Apple cider vinegar: its use & how to make it

Cider vinegar is a cure-all, a perfect drink to stay healthy. It was already used as a medicine by healers in earlier times, and scientists worldwide have now discovered its healing powers as well.

Cider vinegar allows you to live a longer and happier life. In classical antiquity a daily dose of cider vinegar was recommended to regulate your appetite and to stimulate general health. Even the famous Japanese Samurai fighters drank cider vinegar to maintain their strength and endurance. And soon, you will also be able to drink this vinegar to give you an energy boost.

Several Scientists have already acknowledged the healing effect of a daily portion of cider acid. That is why the American author Emily Thacker, who has published several books on health before, has now published “The Vinegar Book” with more than 300 recipes and natural medicines. This book is an interesting read and the recipes can easily be made at home. This is without a doubt the most complete work on acid since its discovery about 10,000 years ago.

This book describes the results of recent research, which has demonstrated that acid is a natural source for several vitamins and minerals. Acid contains more than 93 elements that successfully remedy ailments and illnesses. Just imagine how one spoonful of cider acid contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, pectin and beta-carotene.

More than 70 scientific studies have demonstrated that beta-carotene lowers the risk of disease and strengthens the body’s resistance.
Pectin is also said to help lower your cholesterol and it lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This can be extended to pigeon racing, where cider acid has greatly contributed to keeping our birds healthy as well. Cider acid is available in most grocery stores, and has already proved its worth for racing pigeons.

Cider acid particularly helps to:

  • improve your metabolism
  • improve digestion
  • lower cholesterol
  • prevent otitis media
  • treat skin problems
  • prevent common elderly diseases
  • give you a soft and glowing skin
  • improve the quality of the feathers
  • relieve and even eliminate cramps
  • relax tired muscles
  • prevent osteoprosis (increased risk of bone fractures)
  • prevent diseases in the head
  • remedy urinary problems
  • decrease fungal infections
  • treat common colds
  • kill bacteria in nutrition
  • improve heart rate and cardiovascular system
  • lower your blood pressure, etc.


How to make it yourself?

Ingredients: apple peel and apple core, water


You can make cider vinegar from apple peel and apple core yourself. Fill a large jar with the peels and the apple cores and fill the jar with water. Make sure all ingredients are under water. Do not close off the jar, but cover it with a muslin and a rubber around the opening of the jar. Let it rest for about two weeks and store it somewhere not too cold. The juice will now start to ferment. A layer will start to form on top of the water, which indicates that the water is turning into vinegar. Next, you sift the cider vinegar with a muslin, and you poor it into a clean bottle. Remember that the vinegar should ferment, it should not get mould. You can always add some dry yeast to the juice to quicken the process, but our forefathers could do without the yeast!