Bourlard Père & Fils - Harveng (BE) Magnificent winners 1° and 2° National Montélimar

Father and son Bourlard win 1sy National Montelimar and with this their 5th National victory in 6 years time!

It is as if it is written in the stars, the last 2 editions (2008-2009) of the national race from Montélimar… the first ‘national race’ of the triptych (Montélimar- Orange- Marseille) from the direction of the ‘Rhône valley’…  is posted in the history books as ‘ponderous races’, with a rather slow progress.

At that level the 2010 edition promised to be no exception… since for the first time this year the weather conditions showed a ‘summer’s quality’, because on Saturday afternoon the thermometer climbed to above 30 degrees… and there was also a slight wind from the NE-sector… conditions then for pigeons with an ‘iron constitution’… for real ‘cart horses’, the real ‘hooligans’! The ‘Club du fond Wallonie’ had 7.187 old birds for her Montélimar… a reduction of about 1.050 pigeons compared to the year before. On Saturday the baskets were opened at 6h30… and the pigeons could start their journey home in very sunny, say… summer conditions. Hard but fair! In addition, this time the race progressed quite smoothly and with regularity!

The first arrivals were situated in the region between Bergen and Charleroi… where we finally find the ‘national winners’… in addition, not just any old fanciers. It was father and son Etienne Bourlard from Harveng… racing under the name Bourlard Père & Fils… who managed a ‘national double’ by winning both the 1° as the 2° prize national Montélimar. They clocked these pigeons at 15h46’12” and 15h50’58” respectively from a distance of 653,122 Km, which gave a velocity of 1174 and 1164 m/min. In place 3 we see Marc Lini from Braine L’Alleud who made the national podium complete with 1154 m/min! In this Montélimar Rene & Etienne also achieved a magnificent series in the club in Estinnes:
Montélimar Club    162 p.  1-2-3-6-10-16-26-28-35-37 (12)
           Nat  7.187 p.  1-2-26… etc (according to first prognosis)

It is for the 5° time in just 6 years time that they have achieved a national victory… in other words, this was not their first taste of national victory, take a look:
1° National Orange hens 2005
1° National Limoges Old birds + Derby 2005
1° National Cahors 2006
1° National Narbonne 2008
1° & 2° National Montélimar 2010

The nice thing about this story is that all these national winners are descendants of the wondrous stock hen… the ‘Gyselbrechthen’ B95-3267721… bought at the time in a public auction from Remi, Andre & Carlo Gyselbrecht and bred in the breeding lofts of Carlo Gyselbrecht in Knesselare… as daughter of the ‘Vanderwegen 260/93’ (out ‘Grandson Lamme 260/93’ x ‘Sister Blauwe Barcelona’ 134/88 (and so sister of the 7° Intnat Barcelona 27.167 p. in ’91 and 237° Nat Barcelona 11.399 p. ’92: the ‘Blauwe Barcelona 113/88’… which comes self out the ‘Grandson Pursang 240/84’ x ‘Daughter 1° Intnat Barcelona 081/86’ Vanbruaene). We have made a list of these winners for you:
1° nat. Orange hens  ’05 (12° nat. 7.651 p.) : 75% Gyselbrecht, daughter of the 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”
1° nat. Limoges  ’05 against 12.266 p. : grandson 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”
1° nat. Cahors  ’06 against 6.665 p. : grandson 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen” (full brother 1st nat. Narbonne)
1° nat. Narbonne ’08 against 6.801 p. : grandson 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”
1° nat. Montélimar ’10 against 7.187 p. : grandson 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”
2° nat. Montélimar ’10 against 7.187 p. : grandson 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”
3° internat. Narbonne ’08 against 12.220 p. : grandson 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”
3° nat. ZB Orange ’05 against 2.033 p. : 75% Gyselbrecht, daughter 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”
9° nat. ZB Limoges ’05 : 50% Gyselbrecht, son 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”
10° nat. Perpignan ’06 against 6.765 p. & 16° nat. St.-Vincent ’06 : sister 1° nat. Limoges
10° nat. ZB Cahors ’07  1.946 p. : grandson 721/95 “Gyselbrecht-hen”

Talk about a wonderful ‘top breeding hen’… which over the last few seasons has made her mark on the ‘national long distance happenings’ in our country! Noteworthy here… nearly all these victories were achieved ‘hard racing weather’… with mostly real summer weather, warm or hot, and speeds between 1000 and 1200 m/min. Conditions which suit the Gyselbrecht pigeons (and their ‘iron’ Vanbruaene sort) perfectly!

Rene & Etienne already had a ‘good feeling’ about this race because during the previous week their pigeons showed a growing trainings drive, more drift and ardour… positive signs that the condition was ‘swelling’! But that she would perform such stunts… was far beyond their expectations… ‘it is something you can only dream about’, said Rene & Etienne simultaneously! Let’s take a closer look at both  ‘national victors’:
-the ‘1° National Montélimar’ B08-9084579
Is a son of the ‘Bleu Tapiné’ B06-3124213, a direct Dr. Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeira from Ruiselede… coming self out the ‘Toreador’ 675/02 (Son of the ‘Gouden Vleugel winner ‘99’ by Gebr ’t Jolijn- Hasselt: the ‘Toreador 297/95’ x ‘Sister 1° Intnat Barcelona 574/95’ Gyselbrecht) x ‘Monica 449/97’, bred by Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht (as daughter of the ‘Laureaat Barcelona’… winner 1° Intnat Barcelona 1995… x ‘Bijou 253/93’ Vd Wegen). Mother of the ‘1° Nat Montélimar’ is the ‘Soeur Mimine’ B04-9003343, sister of the 1° Nat Orange Hens ’05… and daughter of the ‘Willy 897/97 (origin Clerebaut x Gyselbrecht) x ‘Gyselbrechthen 721/95’… the golden stock mother in the Bourlard lofts (so as described above)! This 2-year old ‘hooligan’ raced together the following honours list:

’09 Chateauroux   196 p. 3    (13 June)
                  760 p. 5
’09 Chateauroux   239 p. 60   (30 may)
’09 Orleans       280 p. 13
                1.297 p. 92
’09 Limoges       145 p. 25
         CFW    3.391 p. 798
’10 Bourges       118 p. 7
’10 Montélimar    162 p. 1
         Nat    7.187 p. 1


Pedigree national winner : Clik here


The ‘2° National Montélimar’ B06-9073021
previously won 1° Argenton and 1° Tulle club! He is a son of the ‘Fils du Roi’ B97-9003329, marvellous racing pigeon in the ‘grand middle distance’ and brother of the ‘229/99’ who won 5 x ‘top-100’ National… and son of ‘Le Roi 542/86’, a direct Yvon Deneufbourg (out the 1° Ace pigeon Long Distance ’81 from Yvan Deneufbourg: Le ‘Roi’) x ‘Gyselbrechthen 721/95’ (the golden ‘stock mother’ by Bourlard… see above). Mother is the ‘Blauwe Kweekster’ B04-9097448… daughter of ‘Le Barcelone 366/96’, who self completed Barcelona with success 5 times (out ‘Le Terrassor 672/92’ Delbruyère x ‘Elfpen 162/89’, daughter of the 1° Intnat Barcelona hens Pochet) x ‘La Bonne Pâle’ who self won 12/12 in the long distance with a.o. 13° Nat Cahors Hens, 78° Intnat Perpignan Hens, 3° St.Vincent etc… (out ‘Son Terrassor 070/98’ x ‘Sister 9° Intnat Pau 2000’ 935/96). In the past this 4-year old clapper has shown his enormous performance capability and has already achieved the following honours list:

’07 Bourges       168 p. 11
                1.014 p. 60
                2.269 p. 111
’07 Argenton      169 p. 38
                1.737 p. 441
’08 Bourges       234 p. 31
                7.838 p. 515
’08 Argenton      104 p. 1
                  646 p. 2
        Intprov 3.144 p. 129
’09 Bourges       273 p. 34
        CFW     8.508 p. 161
        Zone   11.051 p. 336
        Nat    27.506 p. 924
’09 Montélimar    245 p. 7
        CFW     3.738 p. 112
        Zone    2.317 p. 44
’09 Tulle          80 p. 1
        CFW     2.017 p. 42
        Zone    1.689 p. 115
        Nat     5.676 p. 444
’10 Montélimar    162 p. 2
        Nat     7.187 p. 2

By the Bourlard family the entire pigeon sport is more or less focused on the ‘national long distance calendar’… so the national long distance races with old birds! That is why the youngsters (140) are also trained well… they only see the ‘big basket’ 3 times. As yearlings the cocks and hens are still raced as if they are ‘youngsters’ says Rene… and simply entered ‘celibate’ for a Nanteuil, Orleans, Bourges, Chateauroux respectively and as end station Limoges and Tulle. No forcing then, and this all with one aim… letting the pigeons develop  calmly and allowing them to gain experience… or to put it in pigeon terms… let them ‘ripe’! Then there ‘running period’ finishes and as 2 year olds they end up between the widowers (for the cocks)… and are shown a hen for the first time. After that it is  ‘down to work’. The old racing cocks are divided over 5 compartments… and they strive to race the pigeons compartment for compartment. The team that raced Montélimar was given Soissons, 2 x Nanteuil, Orleans and the national ‘Bourges 1’ as preparation… followed by 3 week’s rest. The weekend before basketting for Montélimar they are given a short training race of just over 30 Km whereby they are liberated one at a time. When they return home they are briefly shown their hen. A nice anecdote is that the brand new 1° National winner needed between 3h30 and 4 hours to return home from this 30 Km! But this has happened before says father Rene. A pigeon that needs a few hours to return home from 30 Km… and than a week later win a ‘top prize’ national… history has repeated itself from Montélimar, resulting in ‘national victory’! Before basketting the cocks are allowed to see their hen. The racing cocks are not allowed to breed youngsters prior to the season, however they are allowed to brood twice consecutively. After the season they raise a youngster and then they are separated around the 15th of October… until the middle of March when they are coupled again for the first time…

In the medical department the advice of the veterinary surgeon is followed… this is usually a cure against ‘tricho’ every four weeks, and something for the airways regularly. They are always given the same racing mixture! The entire racing team old birds consists of 44 widow cocks in addition to 50 yearling cocks,  25 yearling hens and 20 old hens which are raced from the nest… this in addition to about 25 to 30 breeding couples (varies per year). These old nest hens were all basketted for Brive… wherefrom there are 18 left for the ‘grand distance’. Up until last year these hens raced Orange and then Perpignan… or Barcelona. This year that has been changed to Pau and Perpignan for the first team. They are basketted for Pau whilst they are brooding, for Perpignan with a ‘small youngster’. The team for ‘Barcelona’ will also be basketted with a ‘small youngster’… in particular the 2 year old hens… who, in preparation for Barcelona, will usually be given an Orleans to race.  Their loft consistency is mainly built up with pigeons from Marc Roossens from Leernes, the Gyselbrecht pigeons via father Remi from Knesselare and via Gyselbrecht-Madeira from Ruiselede, pigeons from Delbruyère (is Roossens x Depeter) and Yvon Deneufbourg from Estinnes.
A system of  ‘long distance directing’ of the pigeons which has more than paid off, crowned with no less than 5 national victories with a time span of 6 years… with the last being this ‘double’ from Montélimar. A very fair race in which the entire field of competitors had to face the ‘law of the strongest’… an concede to the supremacy of the Bourlard family! For which our heartfelt congratulations!