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Paul & Jelle Roziers - Berlaar (BE) still raising eyebrows with the descendants of their ‘Queen L’!

It must have been about two and a half years ago (doesn’t time fly) that we last visited the ‘Laarhoeve’ in Berlaar by the colony which was in full march… from Paul & Jelle Roziers! Time to pay another visit then…

During those years Jelle was considered the ‘success coach’ of the moment… the man who over the last few seasons occasionally sowed ‘terror’ in the pigeon peloton, especially in the national races with the youngsters. He had learned the tricks of the trade… in other words the ‘craftsmanship’… from grandfather ‘August Roziers’ and from Jef Houben, whom he visited frequently! Not surprising when you know that the mother of Paul was a cousin of  Eveline… Jef Houben’s wife. In 2004 Jelle guided the colony of Hubert Schoyens (Jef Houben’s brother-in-law) to a chain of highlights in the national races! In 2005 he was at home with father Paul, and then in 2006 he did well in the lofts of Chris Cleirbaut (under the name Cleirbaut-Roziers), to then return home for good in 2007 and take lead over the colony of father Paul. Paul could at the time be considered as the ‘breeder’,  Jelle as the ‘racer’ in the loft! Today Jelle also has a day job, meaning that everything is divided evenly! Paul and Jelle complement each other perfectly !

The care has hardly changed at all, Jelle told us. Belonging to the ‘Matador-test lofts’, it is quite normal that the pigeons are fed and watered with the ‘Matador-mixtures’ and the ‘Backs-products’! The custom schema’s advised by Matador are followed meticulously… and for any questions and/or problems Paul & Jelle can always contact the food consultants Willem Mulder and Eddy Noël… people who advise and assist the combination in their ideas concerning the modern pigeon sport, so as lighting and darkening of the loft, feeding, racing system, few antibiotics etc…! The only thing that has been slightly altered since earlier is the fact that we don’t wait as long to start the training (round the loft) of the youngsters, says Jelle. In the past we tried to keep them ‘calm’ as long as possible, and not let them train too much… for this they are given ‘Premium Breed’ or ‘Breeding Olympia ‘until the beginning of May. Yet the last 2 season the performances were not as good as usual. In their eyes the youngsters were not ‘competition fit’ enough when the training was to start (end of May- beginning of June), which also brought the necessary problems… coming into ‘top condition’ slower or with more difficulty… finding it hard to find the ‘rhythm’ later in the season when the nationals are on the programme. That’s why we begin the daily training earlier, so that the pigeons train further sooner… which does them good later on, when the real work starts for the training in preparation for the competitions. At the beginning of 2010 they therefore turned everything around, which immediately resulted in a significant improvement and greater constant in the racing performances of the youngsters in 2010 !

Not much has changed medically either, according to Jelle. There at the Laarhoeve they are, and always will be, an enemy of using a great deal of ‘medicine’ or ‘antibiotics’. They do ask the advice of the veterinary surgeons An Havet (Blanden), Henk De Weerd (Breda) and Raf Herbots (Velm)… their advice and findings after examining the pigeons, is followed meticulously… otherwise there would be no point in visiting the vets.
Look at it which way you want……. give the pigeons the best food, and the best coaching… if it isn’t ‘in’ them, it won’t come out. The pigeon sport is always about ‘quality’ with ‘class’… and the ‘ability’ of the pigeon in question! Certainly for anyone aspiring for the absolute ‘top’ like Paul & Jelle Roziers… Once that ‘quality’ is present,  it is up to the fancier to put everything in order… to optimally coach the pigeons to bring them to their ‘top’ and keep them there! On the level of ‘quality’ they have been sitting on roses for years there at the Laarhoeve… especially with the success line of their stock mother ‘Queen L’, self winner 1° National La Souterraine 16.297 youngsters in '04!! The number of direct descendants of this stock mother which have already achieved the ‘national top’ becomes more impressive every year… we have made  a concise overview for you, enjoy with us …

The impressive list of ‘national’ and ‘provincial’ toppers won by direct children and grandchildren of  ‘Queen L’

 1°  Nat. Derby Juniors NL    56.613 pigeons '10
1°  NPO  Orleans NL          13.186 pigeons '10
1°  Nat. Zone Bourges        13.049 pigeons ’07
2°  Nat. Bourges             31.824 pigeons ’07
2°  Nat. Zone La Souterraine  7.161 pigeons ’07
2°  Nat. Zone Argenton        8.261 pigeons ’10
3°  Nat. Orleans NL          19.692 pigeons '09
6°  Nat. La Souterraine      18.973 pigeons ’07
4°  Nat. Zone Bourges        11.286 pigeons ’06
7°  Nat. Bourges             26.984 pigeons ’06
5°  Nat. Zone Bourges         9.732 pigeons '09
6°  Nat. Zone Gueret          4.661 pigeons ’07
7°  Nat. Argenton            22.721 pigeons ’10
9°  Nat. Bourges             37.357 pigeons '09 
6°  Nat. Zone Gueret          4.661 pigeons ’07
9°  Nat. Gueret              12.586 pigeons ’07
7°  Nat. Zone Argenton        5.642 pigeons ’06
9°  Nat. Argenton            14.534 pigeons ’06
9°  Nat. Zone Bourges         7.942 pigeons '10
12° Nat. Bourges             17.138 pigeons '10
15° Nat. Zone La Souterraine  6.382 pigeons '10
21° Nat. Bourges              9.021 pigeons '07
22° Nat. Zone La Souterraine  6.382 pigeons '10
24° Nat. La souterraine      17.017 pigeons '10
27° Nat. Argenton            21.092 pigeons '09
37° Nat. Zone Argenton        8.440 pigeons '10
38° Nat. La Souterraine      17.017 pigeons '10
42° Nat. Zone Argenton        8.440 pigeons '10
42° Nat. Gueret              13.885 pigeons '10
51° Nat. Zone Argenton        8.440 pigeons '10
51° Nat. La Souterraine      18.973 pigeons '07
93° Nat. Bourges             31.824 pigeons '07 

At provincial level :

 1° Semi Nat. Issoudun        5.815 pigeons ’08 (5 minute lead)
1° Prov. Issoudun            2.300 pigeons ’08 (7 minute lead)
1° Fastest Marne la Vallée  13.016 pigeons '10
1° Fastest Pommeroeul NL     1.321 pigeons '09
1° prize in end race Quaoyou One loft Race Beijing '08
2° Ace pigeon ‘Belgian Master’ 2010
2° Ace pigeon  Beijing Qiaoyou One Loft Race 2008 

But there is not only ‘Queen L’ herself, her brother ‘Faithfull’ is also an excellent breeding pigeon, which once again illustrates that we are dealing with a super talented family here, which have produced magnificent results in both racing and breeding… have produced real ‘winners’. You could read the breeding results of ‘Queen L’ above… out this ‘Faithfull’ we have selected the most prominent :

Descendants of  ‘Faitfull’  ( brother QUEEN L )

 1° Fastest from Toury        12.534 pigeons
1° Fastest from Melun        10.852 pigeons
1° Fastest Regensburg (D)    6.142 pigeons
1° Toury                     3.190 pigeons
1° Fastest Marne la Vallée   2.037 pigeons
2° Fastest Pithiviers       10.114 pigeons
2° Fastest Melun             5.602 pigeons
 2° Final One Loft Race Rietberg Germany 

When looking at such beautiful figures we can’t do anything but conclude that the line of ‘Queen L’ has raced the colony of Paul & Jelle Roziers in the ‘national spotlights’ year after year! Not only in their own loft, but in numerous other lofts at home and abroad! The nicest reference of this came from the Netherlands, where ‘national victory’ was even achieved by a cock out this success line of  ‘Queen L’:

-B10-3016858 ‘Cannonball Boy
Is his name, this clapper won by the combination Embregts-Theunis from Hoeven (NL) the 1° Nat from Orleans and further a.o .


 1° Pommeroeul   2010 against    1.321 pigeons
8° Sezanne      2010 against    3.929 pigeons
1° Nat. Orleans 2010 against   13.186 pigeons 

(fastest from Orleans liberation 20.092 pigeons, and fastest of the entire country in the ‘Derby der Juniors’ against 56.613 p.)
The mother of this youthful ‘crack pigeon’ is a granddaughter of ‘Queen L’, and also full sister of the ‘King of Belgium’ which as a youngster also excelled by winning within two weeks :

 6° Nat. La Souterraine 18.973 pigeons
9° Nat. Gueret         12.586 pigeons 


In 2009 the ‘Godspice Girl’ was bred from the mother of, winner of 3° Nat. Orleans 2009 against 19.692 pigeons. The proverbial ‘apple’ didn’t fall far from the tree here!
This breeding line also demanded the leading role in the breeding loft, and gave Paul & Jelle a few excellent racing pigeons which shined in the national races in the ‘grand middle distance’! A few examples include ‘Sunrise Queen’ and ‘Little Delight’  ' …

-‘Sunrise Queen’ B09-6219266


Granddaughter of ‘Queen L’, and daughter of the ‘Sunny Delight 715/04’ x ‘Texas Girl 391/05’ (daughter of ‘Pinocchio 287/98’ Houben x ‘Queen L’ 729/04) with the following magnificent honours list :

  12°  Nat.Bourges I      17.138 p ’10 ( 0,07% )
362° Nat.La Souterraine 17.814 p ’09 ( 2,03% )
450° Nat.Gueret         14.245 p ’09 ( 3,16% )
559° Nat.Bourges II     37.357 p ’09 ( 1,50% )
136° Nat.Gueret          2.953 p ’10 ( 4,61% )
20°  Interprov.Blois       793 p ( 2,52% )
11°  Dourdan             1.275 p ( 0,86% )
20°  Melun               1.372 p ( 1,46% )
71°  Prov. Salbris       1.080 p ( 6,57% )
149° Interprov. Vierzon  4.298 p ( 3,47% )
126° Prov. Chateauroux   2.729 p ( 4,62% )
113° Dourdan             1.529 p  ( 4,62% ) 

This ‘Sunrise Queen’ is half-sister of super hen

Perfect Light’ B07-6060416, winner of a.o. :


 1° Nat Zone Bourges 13.049 p.
2° Nat Bourges      31.824 p.
Son of ‘Little 500’ 936/04 x ‘Texas Girl 391/05’   

-‘Little Delight’ B10-6024010


Half-brother of ‘Sunrise Queen’...  as son of ‘Sunny Delight 715/04’ x ‘Little Queen 557/09’ (out ‘Rivaldo 668/99’ Houben x ‘Queen L’ 729/04), he won :

  9° Noyon                  1.492 p
188° Prov. Bourges         1.642 p
 29° Prov. Argenton        3.008 p
 16° Prov. La Souterraine  2.499 p
180° Nat Argenton         22.442 p
 38° Nat La Souterraine   17.017 p 

Paul & Jelle clearly have a ‘gold nugget’ in their ‘Queen L’, a breeding hen in thousands… how lucky that Paul & Jelle didn’t accept the ‘capital bid’ which was made after their victory with 1° National La Souterraine ’04! In the meantime they have managed to build up a stock out their ‘Queen L’, which has already given them many joyous moments…  and will no doubt continue to do so in the future. The descendants of this exceptional ‘breeding talent’ allowed them to represent a leading role in the national competitions of the ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘long distance’ for youngsters .

A few performances with the youngsters in  2010
Marne la Valleé   
Reg.    2.037 pigeons: 1-10-20-52-75-92-115-121-124-151… (19/36)
Immediately the fastest pigeon against 13.016 pigeons, with a grandchild of ‘Queen L’

Intprov 2.260 pigeons: 15-11-159-192-205...  8/16
In total 5 prizes per 10... and between the first 5 pigeons, were 4 grandchildren of  ‘Queen L’

Argenton (550 km)

 Club      446 pigeons: 1-3-5-14-17-20-21-24-36-41…
Prov.   3.008 pigeons: 22-25-29-52-67-83-85-99-156-177-270…
Zone B 10.816 pigeons: 36-41-51-111-146-176-178-206-319-382-587-796… (19/36)       
Nat.   22.721 pigeons: 129-155-180-372-483-559-563-662-980-1131-1680 … 

With in total 16 prizes from the 39 entered wherefrom 11 prizes per ten … included in the first 11 pigeons were no less than 9 grandchildren of ‘Queen L.’ and 2 great-grandchildren .

La Souterraine (589 km)

 Club    327 pigeons: 1-3-6-23-25-29-35…
Prov.   2.499 pigeons: 9-16-45-168-188-245-276…
Nat.   17.017 pigeons : 24-38-84-384-442-596-680-981-1331… (12/35) 

Between the first 9 youngsters (all prize per ten) sat 6 grandchildren of ‘Queen L.’ and 3 great-grandchildren .

Gueret (583 km)

 Club    259 pigeons: 1-5-21-48-61-68…
Prov.   1.871 pigeons: 8-36-174… (11/38)
Nat.   13.885 pigeons : 42-290-1478… (11/38) 

By the first 3 pigeons a grandchild + 1 great-grandchild of  ‘Queen L’!