Today final auction day for C&G Koopman & Robert Van Eycken

This weekend 4 auctions are ending: the total auction of Robert Van Eycken, 42 young birds of the best breeders of C&G Koopman, 15 youngsters offered by John Hanson and the February Auction where several topfanciers offer something special! Below a short introduction on every auction.

Robert Van Eycken: Total Auction
Robert Van Eycken, one of the most laureated long distance colonies of our Belgian pigeon sport, announced his departure at 85 years old due to urgent medical reasons.... Despite his age, Robert has managed to win best long distance pigeon of Belgium over 4 long distance races twice over the last three years, a unique achievement. In this auction all the birds of Robert Van Eycken, in total 130.

C&G Koopman: Auction of 42 young birds of the best breeders
In the now annual tradition PIPA will present a selected group of youngsters from Gerard Koopman in the early Spring. A round of 42 youngsters directly from all the best breeders from Gerard Koopman … an auction which many longingly look forward to, because they know that Gerard only selects the very best for PIPA. The global influence of the Koopman-pigoens is enormous; the class by the source is still unmatched. Gold from Ermerveen has been mined here!

February Auction I
February I auctions bring again a very strong group of pigeons in auction. Long distance & marathon elite comes from Marc Pollin, Murk & Sons, Huub Jongen, Frederik Everaert, Vandewalle and Depasse Lardenoye … top lines in one day racing come from Bert Berends, De Bruycker (super Bak 17 lines), Serge d’Hondt (from top hen ‘Blue Princess’), Fanger brothers, Hardy Kruger, Koen Minderhoud, Rens vd Zijde and Irmer. Exceptional are great Aelbrecht pigeons offered by Podziadly and Vanneste; pearls on the crown are the provincial Orleans winner of Van Gaver-De Vroe, the 1st Hemau 11,483 birds winner of Kirchman and phenomenon ‘Bolleke Nationaal’ from Leutenez, 3rd Belgian youngster on 4 Nationals in 2010.

Jos Thoné Collection by John Hanson II
In this auction, 15 excellent pigeons are offered from 'Sedna 1', 'Artificial Jutta', 'Nadira' and all the other breeding gold that John Hanson bought on the total auction of Jos Thoné in 2010. The children of these topbirds are offered exclusively by PIPA!