Jan Wijnen - Wageningen (NL) 1st Breuil province 8 against 9.566 pigeons

Rain, rain, rain! I’m riding through a curtain of rain on my journey to Wageningen, the place of residence of the NPO winner from Breuil in Province 8. His name; Jan Wijnen, 63 years old, in his working life house master of a student house, but now in early retirement.

Jan stems from a real pigeon fancying family. Grandfather, father and uncles all had pigeons. Jan has kept them since he was a child. But it wasn’t just pigeons that kept Jan busy. In his younger years he was a very deserving player by the former F.C. Wageningen, a famous semi-prof club. Jan has raced independently raced with the pigeons for 51 years and is now a member of the ‘Gevleugelde Vrienden’ in Bennekom. The programme game stands central here with a preference for the 1-day long distance. His colony of pigeons is especially of high Gebr. Janssen quality. From 1970 these pigeons came from Tist Eijssen (brother-in-law Gebr. Janssen). After he passed away Janssen pigeons were obtained from Frans Dockx from Lille. Frans is unfortunately no longer with us either. For the last few years they come from son Jef Dockx. He also provided pigeons from Dr. Fernand Mariën.

The latest acquisitions come from Broeckx-van Hees from Belgium. Jan Wijnen, supported with conviction by his wife Monika, is a fine and precise fancier, who has had many successes during his career. In addition to General titles in various disciplines, a small selection of numerous highlights: the sensational Ace pigeon ‘De 48’ (died at the age of 25), who raced formidably and to which an entire newspaper article was dedicated in the Wageninger Couranten – 1st La Ferte Bernard Province 8 in 2000 against 13.200 pigeons – 1st NPO South Province 8 from Peronne in 2009. Up until now Jan has raced 13 first prizes in the club this season. Others also perform extremely well with the Janssen pigeons from Jan. For example Rick van Veldhuisen , living in Canada and America. Rick raced phenomenally with the pigeons from Jan. They have become very good friends and Jan and Monika are hoping to visit them in Florida in October. In addition to caring for the pigeons Jan does a lot of voluntary work for the NPO as a member of a group of people who assist in making the National and NPO results (together with wife Monika). Jan Wijnen is also an active inspector of pigeons.

His colony of racing pigeons consists of: 28 widowers and 12 widower hens which are raced according to the classic widowhood game. The partner always remains home. There are further eight breeding pairs and they start with about 100 youngsters. The pigeons have a total of 24 metres of loft, which has been erected in the large garden behind the house. Jan built these lofts and also the insides himself. They started with 100 youngsters and eight have been lost from home. Jan put a lot of energy into training the youngsters. Small distances at first and then gradually further until max. Hedel, ca. 45 km. The training from Tilburg always costs a lot of feathers everywhere, but Jan came through it well. There are now 70 youngsters left. A section are darkened, another isn’t. These latter performed well, especially in the first races. Now they have to give way to the slippery boys and girls. No lighting is used. The pigeons train once a day. In the week before NPO Breuil they were separated. In that week the hens trained much better than the cocks. The feed comes from Paloma; until Wednesday 50% sport and 50% Light. From Wednesday on only Paloma sport. Jan has a microscope and regularly controls his pigeons himself. He always gives something for tricho every three weeks. The pigeons are further given plenty of garlic oil and brewer’s yeast.

Jan entered 59 pigeons for the  NPO race from Breuil. The prognosis was: clocking around 11h15. At 11h06 a pigeon landed. At first they thought it was a pigeon late from the late race, but when Jan looked he saw that it was the NL 10-1333778, which had been nominated as 46th. Time of clocking: 11h06.43, which from a distance of more than 369 km, gave a velocity of 1.704 mpm. Jan, who also functions as reporting office for the club, reported the pigeon at around 11h15 by Wim Keukens, who had not received any other reports. ‘The 778’ must be early. After 11h16 Jan clocked another four early pigeons, which are all within the first 100 NPO ; 68th – 70th – 94th and 97th. Jan had a total of 26 prizes. It was a long time before the results were available on Teletext. It wasn’t until late in the evening, after the clocks had been opened, that the delivering picture appeared on Teletext. The club will definitely do something at a later date to celebrate this nice NPO victory by their member Jan Wijnen. Although Jan still receives congratulating telephone calls.

NL 10-1333778 van Jan Wijnen. 1e NPO Breuil Afdeling 8 van 9.566 duiven.

The winning hen from Breuil
is a beautiful chequered hen. Very well built, with a very soft plumage. She was raced with the natural method, but Jan doesn’t know whether she was paired. Breuil is her second prize. She earlier won a 14th Strombeek from 194 pigeons. Her father is the NL 03-1992831, a cock with a high level of Gebr. Janssen blood with a splash of blood from Koen Minderhoud (line ‘Super Gaby’). ‘The 831’ raced a.o. 4th from 5.935 p. – 12th from 7.143 p. – 9th from 5.085 p. – 6th from 1/067 pigeons etc. Mother of the NPO winner ‘The 778’ is the NL 07-1439589, a pure Janssen pigeon via Tist Eijssen and Frans Dockx. The pigeon will probably be raced in the National Mantes La Jolie.                 
Jan and Monika, once again congratulations with this appealing victory!