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José & Gustave Goemaere (Havinnes, BE): 1. National Acebird Sprint old birds KBDB & 1. Olympic Acebird Cat. A

This prestigious KBDB title has been won once again by a loft from the south of the country, this time by the brothers José & Gustave Goemaere. This special acebird championship has been won by a new phenomenon in the Belgian pigeon sport.

This pigeon, who was initially christened 'The 384', was already the star of the Goemaere racing loft since he already ended his season last year with the 6. National Acebird Sprint Yls KBDB in 2022. It means he already proved his potential last year but he was determined to show the entire world it was only a piece of what he would achieve in 2023? Indeed, he really exploded last year winning important victories against several thousands of birds. 

- 'Olympic Gustave XIV' (BE21-1090384)

1. Olympic Acebird Belgium Cat. A (2022-2023) Maastricht
1. National Acebird Sprint old birds KBDB 2023 (0.65% - second lowest coefficient of the history)
6. National Acebird Sprint Yls KBDB 2022
1. Pont 3.081 p. (158 km)
1. Pont 3.017 p.
1. Pont 2.600 p.
1. Ecouen 2.388 p. (192 km)
Winner of 14 first prizes (no dubbles)
Winner of 18 prizes per 100 from the 27 basketings of his racing career

Father: 'Vale José' (BE18-1062546), himself winner of 9 first prizes (no dubbles) against an average of 320 pigeons. He is also father of 3 different pigeons who won a 1st prize including 'Gustave XIV' and 'Matteo' his nestmate (see later). His father is the 'Rode 043' and he was himself a super racer bred from a crossing Thibaut-Boons x Collet-Dubois. His mother is a hen bred from the lines of Adrien De Munter. We must underline that the 'Rode 043' is also grandfather of the 2nd national Argenton from 14.174 yearlings won in 2023 by the '784/22' (also 2nd highest speed from 22.951 pigeons - see later).
Mother: 'Mother Gustave XIV' (BE19-1119014), full sister of 'Thorgan' (14. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2019) and bred from the super pair 'Le Hollandais' x 'Gmother Gustave'. 'Le Hollandais' was himself a super racer with no less than 10 single first prizes in sprint before becoming father of a.o. 10th-10th & 14th National Acebird Sprint KBDB between 2016 and 2019.

A real gifted pigeon this '384', who has been christened 'Gustave XIV' since his national title as a tribute to one of his two previous managers (Gustave Goemaere) and to his fourteen single victories won throughout his career. 'Gustave XIV' has since then joined the PIPA Breeding project in order to strengthen the 'Best Kittel' dynasty with the hope to obtain the same success in the OLR worldwide or simply into other lofts.

A super sprint family

The triumph of 'Gustave XIV' is not really surprise if you take a look at the entire family tree. Indeed, even his nestmate 'Matteo' is also an exceptional racer...

- 'Matteo' (BE21-1090383)

With his five single first prizes and his twelve top 3 (see picture), he will be big guy from the racing loft in 2024.

A real all-round loft

One could think that the Goemaere brothers are only interested into sprint race but it's really not true. They like to race from 100 until 1.000 km, which means from the morning until the evening in high season. Indeed, José & Gustave won for example the Barcelona Masters in 2020 thanks to their pigeon 'Luc' and in 2023, they won several early prizes on the national heavy middle & long distance races. Of course they will never forget the season 2023, especially that it became almost perfect since they almost won a national victory the 08th of July on Argenton with their '784/22' who won the 2nd national Argenton against 14.174 yearlings with the highest speed from 22.951 pigeons.

Even more impressive, this 2nd national is closely related to 'Gustave XIV' since we find back on his pedigree the 'Rode 043' but also the 'Le Hollandais'.

Father: '471/17' (BE17-1010471), super racer with a.o. 8x 1st, 2nd provincial and 71th national Issoudun 8.151 pigeons. Grandson of the 'Hollandais' (grandfather 'Gustave XIV') from his mother. 
Mother: '423/21' (BE21-1090423), direct daughter of the 'Rode 043' (grandfather of 'Gustave XIV' on mother side) x '674/18' (top breeding hen).

José & Gustave Goemaere set the tone really high in 2023 and they are getting ready for 2024 with a very high ambition. The quality of their stock loft is now obvious to the eyes of everyone and their name has now reached further borders. Everybody in the world knows that there is a super all-round colony in Havinnes now. In addition, the very direct descendants of 'Gustave XIV' will be soon raced in the entire world. And seeing their ability to win races and the breeding strategy developed around this special pigeon, nobody doubts about the fact that we will hear about them sooner or later.