Luc, Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) overwhelming from Montrichard, crushing from Argenton!

After they made mincemeat of the province East-Flanders last week from Montrichard with 3-double victory interprovincial… they are once again destructive in the national Argenton!

These are definitely not the easiest times for Bart (shift work) and Jurgen (system day job) to get everything done day after day, now that their permanent right-hand man and mentor ‘Luc’ has to watch from the side-lines due to illness. Nevertheless both these young chaps still have the ‘drive’ to prove themselves… to show that they have also got the ‘pigeon fancying’ down to a fine art, are able to achieve top performances with that talented and full of quality team of Geerinckx pigeons… in the middle distance to light long distance, to belong to the best of our country, everyone will agree. It will definitely please Luc to see that his men perform their tasks perfectly, although naturally they can always fall back on his expertise and advice when necessary… in order to allow the Geerinckx team to perform at a high speed. And… they have been very successful in their mission! Over the last few weeks this has resulted in ‘stunt work’ of the highest quality with no less than 3-double interprovincial victory from Montrichard in East-Flanders, and last weekend an overwhelming performance from  Argenton, take a look: 

Montrichard Intprov 3.047 o.b.:   3-5-14-23… (from 10 p., prognosis ‘top-50’ provincial)
Montrichard Intprov 4.049 yl: 1-2-3-20-44… from 23 p., prognosis ‘top-50’ provincial)
Argenton  club      147 o.b.:   1-3-8-9-10-11-12…
Provincial         1.213 o.b.:   3-6-22-27-28-33-37-112-113-189… (15/19)
Argenton lokaal       365 yl: 2-3-4-5-28-34…
Provincial         2.153 yl: 6-11-12-16-85-96-118-124-131-133-135-169-175-177-189-192-

With a total of 25 prizes from 37 nominated!

Magnificent performances.. which once again perfectly illustrate the class and quality of the Geerinckx pigeon! Super… men, keep up the good work!