Cor Leijtens (Oostelbeers. NL) with the new super trio in the spotlights

With the 1st Ace bird from the famous CC Midebo and a total of three pigeons in the top 5, Cor Leijtens finished his 2011 season in style… the result from the capital breeding loft, which has elevated the breeding of champions to a rare tradition.

The absolute classy bird of 2011 from the Cor Leijtens loft is NL08-4107638 ‘Alexia’. Winner of 21 prizes in 2011 and with this crowned 1st Ace bird in CC Midebo! She was also very close in previous years. Her honours list in CC Midebo – without doubles – is very impressive.

1st Pommeroeul 3.437 pigeons
1st Epehy 2.524 pigeons
2nd Epehy 729 pigeons
3rd Pommeroeul 943 pigeons
3rd Nanteuil 433 pigeons
5th Peronne 1.372 pigeons
9th Pommeroeul 987 pigeons
10th Pommeroeul 3.170 pigeons
10th Strombeek 943 pigeons
11th Strombeek 1.090 pigeons
11th Epehy 930 pigeons
11th Peronne 654 pigeons
12nd Morlincourt 904 pigeons
14th Nanteuil 2.279 pigeons
18th Peronne 566 pigeons

The nest sister of ‘Alexia’, the classy ‘Benate’, previously displayed her great capacities with the 2nd Creil 320 pigeons, 19th Pommeroeul 1.100 pigeons, 25th Epehy 1.070 pigeons, 28th Epehy 2.524 pigeons, 28th Epehy 729 pigeons, 32nd Strombeek 1.363 pigeons et cetera. Father of these toppers is ‘Super Jos’, directly obtained from Jos and Jules Engels out their famous ‘Den 178’… He also bred a.o. 1st prize winners against 1.775 pigeons - 1.630 pigeons - 1.216 pigeons - 708 pigeons.

Mother of ‘Alexia’ is one of the top hens in Brabant, being ‘Benicia’ the super daughter of stock cock ‘Reneris’. ‘Benicia’ was self 1st Nat. Ace bird middle distance 2005 and 1st Ace bird sprint in Midebo … they bred a.o.  ‘Frederique’, also such a topper with a.o. 1st Chantilly 3.022 pigeons – 1st Creil 2.257 pigeons – 3rd Isnes 1.428 pigeons – 8th Chimay 3.528 pigeons – 9th Strombeek 2.419 pigeons – 10th Nijvel 4.067 pigeons. All part of the ‘Reneris’ dynasty then, based on that super cock with a.o.

1st Chimay 4.258 pigeons
1st Sezanne 2.136 pigeons
1st Houdeng 2.065 pigeons
1st Troyes 1.840 pigeons
2nd Houdeng 2.232 pigeons
3rd Sezanne 2.868 pigeons
4th Sezanne 1.238 pigeons
4th Peronne 5.429 pigeons
8th Bohain 3.510 pigeons
9th Haasrode 3.928 pigeons

Other products from this cock are a.o.
- ‘Supertje Reneris’
1st Creil 3.504 pigeons, 1st Nanteuil 1.788 pigeons, 2nd Morlincourt 548 pigeons, 3rd Chimay 3.370 pigeons, 3rd Creil 1.559 pigeons, 3rd Pommeroeul 1.426 pigeons, 4th Strombeek 2.419 pigeons, 4th Morlincourt 559 pigeons.
- ‘Hidalgo’
2nd Nanteuil 1.788 pigeons, 3rd Peronne 2.057 pigeons, 3rd Creil 1.590 pigeons, 3rd Epehy 1.070 pigeons, 7th Menen 1.492 pigeons, 8th Pommeroeul 2.095 pigeons, 15th Creil 3.505 pigeons
- ‘259/07’
1st Epehy 930 pigeons, 3rd Nanteuil 1.207 pigeons, 7th Pommeroeul 3.437 pigeons
The title 4th Ace bird from CC Midebo became prey for NL10-4172934 … with 21 prizes, a real jewel and these prizes included real top prizes. His best from 2011 are

2nd Peronne 566 pigeons
11th Pommeroeul 987 pigeons
18th Nanteuil 2.864 pigeons
20th Peronne 654 pigeons
37th Strombeek 1.120 pigeons
47th Strombeek 1.090 pigeons
63rd Nanteuil 875 pigeons
64th Strombeek 1.234 pigeons
67th Nanteuil 1.023 pigeons
97th Peronne 3.011 pigeons
104th Nanteuil 2.279 pigeons

‘934/10’ is a direct daughter of one of the absolute toppers from the Cor Leijtens loft, namely NL04-4155906 ‘906 van Amoré’s Dirk’ … self 1st Ace bird in club with the best prizes being 2nd Epehy 3.686 pigeons … 4th Creil 2.902 pigeons … 7th Orleans 165 pigeons … 9th Montlucon 1.044 pigeons et cetera. She has already bred many toppers and with this is an icon in Oostelbeers; partly due to her marvellous lineage as daughter of ‘Amoré’s Dirk’.

In addition to the super racing and breeding results of ‘906 van Amoré’s Dirk’, it was mainly her nest-brother ‘907 van Amoré’s Dirk’ who caused furore in Oostelbeers ... and in breeding almost chained together the successes… he was self 1st Nat. cock WHZB 2007 and also he stems from ‘Amoré’s Dirk’ (from ‘Kleine Dirk’ x ‘Amoré’) … wherefrom the yearling son in ‘930/10’ displayed talent in 2011 with the 7th Nanteuil 2.864 pigeons and 18th Epehy 3.042 pigeons … the 3-year old NL08-4107571 ‘Vierre’ was the top sensation in 2010 with a.o.:

3rd Nat. Ace bird middle distance NPO 2010
2nd Ace bird CC Midebo 2010
1st Nanteuil 2.827 pigeons
1st Epehy 1.070 pigeons
1st La Souterraine 986 pigeons
2nd Nanteuil 433 pigeons
4th Peronne 1.372 pigeons
5th Nanteuil 1.179 pigeons
16th Creil 3.730 pigeons

The 6th Ace bird in the CC Midebo 2010 is the same hen as the 3rd Ace bird 1-day long distance province 3 in 2010; in other words NL08-4107572. A wondrous clapper with 17 prizes this season (without doubles) and the best prizes of her career up to now:

1st Poitiers 504 pigeons
10th NPO Poitiers 4.052 pigeons
5th Argenton 917 pigeons
24th NPO Argenton 7.157 pigeons
5th Blois 726 pigeons
28th NPO Blois 5.186 pigeons
11th Chateauroux 620 pigeons
52nd NPO Chateauroux 4.809 pigeons
64th Bourges 1.213 pigeons
337th NPO Bourges 9.595 pigeons
5th Pommeroeul 987 pigeons
7th Pommeroeul 3.641 pigeons
10th Nanteuil 1.207 pigeons

Father of this topper is ‘Henrie’, a classy breeder out top cock ‘Pentinum’ … the 2nd world champion and winner of 1st Limoges 977 pigeons (3rd NPO 5.306 pigeons), 2nd La Souterraine 1.142 pigeons (6th NPO 8.607 pigeons), 4th Chateauroux 1.697 pigeons (19th NPO 13.011 pigeons) … these same lines also produced ‘Britt’, the 4th Nat. hen WHZB 2009 with a.o. 6th NPO Bourges 11.535 pigeons and 15th NPO Montlucon 7.926 pigeons. Mother of the ‘572/08’ is ‘Super Leentje’ 4th Nat. Ace bird WHZB 2002, 12nd NPO Montlucon 8.151 pigeons and 16th NPO Limoges 5.729 pigeons and also breeder of 1st Houdeng 1.775 pigeons, 1st St. Ghislain 1.630 pigeons, 1st Morlincourt 1.216 pigeons.

Another topper from 2011 with 16 prizes, which in 2009 was 3rd Ace bird in the CC Midebo, is the hen NL08-4107604 … with a fantastic honours list to look back on and without doubles winner of

2nd Pommeroeul 3.437 pigeons
2nd Peronne 1.372 pigeons
5th Nanteuil 1.207 pigeons
6th Lessines 1.110 pigeons
8th Peronne 467 pigeons
9th Nanteuil 1.788 pigeons
9th Pommeroeul 1.100 pigeons
9th Creil 550 pigeons
12nd Nanteuil 2.864 pigeons
16th Pomemmeroeul 3.176 pigeons
18th Peronne 2.057 pigeons

‘604/08’ is a daughter of ‘Cor’ (Ad Schaerlaeckens) x ‘Daphne’ – another such wondrous racing hen which in the meantime has ensured glorious descendants. ‘Daphne’ was a.o. proclaimed 4th Nat. hen WHZB 2005 and 10th Nat. hen WHZB 2004. At provincial level (province 3) the golden hen was 4th and 8th Ace bird long distance and her best prizes are 1st NPO Limoges 5.927 pigeons, 1st Vervins 4.243 pigeons, 4th Haasrode 4.415 pigeons, 4th Etampes 1.482 pigeons, 5th Strepy Thieu 1.539 pigeons, 8th PS Maxence 2.425 pigeons, 9th Chantilly 1.182 pigeons … as daughter of ‘Mandela’, ‘Daphne’ is half-sister to the wondrous ‘Lammert’, 1st Dutch Olympiad bird Kaapstad 2001 and also father of the aforementioned ‘Frederique’.

If Cor follows his foresight, he can expect many children from the ‘Kleine Bram’ … “they were extremely good as youngsters in 2011,” he says. If they use the genes of their father well, then it promises to be a sensation. ‘Kleine Bram’ won namely 1st Blois 1.102 pigeons (10th NPO 8.164 pigeons), 1st Montlucon 992 pigeons (4th NPO 7.926 pigeons), 2nd Blois 952 pigeons (11th NPO 7.158 pigeons), 3rd Argenton 1.012 pigeons (18th NPO 8.046 pigeons), etc. As direct son of ‘Kleintje’ (1st Ace bird sprint CC Midebo 2006 with 4th and 7th NPO) he doesn’t get front racing from a stranger – if Cor’s expectations come out, then the third generation of this top line will also be victorious.