Lannoo-Ballegeer (Moerkerke, BE): KBDB champion in the national races for youngsters

Moerkerke, a municipality in the north of West Flanders, is home to the duo Fangio Lannoo and Stefaan Ballegeer. Fangio and Stefaan, both pigeon fanciers in heart and soul, managed to become champion of Belgium with the youngsters in the national races.

The championship was won with just 2 pigeons. However, the season didn’t start as they had planned. Great losses by the youngsters. But the months July and Augustus were sublime for our hosts.

The tandem

Fangio (39) and his brother-in-law Stefaan (43) have formed a tandem for 12 years now and race from the lofts in the parental house in Moerkerke (St-Rita). Before this they each raced independently, but this became difficult due to them working nights. Now they are a duo it doesn’t mean they do less with their pigeons, no, they can do everything more thoroughly and don’t have to leave anything to chance. In the mornings and by the homecoming they are all fed and watered. The job is finished in fifteen minutes and they can go to bed. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon they are both awake and ready and they have the entire afternoon to give their pigeons the necessary care. They don’t like to keep a lot of pigeons. They start the year with 12 widowers and 80 youngsters. A few hens are also raced with a nest. 

Stefaan and Fangio in front of the breeding lofts 

Champion of Belgium in the national races for the youngsters

This championship is held over the 4 national races for the youngsters, nl. Bourges, Argenton, La Souterraine and Guerret. Of these, 3 races of your choice count and this with the 1° and 2° nominated pigeon. Noteworthy is that Fangio and Stefaan won this championship with the same pigoens nl. the ‘436’ and ‘444’. They managed to classify as follows in the zonal or national result: 

Argenton: 26° (444) and 38° (436) from 2.459 youngsters (zone A)
La Souterraine: 164° (436) and 345° (444) from 2.248 youngsters (zone A)
Guerret: 1127° (444) and 1349° (436) from 14.362 youngsters (national)

The national champions

Although these 2 cocks already had a few nice results on their honours lists, they peaked during the national races with the well-known result.., hence we would like to illustrate this further.

The ‘3025436/11’: a cock coming out the sort Schoors-Dewaele x Chris Hebberecht. His predominant results: 

12-06 Clermont 6° from 692
12/06 Ablis 5° from 449
30/07  Brionne  6° from 286
13/08 Argenton  club 3° from 205, prov. 38° from 2459 and nat. 747° from 20.383
27/08 La Souterraine club 2° from 158 and prov. 164° from 2.248
09/09 Guéret club 30° from 246, prov. 334° from 2603 and nat. 1.349 from 14.362

The ‘3025444/11’ is a cock out the sort Luc Bouvijn x Schoors-Dewaele. His most predominant results last season were: 

09/07 Ablis 2° from 304
30/07 Bourges 25° from 323
13/08 Argenton  club 2° from 205, prov. 26° from 2459 and nat. 651° from 20.383
27/08 La Souterraine club 14° from 158 and prov. 345° from 2.248
09/09 Guéret club 22° from 246, prov. 284° from 2.603 and nat. 1127° from 14.362 

In the classification from the Bruges championships he classified as 6° Ace bird from the Belgian National Fondtrophy.

In the shadow of....

In addition to the 2 ‘nationals’ a few other pigeons had also managed to race themselves into the spotlight, so as these 2 hens:
The ‘3025441/11’ hen out the sorts August Verstraete x Luc Bouvijn x Schoors-Dewaele raced together the following toppers:

19/06 Clermont 3° from 483
06/08 Nantes 8° from 160
20/08 St-Junien 6° from 162
09/09 Guéret 8° from 246 

The ‘3025443/11’ nest sister of the 444 and out the sort Luc Bouvijn x Schoors-Dewaele raced as follows: 

12/06 Clermont 39° from 692
09/07 Blois 1° from 450
30/07 Brionne 1° from 286
23/07 Blois 33° from 829 

It was the first time they had bred something from this couple. A direct Bull’s eye!

The strains

Fangio and Stefaan have purchased many pigeons over the last few years. One sort was more successful for them than another. About 75% of their current stock consists of pigeons from Schoors-Dewaele from Adegem. They alsodid very well with pigeons from Luc Bouvijn from Bassevelde, August Verstraete from Adegem, Robert Vanlandschoot from Adegem, Roland Vermaelen from Drongen, Roger Verhoye from Aalter, Tim Roels from St-Kruis and Chris Hebberecht from Evergem.

The system

The youngsters are darkened from the middle of March until the middle of May. Lighting is then used until the end of the season. The young cocks are coupled with an old hen at the middle of May, they are allowed to brood a few days before then racing in widowhood. This year was an exception with everything staying together until after the race from Bourges (30-07). From Argenton, where they raced their best result by the way, they had only been brooding for 2 days. Many swear that this is no position for a young cock.... 

View of the loft for the youngsters. Notice the balls in the loft for hens. 

Medical, the less the better

Their vet, Christine Deprest from Ruiselede, is visited twice a year. Before pairing and before the racing season. They are cured on her advice. If they are healthy then they are not given anything. The motto here ‘the less the better...’
If they notice anything during the season, or there is suddenly no longer any condition in the loft then they will consult the vet. Every 3 weeks during the season they are given a cure for tricho and prior to starting the season a cure with coryza and soludox is given for the head. By the homecoming they are given Climagel-Vet eye drops. And that’s all.... 

Results 2011

A selection of the results, proving that our hosts have had a good season: 

Ablis 145 o.b.: 1., 2., 3., 4., 9., 25., ...(8/9)
Blois 202 o.b.: 3., 5., ...(3/6)
Ablis 146 yl: 1., 2., 3., 4., 10., 28., ...(8/9)
Orleans 261 yl: 13., 22., 25., 27., ...(5/5)
Tours 268 yl: 5., 27., 29., ...(5/6)
Limoges 520 yl: 36., 58., 60., 78., ...(6/7)
Brionne 286 youngsters: 1., 6., 12., 17., 22., 24., 29., ...(14/17)
Ablis 304 youngsters: 1., 2., 7., 8., 19., 20., 30., 31., 36., ...(14/19)
Ablis 309 youngsters: 7., 10., 11., 24., 38., 40., ...(14/20)
Nantes 160 youngsters: 8 en 23 (2/3)
Argenton 205 youngsters: 2., 3., 19 (3/3)
La Souterraine 158 youngsters: 2., 6., 14., ...(5/5)
Guerret 246 youngsters: 8., 10., 22., 30., ...(5/8)

Championships 2011

They managed to classify themselves in everything they raced this year, here an overview of the top 3 places achieved: 

1°1° national champion youngsters in the national races
1° youngsters super marathon cup Aartrijke
1° Curreghem Centre Argenton-Gueret (1-2-3)
1° National Fond Trophy Bruges championships
2° Fondclub Steenbrugge yl
2° Crack Orleans yl Aartrijke
2° Tours youngsters Aartrijke
3° Supercup Middle Distance Bruges championships