Gaston Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE) has increasing influence on extreme middle distance

Last week they did it again: the two national winners from Montluçon are descendants of the noble Kaasboer family, the legendary stock cock of Gaston Van De Wouwer from Belraar.

Gaston with his precious first-class breeder Kaasboer

The list of winning pigeons from this unique line is getting longer year after year and is really impressive. Gaston Van De Wouwer won the young bird national from Gueret in 2009 and the national Bourges I yearlings in 2010, each time with a member of the illustrious Kaasboer line, the golden stock cock that Gaston had purchased from the cheese maker Jozef Goovaerts.

The late Jozef Goovaerts - aka the cheese maker (kaasboer) - was not the only fancier who was successful with his family of pigeons. He has provided pigeons for several other fanciers in the region of Beerzel-Putte and has led them to numerous successes. This was especially the case for Gaston Van De Wouwer. “The kaasboer (Jozef’s nickname) was the only fancier who managed to beat us week after week in the short distance races”, says Gaston. “We exchanged a few pigeons including a round of latebreds that we had both placed in our lofts for our own benefit. The summer round of youngsters that moved from the lofts of Jozef Goovaerts in Beerzel Putte to the lofts in Berlaar was the one and only Kaasboer! We know the rest of the story… it is a never ending story, but it is quite a success story.

Last weekend we had the national win from Montluçon for Wim Storms in Berlaar, who happens to live opposite Gaston. The winner from Montluçon was Janne, a line bred from stock cock Kleine Blauwe 461/91 of Jozef Goovaerts. This is the very same line that has also bred the illustrious Kaasboer for Gaston Van De Wouwer. The lofts of Gaston are having a fruitful season as well; with for instance the following results in the longer middle distance:

12/05 Melun 847 old birds:
7-16-48-50-86-256 (6/6p.)
12/05 Melun  1,155 yearlings:
17-29-31-32-59-76-110-116-197-350-356 (11/13p.)
19/05 Vierzon  6,257 old birds Semi-Nat:
29-41-78-84-139-144 (6/6p.)
19/05 Vierzon 3,585 yearlings Semi-Nat:
33-51-90-94-99-149-157-460 (8/12p.)
02/06 Chateauroux 1,762 Prov old birds: 
24-90-369-385 (4/4p.)
02/06 Chateauroux 2,139 Prov yearlings: 
12-39-62-211-225-254 (6/8p.)

Kaasboer successful in other lofts as well!

It is quite remarkable that the pigeons of Van de Wouwer have been claiming numerous provincial and national victories in different lofts in recent years, not to mention the countless wins at a local level. This season is no exception: after the first classics of 2012 it is already clear that the Van De Wouwer pigeons are playing a very important role. We will briefly run through the best results at provincial and national level:

1st Nat. Montluçon 22,875 yearlings for Marcel & Gunter Vercammen (Vremde). This is a grandchild of Gastona, which is a direct granddaughter of Kaasboer and a direct Gaston Van De Wouwer.

1st Nat. Montluçon 17,865 old birds for Wim Storms (Berlaar)… stems from the same family line of the late Jozef Goovaerts with the famous breeder Kaasboer from the breeding lofts of Gaston Van De Wouwer.

1° Nat. Zone B Limoges 3.986 old birds for Marc De Cock (Temse) whose mother is ‘Granddaughter Kaasboer’.

1st Prov Chateauroux  2,478 p. for Daniel De Pauw is a 50% Van De Wouwer

2nd Prov Chateauroux 1,862 p. for Bart Verbeeck is a 100% Van De Wouwer

2nd Prov Chateauroux 2,478 p. for Bart & Nance Van Oeckel is a 50% Van De Wouwer

We can conclude that the stock cock Kaasboer is an invaluable breeder for Gaston’s stock loft, leading to overwhelming and remarkable victories in both provincial and national middle distance classics, not only in his lofts but in countless other lofts. The Kaasboer line is definitely turning into one of the best breeding lines in our country when it comes to races of 450 to 600km. Anyone who has ever obtained a descendant of this family line is sure to have had a performance boost in his lofts! These pigeons have led to several provincial and national wins. This is proof that the Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons have an exceptional breeding value and that they are very talented. The absolute legend Kaasboer is of course the key factor in this family line!