Geert Van Renterghem (Deinze, BE) winner 1° National Gueret 14.262 youngsters, also fastest of 17.030 pigeons!

With Geert Van Renterghem the national Gueret, had a nice winner in this last national race, who 2 weeks ago took victory at club level from La Souterraine… this time the victory was at national level!

National Gueret closed the national racing season 2011… for many a ‘welcome’ end after a few turbulent and rained out weekends, with sometimes a very difficult progress of the races… especially during the months of July and August. In the run up to the national races the youngsters often had a hard time, with a few bad to even catastrophic middle distance races. The 4 national races didn’t have real 100% pure racing weather either. From Bourges there were dark clouds with some drizzle over the east of our country, from Argenton and La Souterraine the pigeons from the west were again blown away by rain and wind, and didn’t really get into the picture! In this respect Gueret seemed to be a nice race and worthy close to the national long distance season. And yet it wasn’t a very smooth race, despite the clear weather from Gueret to say the Belgian-French border, and the favourable south to southwest wind which the pigeons could enjoy! Everybody expected  smooth arrivals, and a race which would be finished in the shortest space of time. Yet the prizes at national level will probably have been open for  1h30 to 1h40, that is almost 1/3 to double longer than everyone expected. Did the high humidity have something to do with it, as a result of which it became somewhat ‘oppressive’ to ‘sultry’ … or was the magnetic field disrupted by the upcoming thunderstorms which arrived late in the afternoon, or was it the ‘inversion’ which disrupted the orientation? No-one has the answer! The big difference in the first pigeons, in other words… the leading pigeons at national level was noticeable. Also the high speeds of the first pigeons was anything but expected. The sprint races on the Saturday morning achieved no more than 1475 m/min… from Gueret, where they left with no wind at all, the fastest pigeon achieved 1770 m/min… almost unbelievable! A few fanciers were taken by surprise, and their pigeons arrived home earlier than expected! Also notable… the fastest youngsters landed at the border between East and West Flanders, the fastest old birds landed in Antwerp!

The fastest pigeon of all landed in East Flanders in Deinze by Geert and Annick Van Renterghem… who clocked their national winner of the 14.262 youngsters at 12h 55’ 44” from a distance of 550,036 Km, good enough for the highest average speed of 1770,10 m/min. With this Geert & Annick won with a 7 minute lead on Bert Van Den Berghe from Wortegem-Petegem (1726 m) and Joseph Vandeputte from Zulte (1723 m)… or the  national ‘top-3’ by the youngsters, which qua location lie in straight line.

Geert Van Renterghem wins!

Geert Van Renterghem( 47 y.) has been involved with birds since he was a child. His father was a passionate pigeon and bird fancier… although Geert sat between the birds first! During his puberty Geert totally changed dirction and became a horse lover… even bred his own horses. Professionaly Geert Works by Volvo-trucks in Oostakker near Ghent, where a certain Xavier Verstraete (son of Raoul Verstraete) also works… and so there was plenty of talk about the pigeons, and Geert was partially bitten by the pigeon bug.

In 2006 Geert startede again with the pigeons…the hayloft of the horse stables were transformed into pigeon lofts…  and he obtained 6 pigeons from Raoul & Xavier Verstraete, and he bought more from Camiel Vanwijnsberghe from Waregem, the pigeon mill was up and running. Via a friend Geert also came into contact with Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, and in 2006 went to fetch a few eggs… more Vandenabeele pigeons were to follow later… so much so that we can say that the Vandenabeele pigeons make up about 95% of the loft stock at the moment! Gaby didn’t only ensure ‘top class’, but he also helped and advised Geert… so that Geert more or less had the very best from the very beginning! This translated into a few remarkable victories and top classifications up to provincial level, with: 

1° Interprov. Argenton        4.544 p. in 2008
1° Interprov. Blois           4.094 p. in 2009
1° Interprov. Tours           1.670 p. in 2011
1° Drie Prov. La Souterraine    951 p.
2° Interprov. Blois           5.035 p.
4° Interprov. Tours           2.898 p.
20° National Tulle           8.323 p.
41° National La Souterraine 17.0107 p. .


And now then 1° National Gueret 14.262 youngsters 2011! 


The brand new national winning hen called ‘Verona’… is (how could it be otherwise) a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon.

Father: B08-4281576 ‘Tsaby 1’

A top breeder, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele! He is already father of a whole series of (inter)provincial toppers from Tours and Blois, including:

Tours: 1° from 1.670 p., 4° from 4.250 p, 5° + 6° from 2.625 p., 10° + 13° from 2.257 p., 20° from 2.069 p., 30° from 4.503 p., 35° + 42° from 3.375 p. enz…

 Blois: 14° + 31° from 5.142 p., 16° + 23° from 4.091 p. etc…

He is a son of the super racer ‘Tsaar’ B02-3003538, self 1° Prov Argenton 2.226 p., 12° Prov Chateauroux 4.061 p., 18° Prov Poitiers 2.070 p… (a son of ‘Sultan 043/94’ x ‘Franceska 939/96’) x ‘Betsy’ B07-3199957 (daughter of the 1° Nat Brive 16.007 p. by Wed. A.Dhuyvetter x ‘Blauwke Picanol 364/01’).

Mother: B08-4281517 ‘Kim 1’

Named after the daughter of Geert and Annick, also called Kim. This ‘Kim 1’ comes out 2 direct Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons, namely ‘Tauber’ B06-4377103 (son of the son ‘Wittenbuik’: the ‘Iron Wittenbuik 099/99’ x ‘Martina 701/05’) x ‘Lieske’ B06-4352099, a super breeding hen and mother of the 1° + 11° Intprov Blois 4.094 p., 1° Tours 455 p., 2° Chateauroux 675 p., 7° Intprov Tours 4.203 p. etc. (daughter of the super breeder and son ‘Bliksem’: the ‘Captain Blue 555/05’ x ‘Nancy 698/03’).

This ‘Kim 1’ is then a half-sister of ‘Brother Gabor 723/09’ which won 1° Intprov Blois 4.094 p. in 2009!

The own nest sister of ‘Verona’ also won 1° Interprov Tours 1.670 youngsters three weeks ago, let’s take a closer look at the honours list of both classy ladies! 

-‘Tsara’ B11-4245830

12/6 Clermont   891 p. 47

09/7 Ablis      398 p. 37

30/7 Ecouen     249 p. 18

06/8 Tours      353 p. 85

13/8 Tours      226 p. 1

       I.Prov 1.670 p. 1

20/8 Tours      296 p. 11

       I.Prov 2.155 p. 69

27/8 Tours      275 p. 58 

-‘Verona’ B11-4245831

26/6 Ablis      180 p. 54

09/7 Ablis      398 p. 99

16/7 Blois      274 p. 42

23/7 Blois      426 p. 60

06/8 Tours      353 p. 107

13/8 Tours      226 p. 24

27/8 Tours      275 p. 49

10/9 Gueret  14.262 p. 1 

‘Verona’ was basketted as 3rd nominated from the 7 pigeons entered by Geert and Annick for Gueret. Two weeks ago she also won 1st club from La Souterraine… hereby the performances in the 3 nationals for youngsters for which they basketted pigeons (Bourges wasn’t raced), and several early prizes were achieved:

Argenton       311 youngsters 4-23-25-102 (10)

La Souterraine 228 youngsters 1-5-14-32-68 (7)

Gueret         291 youngsters 1-60-95 (7)

Wife Annick is an indispensable aid for Geert in taking care of the pigeons, and so she has played a great part in the successes achieved! Geert and Annick put the icing on the cake with this victory, and you couldn’t imagine a better close to the 2011 season! They rightly held a party, even mentor Gaby Vandenabeele paid a visit… congratulations!