Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem-Deinze, BE) had a great result from Argenton!

Last weekend this East Flemish partnership had a great result in the race from Argenton. They had sent twenty pigeons, of which no less than 16 were clocked within fifteen minutes. What a performance!

It is simply amazing how Paul and Carlos manage to perform at such a high level year after year, with a very small team of pigeons. Their favourite discipline is the middle distance, the grand middle distance and especially the provincial and national classics. They started the season with a small team of 23 old racing birds; 11 cocks and 12 hens. These are raced on widowhood. They also have a team of 29 youngsters for the middle distance, they have been racing since last weekend. In 2011 they managed to win no less than 21 first prizes with such a relatively small team. Their best result in a very successful 2011 was a provincial win from Gueret. This season they have already won eight first prizes and the season is not over yet.

Last weekend most of the old birds from the loft were entered at Argenton: 20 out of 23 pigeons were basketed for this national classic (12 old birds and 8 yearlings) at Fondclub Eeklo. The remaining three pigeons raced from Angervile. Argenton was a major success: 16 out of 20 pigeons were clocked, all within 15 minutes. 11 out of 12 old birds and 5 out of 8 yearlings were clocked:

Argenton  lokaal te Eeklo 415 old birds:
5-6-9-13-15-16-19-38-43-54-65 (11/12 p.)
Prov 2,829 old birds: 17-19-23-37-44-50… (already 6 within prov. top 50)
Nat 12,477 old birds: 31… etc.
Argenton local in Eeklo 731 yearlings:
14-18-22-25-55-136 (6/8 p.)

This is pigeon racing at the highest level. The loft did very well in the race from Angerville as well. They took the first prize against 248 old birds. Their team of youngsters that were basketed in the clubs of Aalter-Brug and Lotenhulle were also victorious from Angerville against 217 youngsters (6 out of 12) and 328 youngsters (12 out of 17) respectively. So they took a total of three first prizes from Angerville. It was without a doubt an exceptional weekend for the team of Gevaert-Lannoo. The team of old birds that was entered for Argenton was the same team that did an excellent job from Montluçon as well, three weeks ago. But there is more:

Montluçon 537 old birds:
2-3-6-14-28-56-76-87-107-121 (10/12 p.)
Prov 3.984 old birds: 7-9-24…. (prov ‘top-50’)
Bourges Lokaal 634 old birds:
3-10-13-20-28-81 (6/8 p.)
Prov   3,703 old birds: 13-41-55-110-150… (and 6/8 p.)
Zone  6,402 old birds:  48-105-125-252-307… (and 6/8 p.)
Nat  20,589 old birds: 77-191-228-480… (and 6/8 p.)
Bourges local 554 yearlings:
3-23-110 (3/5 p.)

A first class performance! This is a small team of pigeons with some excellent talent. They manage to win first prizes one after the other and also important races. We think the 2012 season will be no exception.