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Catalogue Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL)

Starting 18th December, the auction of Pieter Veenstra including all pigeons from 2019 and older in addition to a selection of youngsters will be held on PIPA.

In this auction the strong foundation will become available which has ensured top results for the Veenstra family year after year. The world-famous bloodlines of Return Flojo 1st Ace Pigeon SAMDPR and her father Shamrock Yke play a leading role within the colony, and thereby this auction. 

Return Flojo (CHN17-11-0227000) was brought back to the Netherlands after she won the title of 1st Grand Average Ace SA Million Dollar race 2018 in South Africa. She and her exceptional genes formed the basis to the successful restart of Pieter Veenstra and his sons in 2019.  

The Veenstra pigeons excelled on their own lofts, but also ensured success on other lofts and One Loft Races. Just as the foundation pigeons did. This auction includes:

  •  Shamrock Yke, father Return Flojo (1st ace pigeon SAMDPR)
  • 1 child Return Flojo with Thomas 6 Winner Algarve race
  • 3 children Return Flojo with legend Armando 
  • 5 National top-10 ace pigeons
  • 7 children Miss Overegge
  • 2 sisters Esmee (Olympiad pigeon)
  • 6 top-10 pigeons in finals SAMDPR

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Catalogue Pieter Veenstra

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Discover here some of the super pigeons with photo and pedigree that will be available in auction starting mid-december: 

Seiko Junior
Mother Bvlgari
Armando Flojo 160
Sister Return Flojo
Thomas-Flojo 750