Gommaire Verbruggen (Kaggevinne, BE) impresses with 1-5-7-9° prizes Interprovincial Montluçon old birds on 23 June

The master has done it again, with an impressive feat this weekend, a result to remember, it was a classic win, which reminds us of the old triumphs of Kletskop, Teen, 020, Massis and Kadet!

It is always nice to look back at the past, to think back about good memories and unforgettable moments in life. Especially when today’s results equal the results of the past. We think a lot of fanciers will be familiar with the prestigious wins of the pigeons that we have just mentioned. They have often been cited in articles on pigeon racing. These well respected pigeons from the lofts of Gommaire Verbruggen have gained world wide fame with countless international successes.

It now looks as if the past three seasons have seen a revival of the Gommaire Verbruggen pigeons. After he sold all his old race birds at the end of 2009, Gommaire opted for a new approach, with an entirely new racing team for 2010. But the origins of the old victories are still there: his new birds are based on the legendary lines of As, Witneus, Kadet and Schilderij, whose lines can still be found in his present breeding lofts. In 2011 he undoubtedly had one of the best teams of yearlings in his career of 40 years. His impressive results in national classics from Bourges I, La Chatre and Argenton I demonstrated that the Verbruggen team was again in good spirits. Later that season they showed their strength with a national win from Argenton II against 20,383 youngsters.

In 2012 the loft has continued its success and it has tried to set new records and to make impressive achievements. Last weekend they did it again in the race from Montluçon, both at semi-national and interprovincial level. The Verbruggen pigeons knocked out their opponents with the following exceptional results:

23/06 Montlucon  B.U. 1,005 old birds:
1-3-4-5-6-22-42-46-51-101-185-293 (12/14p.)  
                  CFW 3,089 old birds:
           Semi-Nat.  6,492 old birds:
      Montlucon   CFW 4,424 yearlings:
4-10-34-41-45-50-54-67-73-96… (20/24p.)
           Semi-Nat.  7,790 yearlings:

It was his team of hens that achieved this feat. The cocks had been basketed again for the national from Montluçon on the 17th June, so were given a day off afterwards. This was to make sure that they were well prepared for the national from Argenton this week. The winner from Montluçon was Annie. This top class hen has already won a 21st National Montluçon one week ago, in the national race of the KBDB. She has gathered numerous titles and wins, as you can see below. You can find the pedigree of Annie here.


When we take a look at all the results of the 2012 season we can conclude that the pigeons of Verbruggen are in the best form of their life, with results that equal and even surpass the results of his earlier victories: they have won a never ending list of first prizes and high classifications. We think Gommaire has one of, if not the best flying team he has ever had in his long career. This translates into fantastic provincial and interprovincial wins; a notable achievement after the national victory from Argenton with the youngsters in 2011. Once they are in top form these birds are hard to beat… you never know what to expect from the Verbruggen pigeons. This became obvious last weekend in the race from Montluçon and the season is not over yet. Who knows what they will do in the national race from Argenton next weekend? It seems that this loft, which is situated in the town of Kaggevinne, right next to the basilica of Scherpenheuvel, is ready for another top-performance! Many congratulations to Gommaire and Annie with this splendid result from Montluçon!

The best results of the Gommaire Verbruggen loft in 2012

12/05  Pithiviers  554 yearlings:
       Pithiviers  440 old birds:
19/05 Pithiviers   733 yearlings:
      Pithiviers   812  old birds:
1-2-18-19-20-30-31-32-33-34-43-50-51-56-61-66-69-76 (23/28p.)
26/05 Bourges Nat Zone C 4,381 yearlings:
09/06 Chateauroux CFW 5,015 yearlings:
1-19-20-25-48-59-87-95-96-114-128-130-167-200-203-205 (44/56p.)
         Semi-Nat.   8,854 yearlings:
2-23-24-33-61-74-118-128-128-155-186-189-247 (41/56p.)
17/06 Montlucon B.U. 2,556 yearlings:
6-9-15-21-22-23-44-55-57-59-79-84-88-94-95 (40/53p.)
          National 22,875  yearlings:
16-20-41-64-65-66-116-154-158-171-236-255-268 (41/52p.)
      Montlucon B.U. 1,629 old birds:
          National 17,865 old birds:
23/06 Montlucon B.U. 1,005 old birds:
1-3-4-5-6-22-42-46-51-101-185-293 (12/14p.)
                 CFW 3.089 old birds:
          Semi-Nat.  5.492 old birds:
      Montlucon  CFW 4,424 yearlings:
4-10-34-41-45-50-54-67-73-96… (20/24p.)
          Semi-Nat.  7,790 yearlings:
      Soissons  849 youngsters:
1-10-18-24-30-46-64-66-79-82-83-84-145-146-147-148-149-150-151-152-156…. (30/80p.)