Daniël Aerens - Drongen (BE) One word ….SUPER

This place lies in the shadow of the East-Flemish capital city Ghent. Just after Ghent is the exit Drongen. It is usually very busy and I am always happy when I have arrived. Just a short ride further and I turn into the drive of Daniël Aerens.

I first came here in 2002 because this was a blessed year for him. He won the European cup, the championship of Belgium grand distance KBDB, 1st WESM and the championship grand distance Belgische Verstandhouding..

Who else has done this all in one year? I couldn’t say. We became friends and every year he won one important event: national Orange, national Montelimar dv, international St-Vincent dv….but he gains most honour from his Barcelona-results. No-one in Belgium races top prizes as easily as Daniël Aerens. In 2008 he won 6th and 9th with two pigeons in the top 10 national (international 12 and 21) and 4 in the top 100 national. 
In 2009 it was once again a marvellous result with national 21-47-60-121-160…(17/37).
In 2009 Daniël won 9 times in the top 60 national wherefrom several prizes per ten: Pau 3/7 per ten, Barcelona 10/37 per ten, Tarbes 5/10 per ten, Marseille 3/7 per ten….more than 30% of the pigeons basketted raced per ten. What a class this man has. His somewhat different way of racing pigeons, yielded results. This Chairman of Union et Liberté Ghent and O.V.V. Ghent knows how to address things, that much is certain.

Building up in two parts
The pigeon career of Daniël Aerens, born in 1939 and still manager of a few companies, first became a pigeon fancier when he was 10 years old. No, not like in the majority of cases where the children are infected with the pigeon bug via their father. It was little Daniël himself who wanted to race pigeons. His father also then became interested and they took care of the pigeons together. At the time Daniël lived in Ghent and only raced middle distance and sprint. Father and son did well in these races says the modest Daniël. Everything was done on a small scale. During the winter months there were no more than 20 pigeons in the lofts. At the time the pigeon sport had a different dimension to now. The pigeons were bought from great fanciers of the time, direct from Desmet-Matthys and Deraet-Van Grembergen. He raced sprint with these pedigrees! In 1970 father Aerens passed away and seeing that this man did most of the work (Daniël was a busy businessman), the pigeons were sold. For twelve years Daniël had no pigeons, but remained active in the pigeon sport. He became Chairman of the well-known club Union et Liberté Ghent and has now filled this function for 35 years. He later became chairman of O.V.V. Ghent. In 1982 Daniël began on his second episode in the pigeon sport. He moved to his current address in Drongen, a beautiful renovated farm, placed pigeon lofts there and began racing once again. Between 1982 and 1987 lofts were regularly added so that now there are a number of lofts. New lofts and also new pigeons. Daniël searched for and found these by three fanciers. By Cyriel Martens, Jozef Vandenbroecke and by Norbert Norman. They were all proven long distance racers. The ambition was then to also race the long distance. The first years long distance, but a few years later changed to the overnight. At the moment the international races are the main aim. The pigeons are clocked starting from Chateauroux, the other races are purely for training. Daniël is someone who reads a lot. He has nearly all the newspapers that are published. What caught his attention in the Dutch pigeon magazines? The pedigree Van Der Wegen! In 1995 he gathered all his courage and left for Steenbergen. He was well received by Antoon & Lucie, and in addition to buying the necessary good pigeons, he also received some key facts. Antoon had told him that he should cross the pigeons with other blood. This was one of the golden tips. Pay attention, however, before Daniël visited Van der Wegen, he already had great pigeons for the grand distance. When he made the move from long distance to grand distance in 1990, he had a few good years. The three basis pedigrees had no trouble with the longer distances. In 1992 Daniël even won two provincial victories, from Barcelona and from Limoges, and had 3rd Ace pigeon long distance KBDB. The introduction of the pedigree Van der Wegen has only improved his pigeons. The Barcelona-race has a special place in Daniël’s heart. In his own club in Ghent he always achieved the same result from Barcelona in the years 1998-1999-2000. Against about 200 pigeons it was the same result for three consecutive years: 1-3-7-10. The preference for Barcelona remains, but the other races are also given their place in the long distance happening of Daniël.

These are real supers
Blue Witpenneke 4033134/03
Perpignan 2006 national 6765p-286
Barcelona 2006 national 11.802p-118
Perpignan 2007 international 15.87p-81
Barcelona 2008 national 11.484p-63
Barcelona 2009 national 13.503p-21
This is the top hen in the loft, a gem. There are not many like this flying in Belgium or the Netherlands!!!
Her father is ‘Den Barcelona 691/97’ (19th national Barcelona 2000). He came out ‘255/89’ (son of basis couple ‘Rode 582/82’ x ‘Kleine 688/82’) X ‘624/89’(basis hen J. Van den broecke !)
Her mother ‘4428173/96’ is a full sister of 1st national Orange 2005. ‘Den Orange 4033136/03’ won a.o.
2005 Chateauroux 135p-3
         Chateauroux 137p-7

Orange national 6751p-1
Daniël carried on racing his national winner !!       
Narbonne national 5963p-192
2006 Albi national 5063p-100
Narbonne national 9634p-865
2007 Orange prize per 10 and then no longer raced. Then placed in the breeding loft. He is a son of one of the best racing pigeons ever in the Daniël Aerens household, namely
’De 678/93’ .
He won :
In 1994 : Limoges  Nat. 18.608 p. 2571
In 1995 : Brive       Nat 21.390 p. 2654
               Limoges  Nat    9.222 p. 646
In 1996 : Brive       Nat  16.560 p. 460
               Cahors     Nat    9.043 p. 737
               Montauban Nat  4.743 p. 222
               Narbonne   Nat  6.092 p. 1473
In 1997 : Brive         Nat 20.611 p. 3018
               Cahors       Nat  9.070 p. 383
               Montauban Nat 7.352 p.  84
               Narbonne   Nat 6.021 p. 1290
He is a full brother of ‘106/94’, the father of the international winner from St-Vincent 2007. The mother of ‘Den Orange’ is ‘905/93 Rood duivin’ out ‘657/85’ (stock cock Rode C Martens x Stock mother Kleine C. Martens) x ‘624/89’(that J. Vandenbroecke-hen !)
Super good racing pigeons often produce super good racing pigeons.

First Marseille 4389333/05
Tarbes 2008 international 12.537p-440 (regional 6th)
Pau 2009 international 7608p-152 (regional 8th)
Marseille 2009 international 11.833p-146 (1st regional)
This youth came to his best in 2009. His father is ‘4166401/00’ , son stock pigeon Zwarte Pau and mother is ‘4390538/01’ , direct A&L van der Wegen x Didi-line (via the late Jozef van den Broecke).’Zwarte Pau 348/88’ was one of the basis pigeons of the loft. He stems out the old basis Cyriel Martens x Norman.

First Narbonne 4028094/07
70th international Narbonne 14505p (1st regional)

Father is ‘4300678/93’, out son Zwarte Pau. He is a son of one of the best racing pigeons ever in the Daniël Aerens Household, namely ‘De 678/93 ‘, already described earlier.   The mother of ‘First Narbonne’ is ‘4428146/96’, a daughter 1st Limoges (1st provincial Limoges 1992).

First Pau 4092862/06
Pau 2009 international 19th , national 5th , regional 1st
Comes out ‘493/95’ , son 1st Limoges X ‘232/01’, daughter ‘Zwarte Pau’

First Barcelona 4389221/05
Barcelona 2008 national 11.484p-6

Comes out 4400192/02 (brother 1st provincial Perpignan) x 4390404/01 (sister 2nd national Pau) 4202707/04 comes out  ‘De Marseille 329/92’ (1st regional Marseille); He was bred from ‘3089634/89’ (Jozef Vandenbroecke out the DIDI-line) X ‘555/87’ (stock pigeon Rode x Stock hen Kleine). The mother is ‘4227805/97’ (sister 1st Barcelona region Ghent), out ‘NL349/95’ (A & L van der Wegen) x ‘3089624/89’ (J. van den broecke, line DIDI). She is a sister of the mother of the 1st national Montelimar 2004..

Always Barcelona 4092872/06
Barcelona 2008 national 11.484p-397
Perpignan 2008 national 7354p-560
Barcelona 2009 national 13.502p-60
Father is ‘4273228/98 Blue Beziers. He was a fantastic racing pigeon with:
2001 Beziers 6.522 pigeons: 6
2002 Dax intern. 14.507 pigeons: 176
2002 Perpignan intern. 18.264 pigeons: 622
He has as father 4385387/95, an excellent cock in the extreme long distance bred out 255/89 (out stock pigeon  C. Martens X Stock hen C. Martens) with 3089624/89 (direct Jozef Vandenbroecke) out 716/83 (lost son) X 718/84 (half-sister DIDI). The mother is 4428173/96. She comes out 678/93 (Zwarte Pau X N. Norman) X 905/93 (Stock couple X once again 624/89 (that direct Jozef Vandenbroecke).
The mother of ‘Always Barcelona’ is 4202707/04 (sister 2nd national Pau)

For Ever Barcelona 4092889/06
Barcelona 2008 national 11.484p-360
Barcelona 2009 national 13.502p-121

This is a pigeon crossed with a different pedigree. Father is ‘3005685/05’, direct Emiel Denys out his top cock ‘De Kleine TEE’(7th international Barcelona). The mother is ‘4166303/00’ , inbred to Zwarte Pau (brother x sister). YES, Daniël knows how to breed his pigeons!

Daughter Montelimar 4389211/05
Barcelona 2009 national 13.502p-47
Her father is ‘NL0254481/02’, direct from A & L van der Wegen out ‘Euro’ x ‘daughter Turbo’. Her mother is ‘4428173/01’, 1st national Montelimar 2004 by the hens. Her father is ‘106/94’ (out Zwarte Pau x Schoon Blauw Norman, a sister of 2 x 1st national Argenton). Her mother is ‘Blue 292/99’, a sister of 1st reg. Barcelona 1999 (out NL349/95 Van der Wegen X Josephine 3089624/89, out half-sister DIDI  van den broecke) 

The system that this man uses is sometimes the opposite to the system of most fanciers, but the victor is always right. During our talk Daniël regularly said the following: “ Those who don’t believe me should Carry on with what they are doing. I have a good feeling about this system and will continue with it, even though I sometimes don’t do so well. Keeping to your system is more important than the system itself.” Daniël is a man that will stick to his system. Believe me, even though he may not race very well for a year, he will not change.

After Perpignan the widows are not coupled. They moult better if they don’t have a nest. Only when the moulting is nearly over, towards the end of October, are the widowers (40 old to start the races) given their partner. The yearling cocks are then also coupled so that they can get used to their new living box. The couples are allowed to brood twice on fake eggs and are separated again at the end of December. As preparation for the new season they are coupled on the 15th of March. They are allowed to raise their young and are even allowed to consecutively brood for a few days. In the meantime the first training races are taking place. During the actual widowhood the cocks are never allowed to see their hens before being basketted. Daniel learned this system from the Van der Wegen couple. Daniël thinks that a pigeon can usually keep in top from for six weeks, long enough for the international competitions. As preparation for Barcelona he has replaced the national race from Brive with two times Chateauroux. This second time then 14 days before basketting. The Barcelona racers then go to Narbonne and the Tarbes men to Perpignan. The old widowers are all given a 3-4 week cure against tricho. This is all the medical care they get. Never a cure for coccidiosis, never for the airways. The youngsters, the yearlings and even the breeding pigeons are NEVER cured, not even for tricho. The breeding pigeons are coupled for the first time in February and breed young until August. The majority of the breeding pigeons are proven long distance racers. The youngsters are weaned when they are 22 days old, but are only allowed outside for the first time when they are 2 or sometimes even 3 months old. They can get used to their surroundings in the trap. Once again a remnant of the talks with Antoon & Lucie!

The youngsters are NOT trained in their birth year. Not a single youngster is basketted. They are trained as yearlings. Daniël claims to have less loss than earlier. If you train 100 youngsters, race up to 500-600 km, how many yearlings do you have left over? No, with his method a yearling is sometimes lost, but very few. He doesn’t loose many youngsters from the loft either. There is a singularity by the yearlings. The sexes are not separated, they are not given a box. Everything is given ‘loose’ for the entire year. I fan egg is laid, it is disposed of immediately. Despite the fact that they have not been trained as youngsters, they are raced to the full. At the beginning of April there are the first training races and then follow: Chateauroux, Argenton, Limoges and to the grand distance. A series of old hens are raced with a nest from Barcelona and Perpignan. Pure nest game but this brings exceptional results for Daniël. The preferred position for basketting is a 1-day old youngster!

The yearlings and widowers eat from joint dishes to encourage their appetite. They eat more due to the competition at the dish. Daniël only knows two sorts of feed: breeding mixture and depurative. Season mixture or special feed for youngsters is not for him. (or better said, for his pigeons) According to the conditions (after a race, during an interval or before a race) he mixes these two sorts together. Simplicity decorates this man and his care. During the winter months tea a few times and the pigeons are only given vitamins twice per year. Daniël says that after giving vitamins you get form, but some while later also a repercussion. Be careful with these products then.