Gebroeders Van Landschoot (Maldegem, BE) leaders in Meetjesland

Us, strong? Our very limited number of pigeons… that is what the Van Landschoot brothers describe as their greatest weapon. Modesty adorns them, though there is a great deal of 'top class' in their 'elite troops'!

All of us can certainly name a few in our area… small fanciers, who in all modesty, have performed strongly for years. These are often the men where you find the best pigeons… often without long papers (pedigrees) or roaring names… but often with an honours list after their names from the floor to the ceiling. Publicity and commerce… it is ‘outlandish’, for the majority of them it is steeling. Sometimes one or other resounding performance or title is enough to shine the spotlights on their loft, or to catch the attention of the media… or awake the interest of the many ‘greats’ in our sport, who then often set themselves up like a lion for its prey, in order to obtain pigeons. In hindsight the greatest triumphs are often achieved with super pigeons originating from such ‘small fanciers’ out anonymity… but with damned ‘good pigeons’ in their loft. Look at what happened with a certain Marcel Aelbrecht (with his 19 widowers), a Jos Soontjens, and the current ‘hype’ around the Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeons to keep it actual… and there are 10’s of others we could name who are still active in our national pigeon sport!

The Van Landschoot brothers out Maldegem also fit this profile perfectly. We have known Germain personally for some time as he used to work for the same ‘boss’ as out mother… so we have always followed their performances. Pigeon sport purely for pleasure, as relaxation, to have fun with friends after a long working week… this was always the idea of the pigeon sport by the Van Landschoot household. Not that they were any less ambitious, quite the contrary. Striving for the best, competing with the champions out the region… it has always been their ‘thing’. Performances were soon coming… and it was exactly this which gave them so much pleasure in our sport, which they enjoyed to the full. The pigeons brought them ‘rest’ and ‘relaxation’… the ‘joy’ of their performances ensured ‘pleasure’ and the necessary ‘passion’! A ‘joy’ and ‘passion’ which comes to life when Germain talks about his pigeons… as if he is enjoying a hearty ‘5 course meal’ on New Year’s Eve. You soon see the common sense and ingenuity behind this ‘pigeon brain’. The 4 pillars to their success can be described in short as ‘natural health of their pigeons’, the ‘performance capability’, the ‘will’ and ‘input’ of the fancier… and especially the ‘sharpness’ of the knife which he uses for the first 2 points! Whoever guards this, like a mother over her china cabinet… must obtain results says Germain. They themselves have always remained modest… as ‘small fancier’ in mainly the sprint (Arras and Clermont), and the small middle distance (Ablis). Scholars and academic terms for pigeon diseases, medication, products and all sorts of supplements… means nothing to them. If a pigeon becomes ill, he is removed… says Germain. Whether we ever visit the vet? Yes, for the compulsory vaccinations and a routine check-up before the start of the season… then it is a question of remaining on the ball, pigeons which have trouble remaining healthy or don’t perform in races with 1 night of basketting… then there in Maldegem they waste no time, its got rid of! Preferably leaving for the club with a basket containing 2 to 6 pigeons than with 2 baskets full of ‘half’ or ‘half fit’ guests… says Germain. And you can see he is right by the performances ( see a few examples below) and title wins! The message is daring to select… in the pigeon sport only the ‘performances’ count… all the rest is rubbish for ‘eternal dreamers’ in our sport. Lineage and names… it means little or nothing to them… although they do have ‘quality’ in the lofts. Germain also takes care of the breeding pigeons from pigeon celebrity Luc Van Hoecke… without him we may not have had any pigeons now, says Germain… he taught us the ‘ethics' and 'values', how it is in the pigeon sport ... the sole guiding principle: 'Performance'! The Van Landschoot colony is based on pigeons from Luc Van Hoecke-Oedelem, Kris De Backer-Beveren Leie, Georges De Keyser-Messelbroek, Urbain & Filip De Muynck-Lembeke, Geert Van den Eynde-Menen, and not forgetting the Gaston Van de Wouwer-pigoens from Berlaar. Long before Gaston enjoyed the current popularity, the Van Landschoot brothers were already visiting Gaston… in 2006 to be exact, or the year before the rush for the ‘Kaasboeren’ from Berlaar through winning the title of 1° National Champion Long Distance Youngsters KBDB in 2007… closely followed by numerous provincial and national victories and Ace birds achieved over the last few seasons by Gaston himself, but also by numerous descendants in other lofts! The blessed year 2007 that Gaston Vd Wouwer sent his youngsters to the ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘nationals’ for youngsters, after a bet with his friends… the rest of the story is known to us all. Before this Gaston had already been a topper for years in the Noyons and middle distance races in the region… it was also in this optic that the Van Landschoot brothers visited for reinforcements… with the aim of giving a serious lift to their own strong game in the sprint and small middle distance! Even more… with their own pigeon philosophy in mind… the Van de Wouwer pigeons they bought (12 youngsters from the 3rd round 2006) firstly had to prove their worth in Maldegem in the races before being given a place in the breeding loft! It wasn’t only clear that there was top talent amongst the Van de Wouwer pigeons… but later in the lofts of Gaston himself, several brothers and sisters grew in Berlaar to become ‘national topper’ in the grand middle distance!

The Van Landschoot brothers followed up the ladder… sometimes even dominating the competitions… and this with only a handful of pigeons in the race! Good work… is the least we can say about the phenomenal performances and titles achieved! In 2010 this resulted in no less than 12 x 1° prizes, something which was improved on last year when the counter at the end of 2011 stood at no less than 15 x 1° prizes! The share of the Van de Wouwer-pigeons… whether or not purely bred or in crossing with aforementioned pedigrees… is enormous. The following examples illustrate this perfectly: 

-‘Super 240 Kaasboer’ BE06-6034792

Full brother 1° Prov Montluçon 1.913 p.
Half-brother ‘Kim’: 1° Nat Gueret 14.245 p.
He performed as follows by the Van Landschoot brothers:
1° Arras        304 YL
2° Arras        442 o.b.
3° Tours        736 o.b.
6° Clermont     284 YL
7° Ablis        182 yl
8° Clermont     615 o.b.
28° Argenton    592 o.b.
31° Chateauroux 588 o.b. etc… 

He is already father of a.o. super talented ‘006/11’, which won 


1° Clermont    301 p.
4° Clermont    330 p.
9° Clermont    154 p.
11° Clermont   586 p.

He is a direct Gaston Vd Wouwer out the star breeder ‘Son Kaasboer 240/03’, more or less the best breeder out stock bear ‘Kaasboer’ (father of 1° Nat Gueret 14.245 p., 38° Nat Argenton 23.921 p., 87° Nat Bourges 37.357 p., 4° Prov Salbris 1.080 p., and grandfather of the 1° Nat Argenton 19.728 p. by Cleirbaut-Desbuquois) x ‘Nest sister Grandfather Amalia 084/02’, grandmother 1° Nat Argenton 19.728 p. (‘Amalia’ was 1° Nat Ace bird Grand Middle distance KBDB 2011 by Casaert-Sénéchal). 


His nest brother ‘Super Grandson Kaasboer’ BE06-6034791 developed into a marvelous breeding pigeon when coupled with the ‘Beauty from Bourges’ BE06-6034903 (daughter of the 1° Prov Bourges 3.988 p., 15° Nat 26.679 p. etc…) and is a.o. father of the following toppers: 



2° Arras      400 p.
4° Clermont    84 p.
5° Arras      300 p.
5° Clermont   143 p.
8° Clermont    93 p.
13° Roye      767 p.
13° Clermont  489 p. etc…


2° Boves      149 p.
3° Clermont   112 p.
3° Clermont   109 p.
7° Arras      873 p.
8° Arras      581 p.
9° Clermont   226 p.
10° Clermont  488 p.
10° Roye      475 p.
10° Clermont  135 p. etc… 


1° Clermont    222 p.
8° Clermont    745 p.
17° Clermont   203 p.
18° Clermont 1.240 p. etc…

A ‘Daughter Kaasboer’ BE06-6034928 was put directly to breed and didn’t disappoint the trust placed in her. Her most predominant son is the 



1° Clermont  138 p.
2° Clermont  389 p.
4° Ablis     147 p.
4° Ablis      54 p. etc…

Another excellent coupling with the Gaston Vd Wouwer pigeons arose via the ‘Son Super breeder 098’ BE07-6386786 (the ‘098’ is the favourite breeding pigeon of Gaston out his ‘Kaasboer’) x ‘Granddaughter Kaasboer’ BE07-6385738. They are a.o. parents of the super winner: 



1° Ablis    132 p.
1° Ablis     74 p.
2° Ablis    119 p.
2° Ablis    272 p.
5° Roye     372 p.
5° Clermont 143 p.
6° Clermont 112 p. etc… 

But also and especially crossed with the old own stock, built up with the above cited pedigrees, gave these pigeons phenomenal ‘1st prize racers’, wherefrom several also managed to class themselves between the Ace birds out the region of Meetjesland in sprint and middle distance. One of them was the 


-‘Master Award’ BE11-4070263

8° Ace bird ‘Master Award’ Versele Laga 2011 ‘Cat 3’
8° Ace bird Meetjesland Sprint Youngsters
1° Clermont  270 p.
2° Clermont  586 p.
3° Clermont  330 p.
6° Clermont  479 p.
16° Clermont 301 p. 

Her father is the ‘BE08-4102638’ (self 1° Arras 692 p., 1° Clermont 108 p. etc…), self son of the ‘Grandson Kaasboer 922/06 (which won a.o. 1° Arras 318 p., 1° Clermont 284 p., and a direct Gaston Vd Wouwer) x ‘Blue 701/06’. Mother is a hen originating from Chris De Backer, the ‘Blue 926’ BE09-4058926 (out ‘Remus 505/08’ Rik Cools x ‘Daughter Lambiek 154/03’… or a crossing of the lines ‘Wittenbuik’ Vandenabeele x 1° Nat Bourges x ‘Bieke’ Cools-Blancke).

In all modesty the Van Landschoot brothers are today building on the success of tomorrow, with a very limited group of pigeons, but indeed damned ‘good pigeons’… and moreover very ‘fast’, real ‘winners’! Men over whom the last word hasn’t been written!

A selection out the phenomenal performance curve 2011 

09/4 Arras    741 o.b.  9-22-33… (4/4)
16/4 Arras    343 YL    2-31 (2/3)
30/4 Clermont 451 o.b.  2-8-9-12-15-17-34-49-91-112 (10/10)
30/4 Clermont 201 o.b.  4-15 (2/2)
30/4 Clermont 138 YL    1-14 (2/2)
15/5 Clermont 118 o.b.  1-8-14-18 (4/4)
22/5 Clermont 108 o.b.  1-3-7-30 (4/4)
28/5 Ablis    132 o.b.  1-7-8-21 (4/4)
28/5 Ablis    136 o.b.  1-3-9-22… (5/5)
29/5 Clermont 109 o.b.  3-4-5-18… (5/5)
04/6 Ablis    208 o.b.  2-10 (2/2)
04/6 Ablis    135 o.b.  4-5-6-24-38 (5/6)
11/6 Ablis    119 o.b.  2-5-10-12… (6/6)
24/7 Clermont  66 o.b.  1-2 (2/2)
31/7 Clermont 160 o.b.  1-21 (2/2)


19/6 Clermont 270 youngsters 1-5-8-12-24-32-33… (13/22)
02/7 Ablis    105 youngsters 1-6-11-12-14-23… (8/9)
09/7 Ablis    244 youngsters 7-12-16 (3/4)
09/7 Ablis    282 youngsters 1-2-19-21-35-36… (9/10)
17/7 Clermont 398 youngsters 3-14-98 (3/3)
30/7 Ecouen   178 youngsters 3-11 -47 (3/4)
07/8 Clermont 330 youngsters 3-4-10-21-55… (10/10)
21/8 Boves    160 youngsters 8-10-12-15 (4/4)

A few crackers from last season:
09/5 Clermont 167 YL    1-2-5-13-15-19-20… (10/11)
01/8 Clermont 112 o.b.  3-4-5-6-11-37 (6/6)
08/8 Clermont 125 o.b.  1-2-3-7-25 (5/5)

Championships 2011:

General Champion 2011 ‘St.Joris’
General Champion Middle distance 2011 ‘St.Joris’
1° Champion Middle distance Youngsters ‘St.Joris’ 2011
1° Champion Middle distance o.b. ‘St.Joris’ 2011
1° Champion Sprint o.b. ‘St.Joris’ 2011
1° Champion Sprint Youngsters ‘St.Joris’ 2011
2° Champion Sprint Yl ‘St.Joris’ 2011
3° General Champion Sprint Meetjesland 2011
3° Champion Sprint Meetjesland 2011 (1° + 2° nom)
4° Champion Middle distance Yl ‘St.Joris’ 2011
5° Ace bird o.b. Middle distance Meetjesland 2011
8° Ace bird Youngsters Sprint Meetjesland 2011
8° Champion Middle distance Meetjesland 2011 (1°+ 2° nom)
10° Ace bird o.b. Sprint Meetjesland 2011