Mark Vlaeminck (Ramsel, BE) wins 1° National Gueret by the 2.745 old birds

Was the national podium by the youngsters entirely in the tint of East-Flanders, by the old birds Antwerp was on top once again… with Mark Vlaeminck on the highest rung of the podium.

A notable fact characteristic of this national Gueret… national ‘top pigeons’ and ‘early birds’ were clocked almost everywhere in the country, although the majority of prizes were in Flanders this time. In the 4 national races for youngsters more or less every region of our country had their highlight, and that’s how it should be to guarantee the success of these ‘classics’ long term!

As said, Antwerp on top by the old birds! The fastest pigeon, good enough for national victory, landed in Ramsel by Mark Vlaeminck who clocked his national winning hen at 13h 24’ 58” from a distance of 585,511 Km, giving a velocity of 1722,26 m/min! In 2nd place national we see the duo Van Elsacker-Jepsen from Schilde (1686 m) and Eric Berckmoes from Brecht (1681 m) completes the national podium!

Mark Vlaeminck primus by the old birds

Mark booked his nationa victory with a 2 year old hen, which was basketted with a larg youngster (of almost 3 weeks). In pigeon fancier circles this is not considered an ideal nest position for hens, but this hen proved them wrong! Two weeks ago she was basketted for La Souterraine with , for a hen, ‘ideal nest position’, with a 5-6 day old youngster… she missed. As you can se, there is never certainty in our pigeon sport! 

The winning hen B09-6034767is a late youngster from 2009. This season she has already won : 

  1° Nat Gueret       2.745 p.
28° Nat Argenton I  10.962 p.
88° Prov Argenton II   438 p.

She stems out the line of the ‘golden’ stock breeder ‘Mont Ventoux’ B99-6304613… with which Mark was crowned as ‘King’ of the Mont Ventoux, he did it as follows: 

3° Nat. Mont Ventoux 2002
6° Nat. Mont Ventoux 2003
3° Nat. Mont Ventoux 2004

The brand new ‘national winner Gueret’ comes out a grandson of this ‘Mont Ventoux’!

Father: B08-6224711 The ‘Leo’

Originating from the colony Leo Smets from Morkhoven!

Mother: B05-6326110 ‘De 10’

She is a daughter of the ‘Son Mont Ventoux’ B03-6221506 (self out the ‘Mont Ventoux 613/99’ x ‘Theo Yskout hen 802/00’) x ‘Blauwwitpen 687/98’.

This same ‘Son Mont Ventoux 506/03’ was in 2011 already grandfather of the 1° Prov Marseille 383 p. and 10° Nat Marseille 3.179 p. in the lofts of Mark Vlaeminck (also a hen). Moreover, out the line of the ‘Mont Ventoux’fellow townsman Rudi Luyten bred his 1° Nat Souillac 7.597 p., and by Raf & Lars Luyckx there was the 1° Ace bird Long distance o.b. Molse Fond club! This to illustrate that the ‘Mont Ventoux’-line is not just any old line!


Mark Vlaeminck (56 y) is a landscaper by profession, which means that he doesn’t have a lot of free time for the pigeons, hence he tries to keep everything as simple as possible so that he can fully optimise the time available and roo for his pigeons! That’s why Mark opted for the ‘total widowhood’ with the old birds, for which he has 30 racing couples at the start of the season, in addition to about 100 youngsters, which are raced with the sliding door… the youngsters are darkened until June! He doesn’t have time to spend on and place to reserve for surplus stay at home partners by the old birds!

Mark works as follows. The 10-head breeding team and the racing pigeons always ‘breed early’. After the winter breed and at the start of the racing season the pigeons reside in the ‘rest lofts’ which are separated from the compartment with living boxes by a sliding door. They can be let out of the rest lofts for their daily training, they return inside via the entrance of the ‘chief loft’ (read: brood loft). At the beginning the pigeons only come together for 10 minutes… and that is lengthened as the distance becomes further, and the season progresses. Up to and including the interprovincial Vierzon in the middle of May the pigeons are usually basketted every week, then they are split up into smaller groups… for the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’ on the one side, and the national ‘long distance’ on the other side… the long distance is usually raced by a team of 2 pigeons.  Mark selects his pigeons continuously… pigeons which don’t perform as desired or don’t behave, are removed immediately, or are only allowed to stay for a while to please their partner by the homecoming! Above all, Mark races on ‘motivation’, and tries to motivate his pigeons in a different manner every week… sometimes it Works, sometimes it is disappointing… but that is the risk of the game, laughs Mark! After the national Bourges II at the end of July the pigeons are coupled again, but then in various groups… so that there is always and ideal nest position for shining in the national classics… with now the well-known success from Gueret as a result! What is noticeable… the hens perform best in this whole system of action!

In this way Mark Vlaeminck nestled himself between the crown of ‘toppers’ out the area, and that resulted in nice title wins over the last 5 seasons so as 

1° All-round champion Houtvense Fond club in ’07, ’08 and ’10 
1° Champion Fond club Antwerp ’07 
Winner ‘King's cup’ ’07

Over the last few seasons he was also 1° Long Distance champion by the yearlings… these are titles which prove that real ‘top class’ resides in the lofts of Mark Vlaeminck! This was confirmed once again in 2011 with provincial victory from Marseille… and now then, with national victory from Gueret o.b., more or less the crown on the work! Congratulations!