National top extreme middle distance and overnight long distance are prey for Reedijk-Jongekrijg (Puttershoek, NL)

It is developing more and more into a success story. Gerard Reedijk and Elly Jongekrijg form a very strong duo, one which is specialising more and more in the extreme long distance work. With numerous top prizes (including 5th International Barcelona 2011 ) they are one of the better fanciers in South-Holland.

When we talk about the successful duo Reedijk-Jongekrijg it begins to ring bells by many people. Most of us will think of the only National extreme distance race in the Netherlands, National Blois, straight away. After a few years of racing top-10 in this race, the masculine half of this duo, Gerard Reedijk, was even named 'Mister Blois'. It is a fitting name for this combination.

Results National Blois:
2006 - 6.449 pigeons  5. Nat. with ‘Bomberman’
2007 - 5.087 pigeons  3. Nat. with ‘Diddlina
                     7. Nat. with ‘Flame’
                     8. Nat. with ‘Bumba’
2008 - 4.673 pigeons  1. Nat. with ‘Bumba’
                    10. Nat. with ‘Olympic Danica’
2009 - 6.384 pigeons  9. Nat. with ‘Funny’
                    11. Nat. with ‘Cloe’
2010 - 4.010 pigeons  7. Nat. with ‘Butterfly Blue’
                     8. Nat. with ‘Boy’

It was fireworks again in 2011, the pigeons returned to the lofts in Puttershoek like rockets last season. And this gave magnificent results in the big races:

5th International Barcelona against 26.066 pigeons

Strombeek      4308 pigeons      2-19-27-30-55-56-91- etc.   29/47
        =      2311 pigeons      1-10-13-15-26-27- etc. 
Nijvel         4647 pigeons      1-2-27-39-46-51-83- etc.    31/47
     =         38.057 pigeons.   1st and 2nd fastest pigeon. ( in the auction: March II)
Peronne        4509 pigeons      6-35-49-86-99-100-etc.      33/50
Mantes la J.   3919 pigeons      18-31-37-44-74-77-80-81-etc 31/50
Nanteuil       3337 pigeons      16-20-23-25-33-35-36-38-etc 33/50
Vierzon        1712 pigeons      1-5-13-15-24-34-51-58-etc.  27/50
Peronne        1797 pigeons      2-5-18-60-99- etc.           6/16
Tours          1130 pigeons      3-4-15-28-52-63-64-82-etc.  15/30
Nijves (Jong)  3605 pigeons      6-10-37-94-97-98-99-etc.    26/69
Menen  (Jong)  3124 pigeons      14-15-20-29-59-75-etc.      25/60
Pommer.(Jong)  3119 pigeons      16-27-33-59-60-69-86-etc.   22/69
Peronne(Jong)  3240 pigeons      10-14-24-31-72-79-97-etc.   28/60
Sens   (Jong)  1505 pigeons      4-10-20-22-27-42-43-etc.    29/47
Strombeek      3607 pigeons      4-6-8-14-18-67-71-etc.      29/37
Nijvel         3461 pigeons      10-32-36-46-72-etc.         26/36

Yes, this successful duo know how to manage their 'feathered friends'. Beautiful results with regularly a pigeon out front and a nice series against a great number of pigeons! You should have them (see the PIPA March II auction!). To what does this combination owe its success, and how do they manage it? All questions which will soon be answered and be prepared if you are in the Netherlands because they have great plans for 2012 in both the programme races as the overnight races!.


The 'Bono'-dynasty:

No, dear people, we are not referring to the successful singer from the pop group U2. Although he is named after him we are talking about a much more important leading person. 'Bono' is the stock father of the loft Reedijk-Jongekrijg, an excellent Gebr. Janssen cock which produces sublime descendants. The type of cock we are all looking for and dream of owning. Luckily his descendants are just as good where the breeding is concerned. Something which distinguishes the Janssens pigeons, and that is a quality which the duo Reedijk-Jongekrijg noticed early! Over the last few years no less than 20 direct Gebroeders Janssen pigeons moved from Arendonk (BE) to the lovely Puttershoek (NL) where Reedijk-Jongekrijg also carried on that success story. But not only that, because the strong basis has also created a new success story, a new dynasty . . the 'Bono'-Dynasty!

'Bono' (99-2411761) is already father of :

Creil       1/9187  pigeons ( @ G&S Verkerk)
Strombeek   1/304   pigeons
        =   4/3607  pigeons
Ablis       1/295   pigeons
Blois       1/258   pigeons
    =       6/2286  pigeons
Le Mans     1/239   pigeons
      =     4/1546  pigeons
Morlincourt 10/1757 pigeons
Orleans     10/1006 pigeons

What his grandchildren achieve (and so his children where the breeding is concerned) is formidable. Olympiad pigeons, Ace pigeons, in all sorts and sizes, with that noble blood from 'Bono' flowing through their veins.

Olympic Danica (06-1112764)
1st Ace bird Extreme middle distance Hoeksche-Waard '08
3rd Provincial Ace bird Extreme middle distance '08
2nd Olympiad Bird Extreme middle distance '08
Bourges   1/106
Blois     3/4776
Bourges   3/1153 ( = 44th NPO - 12905 pigeons)
Sezanne   11/1696
Moeskroen 15/2620
Ablis     19/4277
Creil     20/16296
And further grandfather of a.o.:
Nijvel    1/4647 ( = fastest of 38057 )
Peronne   1/2827
Strombeek 1/2672
Creil     1/2632
Ablis     1/1889
Bourges   1/1153
Blois     1/659
Peronne   1/586
Peronne   1/524
Harchies  1/514
Pommer.   1/513
Creil     1/503
Strombeek 1/501
Creil     1/412
Morlinc.  1/341
Chantilly 1/324
Creil     1/226
Peronne   1/216
Bouillon  1/184
Blois     1/132
Chateau.  1/120 ( 13th NPO-8191 pigeons)

This makes this topper father of 5x 1st prize, and grandfather of no less than 21x1st prize. And to complete the list, also great grandfather of 15x1st prize. That is impressive! 'Bono' good enough for 41 x 1st prize up to the 3rd generation! No don’t often see such quality, not to mention the other prizes at provincial and national level! 

Successful overnight loft:
Over the last few years Gerard and Elly have also been very successful with a.o. the pigeons from the pigeon loving couple Hubert & Riet Jongen from Kerkrade(NL) with which they regularly excelled in the overnight races with top performances.

One of the current toppers in the Reedijk-Jongekrijg loft where the overnight is concerned is 'Fay' (08-1583619)

Best National Marathon pigeon over 2 International races 2010 ( Perpignan & Pau )

8th Nat. Pau- 791 hens
   19th Inter. Pau- 1.972 hens
   32nd Nat. Pau- 2.657 pigeons
   69th Inter. Pau- 8.170 pigeons
7th Nat. Perpignan- 1.443 hens
   12th Inter. Perpignan- 3.464 hens
   19th Nat. Perpignan- 5.409 pigeons
   96th Inter. Perpignan- 15.756 pigeons
Granddaughter of 'Rainman'
    1st Ace bird extreme middle distance 1995
    1st Ace bird extreme middle distance 1997
'Rainman' is also father of 'Definition': 

1st National Ace bird overnight long distance Fondspiegel 2006
2nd National Ace bird overnight long distance NPO         2006 

This year the combination was also successful from 'Barcelona'. Their top bird 'The Blue Moon' was in form and classified as 5th International pigeon in this race against no less than 26.066 pigeons!!.. A marvellous success achieved by working hard. This hard work takes place in a beautiful accommodation by the way, see this film.


The Combination Reedijk-Jongekrijg are top racers. Have marvellous pigeons, acknowledged by many champions. So have G & S Verkerk, with 'Feline' (her father is son of Street Fighter x Akira) a marvellous yearling in the lofts which raced 9x 1/100. Combination Reedijk-Jongekrijg has in turn found another successful formula by crossing with the pigeons from G & S Verkerk. All in all, it seems to here also to be all about 'the good pigeon '. A fact which is music to the ears of the duo from Puttershoek, music from a.o. their top breeder 'Bono' and top pigeon 'Fay'.

We congratulate Gerard and Elly Reedijk-Jongekrijg on a successful 2011 and which them all the best for 2012!