MOREAU Claude (FR) : takes the victory from Tarbes-Agen 2011

After having delayed for 4 days, the International race initially scheduled in Tarbes finally happened, but the liberation took place in Agen. In the French national result, the East grabbed the biggest part of the cake.

However, the national victory came back to an accustomed fancier of the good results. Claude MOREAU lives in the north of the country. His chequered cock was clocked at 17h09 for 722 kilometers with an average speed of 1291 mpm, good for the national victory.

Claude MOREAU basket in the club of Maubeuge since 1974. He was the chairman of this club during 28 years and he was also the chairman of the area of Avesnes during 22 years. For the 'first region', he was also chairman from 2001 to 2005. Except the fact that he is himself a fancier, it's a person who likes to be involved in the associative world and who likes to have responsabilities.

The Claude MOREAU's colony is managed by Yves JUGLET since 35 years, himself son of a pigeon fancier and who did his military service in the military loft of Mont Valérien.

The colony of Claude MOREAU is composed of 42 old cocks raced on widowhood, of 22 young single cocks as well as 12 hens raced on position. Claude MOREAU also owns 12 breeding pairs.

The youngsters are raced in three races. The yearlings are raced until 500 km. When they are two years old, the pigeons are basketted for the international races on the long distance.

Since 2007, Claude MOREAU and Yves JUGLET are only entering the international races of long distance.

The loft is mainly based on the pigeon of DERAY, especially on the line of his 1st International Pau 1982, as well as pigeons coming from DE SOUSA José, BEAUJEAN Didier. They also bought Dutch pigeons when they went to Zuid Beijerland and Strijen to visit Chris & Jaap VAN DER VELDEN and A.P OVERWATER.

The chequered cock, ring 044132/2005, is the national winner of AGEN (722 km) and has for father a pigeon from BEAUJEAN while his mother is a hen coming from DERAY.

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Congratulations to the winner and good luck to the rest.