pedigree

-Geschelpte Prinses BE10-4275512 (Click here for a full list of achievements)

’11 Bourges II Nat 12,607 p. 93
’12 Bourges I  Nat 20,589 p. 228
’12 Montlucon Zone  6,081 p. 35
’12 Argenton I Nat 12,390 p. 700
’12 Bourges   Prov  2,087 p. 28
’12 Argenton II Prov  687 p. 1
               Nat  4,764 p. 8

Sire: Bliksem CEO BE04-3230979… direct Gaby Vandenabeele as a son of the legendary Bliksem BE98-3158062 x Venus 601/00
Dam: Chateauke BE05-3202164… a top class breeding hen and stock mother of Gevaert-Lannoo and mother of top class hen Kaafje. She was purchased directly from Declerck-Blancke (today's BDS team) as a daughter of Dikken 487/02 (a grandson Bliksem Vandenabeel) x Chateauke 222/01 Cools-Bancke, winner of 1st Prov Chateauroux against 7,347 pigeons!

Click here for a full pedigree

Once again the Gevaert-Lannoo team has some excellent birds in their lofts. This is a very small team but it is based around some first class birds who are extremely talented. In some races they are so strong that they simply outclass their opponents. This is a team of birds at the peak of its powers and we are curious about their performance in the final classic races from La Souterraine and Gueret! Many congratulations to Paul and Carlos on this impressive feat!