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Mark van den Berg (IJsselmuiden, NL) winner of 1st NPO Orange in outstanding marathon season 2012

Mark van den Berg has had pigeons at the front of the pack in each marathon race this season. This makes him one of the big stars of the East Netherlands in this demanding discipline, together with his good friend Arjan Beens. His two year old hen has won the 1st NPO district 8 against 2,133 pigeons from Orange. This is a great achievement in an already outstanding season.

Christy was the first nominated pigeon for Orange, so Mark had high expectations for the hen with ring number NL10-1144953. This is not surprising as this pigeon had already won the 27th national district 3 St. Vincent against 4,575 pigeons earlier this season. Mark was not disappointed: after a trip of 14 hrs and 4 mins over 941 km this new champion arrived at the lofts of Mark Van den Berg at 22h04. She was the fastest of 2,133 pigeons in district 8 with a velocity of 1,115 mpm. At national level she finished 11th against 4,799 pigeons. She was, in fact, the first pigeon from outside of France. Christy did an impressive job. Leading the pack in overnight races is second nature to her.

Sire: Morren-doffer … Mark purchased this pigeon from the late Chris Morren from Oosterwolde three years ago. He is an inbred Volkens and winner of 27th St. Vincent in 2006.
Dam: a joint bred with Comb. (Hendrie) Beelen from Harderwijk. She stems from an inbred cock Toon (from a brother Toon x daugher Toon Verweij-Castricum) of Mark x Beelens’s top hen Tarbes, which was winner of 1st national Tarbes morning release in sector 3 in 2007. She was clocked at 9 o'clock.

Mark has been at the top of his game from day one this season. He is only 32 years old but he has become one of the top marathon fanciers of The Netherlands in no time. This is often overlooked. In 2012 his loft has won several top notations:

      1st  NPO Orange (morning release) district 8 - 2,133 pigeons (941 km)
            (clocked at 22h04)
      3rd  NU Aurillac - 4,955 pigeons (888 km)
      27th Nat. St. Vincent Sector 3 - 4,575 pigeons (1124 km)
      29th Nat. Albi Sector 3 - 5.949 pigeons (1.005 km)
      36th Nat. Albi Sector 3 - 5.949 pigeons (1.005 km)
      41st Nat. ZLU Bordeaux (morning release) - 4,447 pigeons (1,011 km)
            (1° pigeon in the results for The Netherlands of + 1,000 km – clocked at 20h46)
      44th NPO Perigueux (morning release) district 8 - 3,773 pigeons (905 km)
      47th NPO Orange (morning release) district 8 - 2,133 pigeons (941 km)

Mark’s super couple Brive 2 x Wonder van Drijber plays an important role in the pedigrees of most of his top pigeons. They are the parents of, for instance, Olympiad pigeon Zara and top class hen NL08-2080164 Anna, which took a third place from Aurillac in the northern union in 2012. This was another important win for Anna, an exceptional hen with an impressive list of achievements:

      3rd   NPO Perigueux 2009  –  6,330 p.
      4th   NPO Aurillac 2012   –  3,661 p.
      47th  NU Bergerac 2011    –  4,379 p.
      49th  Nat. Bergerac 2009  – 13,051 p.
      81st  Nat. Cahors 2010    – 11,054 p.
      102nd NU Perigueux 2009   –  4,789 p.
      148th NU Brive            –  6,148 p.

The last marathon race of this season is on 28 July and Mark wants his pigeons to give their best for this final race. If they do well he will be one of the main candidates for the national titles and ace pigeons this season. He has plenty of ambition and his loft houses a few super class pigeons. This makes him a fancier of the next generation in the marathon discipline.