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Andre Verbesselt - Buggenhout (BE) Now also wins 2° prize ‘Springrace’ in the ‘One Million Euro Race’ in China!

Whatever they may say or write… it must slowly but surely be becoming clear that Andre Verbesselt from the East-Flemish Buggenhout can be seen as the ‘one loft race’-specialist of our country.

The figures already spoke and argued in his favour… he won

8° + 45° prize  ‘One Million Euro Race’ 2008 in China
10° + 12° prize ‘Thailand Grand Pigeon Race’ 2009

And then now...
2° Prize Final ‘Springrace’ 2010 in the ‘One Million Euro Race’ China

2° Prize Final ‘Spring race’ 2010 in the ‘One Million Euro Race’ China
Nevertheless remarkable achievements that count … as a result of which the eyes from the Far East look more and more in the direction of Buggenhout. The ‘modern Verbesselt pigeon’ doesn’t only seem to be able to adjust to the different climatic conditions on the other side of the globe without any problems… they are also in their element in the often ‘very tough conditions’ in which these ‘one loft races’ are held… where in the ‘final race’… the ‘end race’ of roughly 500 Km… it is often a case of  ‘fighting’ the weather and wind, with races whereby the pigeons hardly achieve  1.000 to 1.100 m/min velocity. It was the same in 2008 in China when they pigeons hardly achieved above the 1.000 metres… and in Thailand in 2009the winning pigeon achieved a velocity of 1.018 m/min. For the ‘Springrace’, now raced over a distance of 488 Km, the winning pigeon achieved a velocity of 1127 metres, the pigeon from Andre Verbesselt achieved 1114 metres and with this ends up in an honorary 2° place (after 7h17 min racing time)!

That the Verbesselt pigeons are not afraid of ‘hard labour’… is not so surprising when we take a look at the stock building of the Verbesselt colony… and determine that it is built up for 90% with direct Marcel Aelbrecht pigeons. The Andre Verbesselt colony is then also rightly considered as the ‘noblest branch’ Marcel Aelbrecht in our country… Marcel and Andre are not ‘bosom buddies’ for nothing!
The pigeon that has now achieved the 2° place in the ‘Final Springrace’ 2010 from the ‘One Million Euro Race’… and is called ‘Soubalon’ B09-4322762… also stems from that noble Aelbrecht blood. What’s more… she is also a ‘Sister Soubalon’ which won the 10° prize in the Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2009 last year. On father’s side this ‘Soubalon’ stems from the ‘Max’ B08-4355579… coming self out 2 direct Aelbrecht pigeons, namely out ‘Son Bak 17’ B07-4373753 (so out the World famous ‘Bak 17’ M.Aelbrecht) x ‘Blauwtje 751’ B07-4373751 (in turn daughter of the ‘Perpignan 065/97’ x ‘Daughter Limoges 043/03’ De Rauw-Sablon… a granddaughter ‘Dream Couple’ De Rauw-Sablon, and also grandmother of the 2° Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB 2006 by Louis Vanden Eynde from Brussegem).

On mother’s side ‘Soubalon’ stems from ‘Miss Tak’ B07-4154067, full sister of ‘Miss Arwen’ which won 8° prize ‘One Million Euro Race 2008’… and daughter of ‘Father Miss Arwen’ B06-4382485 (coming self out the ‘Jim’ 787/03 x ‘Miss Joice 439/05’… a half-sister of the ‘Patron’: 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2003) x ‘Daughter Bak 10’B06-4382489, mother of ‘Miss Arwen’ and half-sister of the ‘Goede Blauwe’ by M.Aelbrecht (and daughter of a grandson ‘Dream Couple’ De Rauw-Sablon, namely ‘Superkweker Bak 10’ 118/00 x ’t Blauw 957/04’… daughter of the ‘Perpignan 065/97’ x ‘Daughter Limoges 043/97’ or the grandmother 2° Nat Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB ’06 by Louis Vd Eynde).

Which once again shows that the combination Andre Verbesselt and Marcel Aelbrecht is more than a happy marriage! This was proved once again by this ‘Soubalon’ with the 2° place in the ‘Springrace’ of the ‘One Million Euro Race’ in China! Congratulations Andre with this new glossy performance!