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Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) strikes gold once more with Super Jan

What this Super Jan – 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB – managed to achieve in barely 2 years, in terms of winnings and top talent worldwide, is simply phenomenal

National ace pigeons should be cherished. 

With Super Jan BE21-4078387, Philippe Dobbealere's colony discovered a new giant of a super breeder. This Super Jan is not just the first of the best, he became himself:
1. Nat Ace All-round Young KBDB 2021
5. Nat Ace Great Middle Distance Young KBDB 2021 

Most of the pigeons with a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB behind their name are moving to faraway places. Often by an offer that cannot be refused. In recent seasons, for instance, numerous interested parties have been standing on the doorstep of Philippe Dobbelaere's KBDB ace pigeons from Olsene.  The same applies to Super Jan. This time, Philippe Dobbelaere did not yield and wanted to keep his Super Jan in his own loft at all costs. Not only as a new change for the future, but especially because he descends from the core of his colony, as a descendant of that golden lineage of the Rocco dynasty, which has its origins in the golden stock pair Father Cleo BE00-3155029 x Black Romulus BE05-4377735... the vein of success that runs like a thread through Philippe Dobbelaere's colony. With Cleo, Keizer, and especially Father Rocco as one of the most famous descendants. 

Father Rocco, as his name suggests, is not only father to supercrack Rocco, but also to Robby BE17-4197527: 2e Prov en 7e Nat Asduif Fond KBDB 2019. From his full brother descends Robin: 1st Nat Ace Fond YL KBDB 2019, also winner 1st Nat Libourne 4,356 YL and fastest of 8,963 participating pigeons. 
Robby himself is then father and grandfather of numerous 1st prize winners on Philippe Dobbelaere's lofts and numerous sportmates. Super Jan is also a grandson of this Robby. The hereditary power of this success line eventually made Philippe decide not to sell his Super Jan, but to immediately use it in his own breeding loft. A masterstroke, as it now turns out. His share in the top successes set in 2023 is huge. With which a new vein of gold seems to have been tapped. 

Video Super Jan: 1. Nat Ace Allround KBDB 2021

Super Jan: supplier of phenomenal 1st Prize winners and National Ace Pigeons

In 2023, Philippe Dobbelaere notched up several blockbusters of stature. The miracle result from Orleans with the 8 first prizes Interprovincial... followed by the double at Chateaudun Interprovincial rocked the (Western) Flemish country to its foundations. 
And now it comes... what nobody can ignore yet... In ALL the pigeons that signed for the blockbuster 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 Intprov Orleans against 9,231 youngsters the blood of Super Jan flows, the winners 1-2 Intprov Chateaudun 2,889 youngsters are also both grandchildren Super Jan. The dominance of the children and grandchildren Super Jan on the races, on the results board, is phenomenal. What's more: among these pigeons were also the later 2. and 6. Nat Asduif Kleine Halve Fond KBDB 2023 ... both grandchildren of Super Jan, and moreover full brother(s) of each other. 

Black Tornado: 2. Nat Ascendant Small Half-Fond young KBDB 2023... and grandson of Super Jan, and full brother of Blue Tornado.

Blue Tornado: 6. Nat Ace Pigeon Small Half-Fond young KBDB 2023.... and full brother of Black Tornado (2. Nat Ace KHF KBDB 2023)

Almost unimaginable. And this in barely 2 years of breeding. If Super Jan keeps on kicking super pigeons and winners into the world with this regularity and at this rate, this could well be the trigger for a huge mastery in the near future. As well as an orchard and breeding pool of top talent.

With this straight continuation of the Rocco dynasty, Philippe Dobbelaere clearly has pure breeding gold for flights from speed to long distance (200-800 Km)! 
Yes, this is without doubt one of the best breeding lines of the moment, within international pigeon racing.

Current strongman Robby, himself 7. Nat Ace Fond KBDB 2019... and grandfather of Super Jan.

Video Robby: 7. Nat Ace Fond KBDB 2019 - grandfather of Super Jan