Look at the week the Netherlands 4-5 June 2011

After an NPO-weekend full of high speeds, the pigeons in the first June races had to work hard with a strong headwind … Murderous for the first National overnight race of the year. It’s not surprising – various top pigeons struck!

1-day competitions :

Province   1 – were a class pigeon directly took the honour, the ‘897/09’ from Herman Calon. Two weeks ago a winner of 1st Sens 1.018 p. (13th province 6.007 p.) and now taking the 1st Orleans 6.067 pigeons .. Herman has his second pigeon in 7th place and with 7 (of the 50) in the top 100, a very good result. Second was Martin de Poorter (30 entered, 17 prizes), for Cees Schroevers (3rd-6th-10th and 17/ 26k). The 4th place for the ‘567/09’ from Dingemanse (18 entered, 12 prizes) is excellent; it is the third top 10 classification in a big race for this topper .

Province   2 – Pithiviers with roughly 400 km on the counter was on the programme for province 2. Against 14.347 pigeons, the victory with a significant lead was for G. van Hassel, with 1.113 mpm as the only one above the 1100 metres. Silver is for the very good ‘458/09’ from M. & ST Huijsmans; now in the top ten for the third time in big races. Huijmans, with 3 pigeons in the top 100 and 14/ 20 he is one of the few with a good series. Very notable is that the first 29 pigeons were all from different fanciers; with 4 pigeons in the top 10- (10th-30th-37th-73rd) and 21/ 27 John van Dongen from Roosendaal had the best series 

Province   3 – result to follow in comments 

Province   4 – The province competition from Lorris, more than 400 km with 18.796 pigeons, was prey for H. Roks from Margraten, who, thanks to his yearling ‘953’ had a very appealing victory. Just beaten was Krakowczyk-Vrolings from Heerlen and a few meters behind the well-known combination Geenen & Peters demanded bronze (3rd and 14th with 9 prizes from 16 pigeons). Lindelauf & Son. were also very strong again with the 5th-21st-38th-42nd-70th-84th and 36/46 .

Province   5 – was the race of the ‘012/10’ from Anton van de Burg. A fabulous Willem de Bruijn x Heremans-Ceusters yearling (parents were both bought  as eggs from Willem de Bruijn) which on the 21st of May was the fastest pigeon from Nanteuil against 30.119 pigeons … and now easily the fastest from Mantes la Jolie against 23.851 pigeons. Van de Burg had a very good series with 1st-4th-15th-25th-31st-39th-86th and 33/59. In district West (11.778 pigeons) the ‘012’ Visser from Stad ah Haringvliet (12 entered, 7 prizes) beat fellow townsman Danny de Vrede, just before the Rotterdam violence erupted. In district West against  12.073 pigeons the ‘good old’ Jan Ouwerkerk beat the sublime ‘No Limit’ from Nico van Noordenne. Also toppers so as Peter vd Merwe, Reedijk-Jongekrijg and Van Zon-Griffioen nestled themselves in the top 10 .

Province   6 – Stuck the NPO-label on the middle distance contest from Nanteuil … JF Hendriks from Den Helder won against 11.889 pigeons with the longest distance! His yearling ‘468’ crowned a very good season up until now with this winst, just ahead of C. van Lammeren from Bovenkerk and J. Nijman from Heemskerk. Amsterdammers Henny la Grouw and Dave van Zon completed the top 5. Van Zon also had 6 pigeons in the top 100, with 45/68 .

Province   7 – Can send the flowers to Comb. van Os from Lopik … with 36 entered and 22 prizes they took victory with their first nominated ‘606/10’ from Nanteuil against 12.800 pigeons … the second 1st prize in the club for this talented yearling. Richard Pouw took a good 2nd place with 7 pigeons entered, just ahead of Dennis Broekhuizen (12 entered, 8 prizes). Also problems in obtaining long series in Middle-Netherlands; De Jong from Kampen (6th-7th-21st-35th and 22/40) and Dick van Oort (7th pigeon in 72nd place and 34/62) are the eye-catchers in that respect 

Province   8 – split the camps … region 1 and 2 went to Pommeroeul, where in region 1 Mosterd and Son. (12 entered, 10 prizes) won against 6.962 pigeons for Lokhorst and Comb. Boonen in places 3-4-5. In region 2 with 5.129 pigeons  Jac Spelthuis from Zwolle took 1st, ahead of fellow townsmen Kees Weijdema and Gert Bergman. Regions 3 and 4 ended up in St. Quentin – J. van Gesink won there in 3 against 3.981 pigeons, ahead of Van Elden-VD Pol and Van Santen from Renkum. Heinhuis Sr. from Elden won in region 4 against 5.149 pigeons, ahead of Looyschelder and Schmitjes .  

Province   9 – Arras, with 20.749 pigeons at the start was a very nice victory for Louis Lanters from Gaanderen … He brought four pigeons to the start and unceremoniously his yearling ‘462/10’ punished the opponents after previously winning 1st Strombeek 2.761 pigeons and 3rd Hasselt 2.576 pigeons. Winner of the 2nd prize was Boenders from Wierden with his wondrous ‘452/07’, which has won no less than 3x 1st prize in big races this year. Derksen from Almelo was 3rd (20 entered, 14 prizes). Not a single fancier had more than 2 pigeons in the top 100 

Province   10 – Was given the NPO-middle distance competition from Nijvel/Pommeroeul. Where in district South (Pommeroeul) the supremacy of Team Koopman was simply too great. Against 7.369 pigeons, the amazing series of top prizes 1st-2nd-7th-10th-13th-14th-21st-22nd-24th etc. (88/153). Only top pigeons so as the ‘829/10’ (3rd prize, now 2x 1st in district) from Hazelhorst and the ‘018/09’ (4th prize) from De Vries came close to all this violence. In North (Nijvel) J. Suk won the 1st prize, ahead of G. Witteveen from Finsterwolde. Mathijsse took bronze with  his first nominated, ahead of well-known names so as Mooiweer and Bodde Jr 

Province   11 – The Friesian colony travelled to Pommeroeul, where 15.808 pigeons were sent home the North-Netherlands with a head wind. The eye-catcher was the combination Korf-Wakker from Urk, winners of 13 prizes with 20 entered and top pigeons as 1st-4th-16th-46th. This resulted in Adrie Kors (38 entered, 29 prizes) being ordered into 2nd place, just ahead of Sjoerd van der Weij from Harkema (18 entered, 13 prizes). With two pigeons in the top 10 (6th-7th), Rottine from Zwagerbosch was once again fantastic (34 entered, 21 prizes). 

Province  12 – with 7.449 pigeons in the competition the victory in the Kuststrook was for J. van Vliet from Monster … his two year old ‘770’ had his second 1st prize in as many weeks in PV Ooievaar and this time also the provincial victory; good work. Shortly thereafter  Gijzen from Rijswijk and Hogendoorn from Scheveningen. Jaap Boon from ’s Gravenzande clocked the best series of top pigeons with 6th-17th-22nd-49th-53rd (11/20). 

Overnight competitions 

Sector I – Bergerac 3.386 pigeons
In the south of the land J. Bullens from Oirschot won with his 1st nominated (of the 49) which was clocked at 7h26 and with this was the only pigeon to achieve the 1.000 mpm barrier (1.105 mpm). The great eye-catcher was A. Halberstadt, with the 2nd-3rd-58th National sector III and only 8 entered (5 prizes). A.J. van Gendt from Den Bosch was also very strong with the 4th and 13th place with 4/6. Perhaps even more exceptional was the performance of J.C. Liebregts, who was 6th and 8th with only 3 pigeons entered! Ad & Willem Kox do it for less … only 1 pigeon in the basket and the 9th Nat. sector I. A & P van der Heijden were also good (10th and 35th with only 5 entered), H. van Drunen (6 entered and 12th-38th-55th-94th-132nd), Comb. Versteegde – Dommelen (24th-26th-30th-51st-65th-70th-99th-105th-118th-135th and 21/44). 

Sector II – Bergerac 6.462 pigeons
Fred Stet must have broken out in a sweat when, on Saturday morning at 8h33, he clocked his second nominated ‘262/08’ from a distance of 909 km … a very early pigeon; but the fact that with this he won the 1st National sector II; that makes the season perfect right away. Of the 10 pigeons in the basket, 5 won prize by Fred, who last year also managed to win the sectorial overnight overture. Thirty kilometres further and over one and a half hours later R. Borgman in Grootebroek (9 entered, second pigeon in 38th place) won 2nd place, just ahead of Seinen and De Lange (8 entered), from one of the shortest distances in Rotterdam. Loos & Rijsbergen did well with the 7th place and 6 prizes (from the 10). Notable is Piet de Vogel (10 entered, 8 prizes and starting in place 14), I. Meerkerk from Zuidland (20 entered, 14 prizes beginning with 16th and 26th), A. Collens (10 entered, beginning with 18th and 32nd), Cor en Yvonne Kleijn (8 entered, 4 prizes beginning with 19th and 93), M. Muilwijk (48 entered, 25 prizes beginning with 20th-30th-54th-66th-85th) and B. de Borst (7 entered, 4 prizes 1:10 and beginning with 28th-53rd). 

Sector III – Brive 11.957 pigeons
In the whole of the Netherlands only one pigeon could raise the motivation to fly through the night hours to reach home … despite a headwind and high temperatures during the day. Clocked at 4h31, the ‘118/08’ from Rob van Moorselaar from Wadenoyen was then also the great winner of the weekend. With 8 pigeons in the basket and the second pigeon in 83rd place it was an enormous success! Super champion Gerard van Tuyl was second and with the second pigeon in 35th place he had two top pigeons! Comb. van den Berg took bronze and had 26/55. Eggink from Laren began in 5th place and with 7/9 he performed superbly!! In 6th place Wilfried Pasman with the winner of 1st Nat. Limoges sector III in 2009 … 2 pigeons basketted and the second pigeon in 543rd place. Arjan Beens chose 36 contenders, won 20 prizes and began with 7th, 15th and 28th. In 8th place the former National champion Wout van de Hoek from Putten. A strong series for Aldus & Poulisse (39 entered, 23 prizes beginning with 13th-20th-24th-44th), M. Brundel (1 entered, 14th prize), Erik Prinsen (4 pigeons entered, 32nd-63-2289th prize), Comb. Foppen (20 entered, 11 prizes beginning with 42nd and 67th) and Van Kalkeren (10 entered, 6 prizes and 65th-76th). 

Sector IV – Limoges 3.923 pigeons
North Holland had three pigeons with an average of more than 900 mpm … and the competition had a very good winner in Gerrit Vedder! His favourite ‘286’ left the entire field behind and with 4 of the 9 pigeons 1:10, he will be very happy … Not much later H. Beentjes from Oldeholtpade, ahead of B. de Vries from Bolsward, who had a good series of top pigeons with 3rd-10th-27th-41st-62nd-83rd … and with 36/55 and so more than 65%  this long distance man did good business! Dick Vogelzang was 4th, E. Bult 5th (and 82nd with 10 entered). Good series for A. Dijkstra from Sneek (4 entered, 3 prizes 1:10 and beginning with 8th-87th), Koop Kiekebelt (9th-31st-35th-58th-79th), W. Blokzijl (3 entered, 11st and 134th prize), H. Hoekstra (10 entered and 38th-68th-73rd), L. Bakker (11 entered and 63rd-75th-77th) and Bucking-Beis (3 entered, 55th and 88th).