Robin of Gilbert Coolsaet (Vlissegem, BE) winner of 1st international from St. Vincent (13,085 p.)

The home base of the international winner from St. Vincent is the town of Vlissegem near De Haan-aan-zee, in the north of the Belgian province of West-Flanders. The town is situated near the Belgian polder area.

The pigeons were released at 7 o’clock European time and Robin's first bird finished the race after 10 hrs 37 mins, covering the 909.167 km at a velocity of 1426.77 m/min. The pigeons from St. Vincent benefited from a strong tailwind. There was some heavy rain along the route around noon but thanks to the tail wind the pigeons arrived relatively early.

The international win goes to a four year old cock, which is a natural born long distance racer. It is interesting to know that his grandfather had some great results from St. Vincent as well! Robin is a descendant of the crossing of two pigeons from famous regional middle distance lofts: Gaston and Danny Devooght from De Haan and Etienne Decherf from Vlissegem.

“70% of my family of pigeons is based on the lines of my good friend Etienne Decherf”, says the 74 year old Gilbert, a former supervisor for the Belgian ferry service R.M.T. in Ostend. I have been a fancier for over thirty years now. In fact I do not race very often; but I am especially fond of the marathon races. To me pigeon fancying is nothing more than a hobby: at the moment I only have 13 widowers (old birds and yearlings) and about 25 youngsters. Robin is a pigeon that performs consistently. This season he has won prizes from Ablis, 2 x Tours and he missed the cup race from Limoges. He had been at home for three weeks prior to St. Vincent. Since he had missed Limoges I had only made him my third nominated of my three pigeons for St. Vincent. But he did very well there, eventually taking the first prize in the international.”

This is what Robin’s pedigree looks like:

Sire: Den Dax: 02-3069358 (descendant of Decherf x Devooght), winner of for instance 197th national Dax against 6,138 pigeons and 54th Souillac against 285 pigeons.
GF: The St. Vincent: 960-99 (winner of for instance 2nd Euro-international St. Vincent against approx. 1,600 pigeons in 2002,  3rd provincial Poitiers against 1,429 p. in 2003, 177th provincial Poitiers against 4,190 p. in 2003, 68th Chateauroux 1,080 p. in 2000. etc.)
GM: The 233/98 (descendant of Et Decherf)
Dam: ‘t Blauw Sproetje: 997-08, pruchased from Etienne Decherf as an egg
GF: 271/07
GM: 357/07

Gilbert has won two prizes with his three nominated pigeons. In the middle distance club at Gistel he was 1st and 44th from 209 pigeons. He is also number one overall! Many congratulations to Gilbert, a true pigeon fancier and a long distance fanatic, on his international win!