Gevaert-Lannoo (Deinze, BE) super loft with a minimum occupation!

Fighting for the highest honour every week, managing to dominate the competitions with a maximum of 12 racing couples and 25 to 30 youngsters… it can be summarised as the history and phiosophy hiding behind the Gevaert-Lannoo top colony!

In Meigem – borough of Deinze in the province East-Flanders – quite a lot of pigeon history has been written over the last few seasons, not in the least in the lofts of the combination Gevaert-Lannoo. Over the last few seasons Paul Gevaert and Carlos Lannoo have shot towards national top in the middle distance and ‘grand middle distance’ like a comet! Paul and Carlos found each other a few years ago… and since they joined forces their performances have become one long chain of top successes. Paul himself didn’t have the necessary time available… at the time he ran 2 supermarkets (one of which has now been sold), which entailed long working hours and days… and Carlos used to be a successful fancier in the combination Baudoncq-Lannoo. At the time he worked by the ‘Molens van Deinze’, but work conditions forced him to say farewell to the pigeon sport for a while. Wit pension age approaching, Paul & Carlos joined forces… Carlos had already proven that he was a fine ‘pigeon soigneur’, and he now has the necessary free time to run the colony… time that Paul doesn’t usually have. The pigeons live in a beautiful loft installation by Paul Gevaert… there is not much room… a maximum of 12 racing couples (12 cocks and 12 hens) are raced in ‘total widowhood’, and 30 youngsters from the 1st round are raced with the sliding door… so here the youngsters never come with a nest! A 3rd round of youngsters is kept in reserve in a kind of aviary loft, and well trained up to the middle distance a few times (Ablis), and are used for exchanging in the future as yearlings and old birds.

Hit is almost unbelievable what Paul & Carlos manage to race together every year with such a minimum occupation… always with a chain of 1° prizes, in addition to results in which the pigeons arrive home as if chained together. Let’s take a look at a short and concise overview of the exploits achieved there in Meigem over the last few seasons: 


- 2° Nat Bourges         o.b. 19.084 p. (24/05/08)
- 3° Nat La Souterraine  o.b.  4.459 p. (22/08/09)
- 4° Nat Gueret         young 14.362 p. (10/09/11)
- 6° Nat La Souterr.     o.b.  4.459 p. (22/08/09)
- 8° Nat Bourges          yrl 16.771 p. (27/07/08)
- 8° Nat  Bourges        o.b. 27.506 p. (23/05/09) 


- 1° N-Zone  Bourges     o.b.  5.472 p. (24/05/08)
- 2° N-Zone  Vichy      young  3.412 p. (10/09/05)
- 3° N-Zone  La Souterr. o.b.    915 p. (22/08/09)
- 3° N-Zone Gueret      young  5.666 p. (10/09/11)
- 4° N-Zone La Souterr.  o.b.    915 p. (22/08/09)
- 5° N-Zone Bourges       yrl  3.921 p. (27/07/08)
- 5° N-Zone La Souterr.  o.b.    915 p. (22/08/09) 


- 1° Prov Poitiers        yrl    738 p. (30/07/05)
- 1° Prov Bourges        o.b.  3.276 p. (24/05/08)
- 1° Bourges Drie Prov.   yrl    446 p. (26/07/08)
- 1° Prov Orléans         yrl    312 p. (08/08/09)
- 1° Prov  Gueret       young  3.103 p. (10/09/11)
- 2° Prov Blois          o.b.  2.710 p. (10/05/08)
- 2° Prov Blois          o.b.  2.352 p. (09/05/09)
- 2° Prov La Souterr.    o.b.    463 p. (22/08/09)
- 2° Prov Orléans       young  1.536 p. (04/07/10) 

Add to this numerous 1° places and top notation in various championships, so as theProv. and 2° Nat. Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB Youngsters 2010, and the title of 4° Nat. Champion MD KBDB Youngsters 2010… then you realise that there is great class housed in this small loft. Who was it who said… not ‘a lot’ is good, but ‘good’ is a lot… it could be a slogan which fits in perfectly by the tandem Gevaert Lannoo

In 2011they carried on at this level!

The success story carried on uninterrupted in 2011. With 10 widow cocks, 9 racing hens and 25 youngsters from the first round no less than21  x  1° prizes were put down on paper, including provincial victory from Gueret! The Almost weekly barrage which once again resulted in numerous title wins. A round-up of the top classifications 2011 brought us to the following ‘highlights’: 

- 1° Provincial Gueret  3.103 Youngsters
- 1° Champion Supercup Youngsters MD Both Flanders
      (Bruges Championships)
- 1° Champion Youngsters middle distance Riddersclub
- 2° General champion O.b. & Youngsters middle distance Riddersclub
- 1° Champion O.b. & Yl  MD "AJD  E-Flanders"
- 1° Champion Youngsters MD Club Lotenhulle
- 3° Acebird National Fond Trophy Youngsters 

The bulk of the stock building is still based on the wondrous Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons… some direct, but also via Declerck-Blancke, Rik Cools, and Patrick & Dimitri Houfflijn… whose successes are also based on those same Vandeabeele pigeons. For cross breeding, pigeons were obtained from Marc De Cock (line ‘Red Barcelona’) and Willy Vanhoutte. But you probably knew this from previous reports over the exploits of the duo Gevaert-Lannoo which have already appeared on PiPa.

Briefly summarized, we can say that in Meigem there is no room for ‘hangers on’… pigeons which don’t possess the qualities for fighting for victory every week and or achieving top prizes, don’t live a long life!  It is general knowledge that the ‘sharpness’ of the knife determines the worth of a colony… and by Gevaert-Lannoo the knives are very sharp, that much is clear! No wonder that within the shortest space of time they have grown to become a ‘national topper’ in the middle distance and ‘grand middle distance’, and have been racing at the highest level for years! Fanciers out the region of Deinze and Meetjesland who have to fight against the duo Gevaert-Lannoo every week know what we are talking about! Beating them usually guarantees 1° prizes and top notations up to provincial and national level!

No… the last word over this success story which has taken place over the last few seasons in Deinze-Meigem has not been written by far! Two sympathetic fanciers, with a ‘heart’ for pigeons, who prove that even with a minimal amount of pigeons you can also be important at the top our national sport … and with this are an example for people with a limited amount of space or free time! The ‘class’ and ‘quality’ is what counts… not the number of pigeons… simply because ‘class’ and ‘quality’ always win against the ‘mass’! Let this be the most important conclusion – maybe even a ‘lesson’ for some of us- and in particular proof that it can be ‘different’! In any case, Paul Gevaert and Carlos Lannoo show us the ‘right’ road!

In the 'March Auction I”  there are currently 6 pigeons from the very best of the Gevaert-Lannoo colony on offer, whoever wants to take a look at these pigeons beforehand can do so on Sunday morning the 4th of March, at 9h15 and 11u15, after making a telephone appointment via GSM-nr 0476/25.79.81! The address is 

Meulebroeckstraat 5
9800 Deinze – Meigem