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Herman Hendrix (Broekhuizenvorst, NL) is the proud owner of several strong extreme long distance stars

With a breeding loft full of quality, Herman has managed to position himself amongst the best Dutch extreme long distance fanciers. Besides several top results on his own lofts, references from other fanciers especially illustrate the quality of his breeders.

In just several years time Herman took on the top of National extreme long distance racing. The foundation was laid by several targeted purchases for his breeding loft including pigeons from renowned fanciers such as Jelle Jellema, Cor de Heijde, Gerard Schalkwijk, Leon Roks, Ad Fortuin and Batenburg-Van de Merwe. In just a few years time these pigeons led to several National top results such as 2nd National Pau '21, 15th National Barcelona '20 and 12th National Agen '19. 

In total Herman accommodates approximately 120 old birds (breeders and racers). Yearly he breeds 60-70 youngsters for himself. The roughly 32 racing pairs are initially raced on widowhood. Thereafter, they are paired so that they are basketed on extreme long distance races laying on 10-12 day old eggs or youngsters of 5/8 days old. Ideally the whole pair is basketed on the same race. Herman tries to race the yearlings twice, on Agen and Narbonne. In case Agen was very tough on the yearlings, Narbonne is exchanged for Bergerac. The youngsters are raced 4 to 6 times on the late tour up to 300km. Herman would like to basket a group of youngsters on the young bird races as well but he simply lacks the time. Herman nearly does everything himself and only sometimes has someone to help him drive his pigeons for a small training flight. 

With the system mentioned above he has performed for years. Like we said before, the foundation to these successes as well as for other fanciers, lies in his ironclas breeding loft. His super hen Anouk also plays a crucial role in this success. 

NL18-1274999 Anouk, 12th Nat. Agen 2019 & 15th Nat. Barcelona 2020

The first crack born on the breeding lofts of Herman is the super hen Anouk (NL18-1274999). As a yearling she stood in the spotlights with a 12th National Agen. A year later she once again achieved a top result with a 15th National Barcelona. It is no surprise she was then transferred to the breeding lofts where she also proves her worth as a breeder. Find the results from her 2 year racing career below:

2019: 1st NLU Agen 389 p.
12th Nat.S Agen 7,245 p.
13th Nat. Agen 10,527 p.
2020: 15th Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p.
21st Int. Barcelona 14,586 p.

Anouk her talent doesn't come out of the blue; both sides of her pedigree include noble bloodlines. Her father is Son Sumerian Fighter and thus a son of the 1st International Barcelona 2017 (Leon Roks). Mother is a direct daughter Silke (Jelle Jellema). Silke won 1st National Barcelona 2020. 

Herman knew he had to start of with the best bloodlines in order to achieve his goals on extreme long distance races. With this in mind he bought a son of Sumerian Fighter. Sumerian Fighter won the 1st International Barcelona in 2017 for Leon Roks. Thereafter, Herman went to Jelle Jellema for a daughter of his world-famous Silke, 1st National Barcelona 2020. Silke was an exceptional pigeon both as a racer and breeder: 

Silke won:
2016 3rd National Narbonne 5042 p.
2016 631st National Bordeaux 4679 p. (Yearlings)
2017 157th National Marseille 2528 p.
2018 137th National Perpignan 3778 p.
2018 157th National Barcelona 3912 p.
2019 190th National Barcelona 4129 p.
2019 196th National Perpignan 4283 p.
2020 1st National Barcelona 4477 p. (2nd Int.)
NL17-1860780 Son Sumerian Fighter (father Anouk), son 1st Int. Barcelona 2017
NL17-1732725 Daughter Silke (mother Anouk), daughter 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020

Noteworthy is the fact that both Daughter Silke as Son Sumerian Fighter have shown to be excellent breeders. Besides Anouk, they are responsible for many descendants which have shown their class. Find the pedigrees of Anouk, Son Sumerian Fighter and Daughter Silke below. 

Besides the stars mentioned above, Herman invested in several young talents from top breeders of Jelle Jellema in recent years. For instance, Herman has a son (NL21-1589251) of top breeder Noud. Noud won a/o 6th National Barcelona '21 and 24th National Barcelona '20. He is a grandson of Silke (1st National Barcelona). Mother of the NL21-251 is Marly (18th Nat. Barcelona '20, 38th Nat. Barcelona '18) and she in turn is a granddaughter of Orion. Moreover, in '22 he brought a daughter (NL22-8153023) of Noud to the breeding lofts in Broekhuizenvorst. This time, Noud was paired to a daughter of Silke. 

NL21-1589251, son Noud x Marly
NL22-8153023, daughter Noud x Daughter Silke

Relaxation, hobby and ambition

The terms above give an indication of the type of fancier Herman Hendrix is. Besides his busy occupation as entrepreneur (Herman has his own construction company) he find that hobby offers time of relaxation. Nonetheless, he is an ambitious fanciers and results orientated. His achievements, on his own lofts and that of his pigeons on other lofts give him a lot of satisfaction. We end this article with several fantastic results achieved by Herman himself as well as several beautiful references: 

Several top results achieved by Herman Hendrix from '23
Bergerac Afd. 4 2,327 p.: 5-127-177-193-etc. (7/9)
St Vincent Afd. 4 1,314 p.: 34-94-121-etc. (4/5)
Dax Afd. 4 1,618 p.: 168-292-etc. (3/4)
Pau Nat. 3,934 p.: 320-439 (2/6)
Agen YL Nat. 5,297 p.: 197-437-570-634-etc. (9/20)
Barcelona Nat. 4,832 p.: 570-628 (2/6)
Marseille Nat. 3,200 p.: 235-258-280-etc. (4/5)

Several fantastic references from '23:

  • Jelle Jellema: wins 15th Nat. Agen with grandchild Daughter Silke (NL17-1732725) x Son Sumerian Fighter (NL17-1860780).
  • Huub Sonnemans: wins 2nd Afd. 4 Tarbes with grandchild Daughter Silke (NL17-1732725) x Son Sumerian Fighter (NL17-1860780) and 21st Afd. 4 Dax with grandchild Daughter Silke (NL17-1732725) x Son Sumerian Fighter (NL17-1860780).
  • Jan Grootoonk: house a son of Son Sumerian Fighter (NL17-1860780) x Evi x Bont Goud (NL17-1732513). This cock is father of a/o 23rd NPO Bergerac '23, 25th NPO Ruffec '22, 35th NPO Ruffec '23, 54th NPO Bordeaux '23, 57th Nat. Ruffec '22, 73rd NPO Bergerac '21, 77th NPO Bergerac '22, 78th NPO Ruffec '23 etc... He also has a daughter of Daughter Silke (NL17-1732725). She is mother of 32nd NPO Bergerac '23 and 66th NPO Ruffec '22. A daughter of Daughter Silke (NL17-1732725) x Son Sumerian Fighter (NL17-1860780) is a/o mother of 1st NU Limoges '23, 2nd NPO Limoges '23, 46th NPO Limoges '20, 56th NPO Ruffec '22 etc.... A son of Daughter Silke (NL17-1732725) x Son Sumerian Fighter (NL17-1860780) is a/o father of 9th NPO Bergerac '23, 28th NPO Ruffec '22, 34th NPO Bordeaux '23 etc..
  • Harry Kalter: races a granddaughter of Daughter Silke (NL17-1732725) x Son Sumerian Fighter (NL17-1860780) which won 147th Nat. Marseille '23 and 543rd Nat Pau '23.