1st Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB 2010 - Olympiad pigeons - NPO winners - Provincial winners - National Ace pigeons, … Auction ends today and tomorrow!

The PIPA auction which ends today and tomorrow features one of the most impressive selections ever sold on PIPA. Below you can find a short summary of all pigeons on offer:

- 1st National Ace pigeon WHZB short distance 2010 D. Van Zon. The honouring of this pigeon will take place soon, but in any case PIPA will be offering this pigeon

- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Olympiad pigeon short distance Portugal 2011 all sold by Rui & Paulo Campos, top pigeon fanciers from Portugal

- “Den Tulle”, wonder flyer of Kristiaan Hennes that flew top 70 National 5 times

- 2 children Bliksem & daughter James Bond, offered by Jutla Brothers from England

- All 3 of them are top breeders. The daughter James Bond is even a grandmother of a 1st National in England.

- “De Jan”, himself a winner of 1st NPO and already a father of 2nd NPO, bred and owned by Arjan Beens

- “Pluisje” of D. Poelstra, a yearling hen who won 1st and 4th NPO!

- “Simone”, top breeding hen offered by Piet van de Merwe, among other mother of 2nd NPO

-  Brother & Sister of the famous “St. Vincent” of Marcel Aelbrecht, both parents of 1st prize winners offered by Kristiaan Hennes

- “De Kleinen”, winner of 1st Provincial and 6 x top 50 Prov. Offered by Roger van Gansbeke

- “Jordy”, 6th National Ace pigeon KBDB Long distance 2008. Offered by Wilson Dekens

- “Miss Borker”, the wonder young pigeon of Elkemann J&F. This pigeon could have been 1st Olympiad pigeon of Germany’s young pigeons. It didn’t get that title, but the results were terrific anyway: 1st, 1st and 5th prize against an average of 4,000 pigeons in one of the strongest regions of Germany.

Further on in the February Auction are young pigeons of Geerinckx L, B&J, Bart Verdeyen (2 young of the 1st National Barcelona 2010), Arjan Beens, D&A Vandewalle (2 young from their 1st Int. Narbonne), Piet van de Merwe, Nouwen-Paesen, Jung-Jupid, Jelger Klinkenberg, Moulin rouge Breeding Stud, Eric Berckmoes, Theo Daalmans, W.H. Murk & Zn, ...

We also have 21 young pigeons of Etienne Meirlaen, one of the best long distance players Belgium has to offer! For sale are children of all his top birds. “De Klepper” is of course the young pigeon coming from the unique ace pigeon couple Cor X Perpignan Lady (1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008 x 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2009). Next to that we bring you young pigeons from the “Gouden Vleugel”, “Starlight”, “Fenomeen”, “Broer Marseille”, “Asduivin”, “Marseille”, “Kannibaal Barcelona”, parents “Fenomeen”, “Montauban”, “Monty”, …

Last but not least we also bring you the Best of Britain Auction, a group of 10 young pigeons offered by 5 different top fanciers from England, namely Mark Gilbert who’s offering 2 young from his 1st International Dax 2004. Only on 2 occasions did England win an international victory. The last time was Mark Gilbert in 2004. Next to Gilbert also Geoff & Catherine Cooper, Brian Clayburn, Daykin & Son and Slim Timmis & Darren Peters are offering 2 young pigeons.