Johny Janssens, Eksel national winner by the 21.123 yearlings and also fastest of 36,950 participating pigeons!

The race from La Châtre weas a real sprint race flwon with speeds of 1891,09 m/min for the winning pigeon from Johny Janssens from Hechtel-Eksel… that translates into more than 113 Km per hour… enough to melt many speeding cameras along the way.

Despite the bad weather  forecast for Saturday, and after the very tough national Chateauroux 2 weeks ago in which a great many pigeons took some strange blows… the national KBDB still had a36.950 pigeons for their 2nd race of the season, divided over 15.827 old birds and 21.123 yearlings. In spite of all the news and forecasts of our weathermen, it was quite nice to slightly cloudy weather on all the flight lines on Saturday morning, as a result of which there were early liberations everywhere (except for the national Cahors)… and pushed by a turbulent SW-wind and upcoming showers, the pigeons achieved extremely high speeds. The national front pigeons were expected to land in the east of our land at the greatest distance, and the expectations came true. Both Flanders, where fierce storms were rampant at around 10am… and everything was blown away by the wind and storms, the races by the old birds were hardly open for 25 to 30 minutes, and for 35 minutes by the yearlings… so that we can conclude that the pigeons were only troubled by a few storms for the last, say, 100 Km. La Châtre was then not only raced at record speed, the duration of the competition approached record levels! 

The fastest pigeon landed in Eksel by Johny Janssens… clocked at 12h09’36” from a distance of 566,577 Km, which gave a velocity of 1891,09 m/min… good enough for national victory by the 21.123 yearlings and also then the fastest pigeon of the entire convoy of 36.950 pigeons! Johny Janssens is not unknown in our national pigeon sport, he was old-national champion youngsters KBDB… a few of his prominent exploits over the last seasons are: 

1° National Champion Long Distance Youngsters KBDB 2005
1° Olympiad pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2007 in Ostend
1° Superstar of he year in Belgium Long Distance ‘Gouden Duif’ 2006
1° National Zone C Limoges etc… 

And Johny can now add to this 1° National La Châtre 21.123 yearlings! 

His winning pigeon B10-5119500… a summer young 2010 by the way, but out the best breeding lines of the loft. The father is a ‘Grandson Super couple’ B06-5037965(so out ‘Son Super couple 277/04’ coupled with a hen with Van Leest-Peeters origin… the super couple is formed by the ‘Son Brother Super 74’ 312/98 x ‘The 389/00’ out whose brother the 1° Prov Gueret was bred, for your information the ‘Super 74’ won 9 x 1°prizes!). The mother is then again a ‘Daughter Super Camiel Nulens’ B03-5240556(coming out a ‘half-brother’ of the 1° National Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2002)… and is also mother of the ‘Camiel’ which was joint winner of the ‘National Championship Long Distance KBDB’ in 2005! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree then…

The brand new national winner previously performed as follows: 

-‘The 1° Nationaal La Châtre’ B10-5119500

Vervins      741 p. 40
Laon         767 p. 62
Bourges      207 p. 63
  Prov     2.500 p. 573
Chateauroux  160 p. 17
  Prov     2.253 p. 142
La Châtre 21.123 p. 1 

Not only national victory by the yearlings drew the attention to the colony of Johny Janssens, but by the old birds Johny also clocked a national ‘top pigeon’ which according to the provisional forecast will end in 4th place. This pigeon is a marvellous ‘crack’ and is a grandson of he aforementioned ‘super couple’ by Johny Janssens. His father is the ‘Supervlieger’ B02-5046561(son of the ‘super couple’ formed by the ‘Son Brother Super 74’ 312/98 x ‘The 389/00’), and his mother is a ‘Daughter 2nd National La Souterraine’ B04-5228659(out the ‘2nd Nat Las Souterraine 840/96’ x ‘Granddaughter Olympiad 89’ 806/01). Let us take a look at the honours list that this winner 4° Nat La Châtre has flown together up to present: 

-The ‘4e Nat La Châtre’ B08-5049068

21° Nat Argenton       25.583 p. ’08 (1° Club 157 p.)
84° Prov Bourges        4.293 p. ’08
825 Nat Bourges        41.783 p. ’08
41° Semi-Nat Montluçon  9.350 p. ’09 (18° Prov 2.630 p.)
79° Nat Argenton        6.410 p. ’09 (1° Club 116 p.)

In 2011:

 4° Nat La Châtre Oude 15.827 p.
 2° Chateauroux           110 p.
19° Prov Chateauroux    1.665 p.
10° Bourges               204 p.
128 Prov Bourges        3.541 p.
11° Gien                  210 p.
18° Nanteuil              328 p.
32° Laon                  625 p.
30° Vervins               635 p. 

And further Chimay 579 p. 93, Melun 334 p. 63 in 2011… or on paper every week!

His own ‘nest sister’ also performed remarkably with, included in her honours list toppers so as: 

1° Prov Melun          3.574 p.
26° Nat La Souterraine 21.258 p. (1° Club 127 p.) 

Been strong for the whole year 

The national La Châtre was like the icing on the cake for the colony of Johny Janssens, in other words the crowning of a the strong series put down on paper week after week up to present. For La Châtre 15 o.b. and 18 yl, or a total of  33 pigeons were basketted, wherefrom 24 won a prize! We have listed the performances at club level from the previous weeks for you: 

18/6 La Châtre    119 o.b.:
3-11-14-16-17-20-22-23-24-26-30-32-40 (13/15)
18/6 La Châtre    164 yl:
1-6-7-8-9-10-13-14-20-41-55 (11/18)
11/6 Chateauroux  110 o.b.:
2-5-6-11-12-14-15-16-19-32 (10/14)
11/6 Chateauroux  160 yl:
3-9-12-14-17-21-23-26-40-42-45-48 (12/24)
04/6 Chateauroux  153 o.b.:1-4-8 (3/3)
04/6 Chateauroux  160 yl:2-7-14 (3/4)
28/5 Bourges      204 o.b.:
6-10-12-16-19-23-27-31-35-37-40-42-44-47 (14/20)
28/5 Bourges      207 yl:
7-8-14-15-16-18-21-24-28-32-33-47-55-63 (14/30) 

Magnificent performances… and certainly not easy, especially when you know that in that same club in Lommel a certain Daniel Timmers, Johan Bleyen etc…  are active! It is pigeon sport ‘bordering on the permissible’ every week!

Normally Johny never shows the partners before basketting. They are allowed to see each other every Wednesday for 2 hours when he has trained them himself (from about 30 Km), but not on the Thursday before basketting. He made an exception for La Châtre and did show them… did this give them extra motivation, with national victory as a result? Who can say… 

For food Johny swears by the Matador-mixtures. At the beginning of the week it is 50-50 Start and Premium Race, and at the end of the week changing over to 50% Race-50% Energy, with the last two feeds even 100% Energy on the menu! They have to make do with this… and the results have more than proved that Johny knows what he is doing!