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PIPA Podcast with Tom Van Gaver (Episode 2)

For the second PIPA Podcast, we convinced Tom Van Gaver to stop by at PIPA after his visit to the Pattaya OLR.

Tom was once again one of the fanciers who managed to co-dominate the 2023 season. Especially in the long-distance and middle-distance races, he has been one of the best fanciers for several years now... How does he manage to compete for prizes week after week, month after month and year after year? In his well-known uninhibited style, he talks about the pigeons and the method that brought him to the point of continuous success. 

PIPA Podcast- Episode 2: Tom Van Gaver

The Podcast is also available again on Spotify (PIPA PODCAST) and YouTube (PIPA). This time, the Podcast is recorded in English, but subtitles are provided in both Dutch and English.

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