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Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) had a fantastic team of yearling widowers in 2023

The name Ally is synonymous with pigeon sport of the highest level. After they won the title National Champion Heavy Middle Distance Young birds KBDB 2022 thanks to several exceptional hens, the yearling cocks had a fantastic season in 2023 as widowers.

After their large auction in 2021, the performances of the newest generation Ally pigeons are hopeful. The fantastic team of yearlings in 2023 descends from the so-called 'new breeders' of which various pigeons were still on the racing loft in 2022 (pairings between widower and widow-hen). These yearlings were raced in their birth year as per usual in Aarsele; the hens raced most of the national races whilst little risks were taken with the cocks, focusing on their future career as a widowers. In 2022, they immediately won the title National KBDB Champion Heavy Middle Distance Young birds, followed by a sensational 2023 thanks to an amazing team of yearling widowers. 

The yearling cocks in 2023 were responsible for spectacular results on the national races

The 2023 season started with a team of 26 yearling widowers in Aarsele. They performed on a constant high level on both the heavy middle distance as the long distance races which followed. The yearlings were basketed on the long distance races Limoges, Aurillac and Souillac. Keeping into account their future racing careers, they were basketed every two weeks. We will introduce the seven best yearling cocks from 2023 to you further. First, an overview of the results starting from the middle distance races in 2023:

13/05 Orleans (350 km) :         Club 473 d. : 2-10-20-22-26-27-28-30-37-... (21/23)

                                                 WVS 5,857 p. : 16-81-146-160-195-196-217-230-... (21/23)

20/05 Chateaudun (357 km) :   Club 427 p. : 6-14-17-18-21-32-34-... (15/17)

                                                 WVS 4,007 p. : 27-71-89-113-126-161-170-... (15/17)

20/05 Chateauroux (481km) :   Club 190 p. : 2-9-20-26-... (6/6)

                                                 Interprov. 1,559 p. : 15-126-... (6/6)

27/05 Bourges (430 km) :         Club 383 p. : 1-4-5-6-7-8-10-13-16-18-25-29-... (15/16)

                                                 Prov. 4,433 p. : 48-105-131-149-187-196-219-283-... (15/16)

                                                 Nat. : 18,729 p. : 180-359-444-504-623-659-... (15/16)

03/06 Chateauroux (481 km) :  Club 362 p. : 3-13-22-27-... (6/6)

                                                 Interprov. : 2,840 p. : 33-82-170-195-... (6/6)

09/06 Argenton I (507 km) :     Club 444 p. 1-2-8-18-31-42-45-... (11/21)

                                                 Prov. 4,396 p. : 23-25-99-228-350-... (11/21)

                                                 Nat. : 17,210 p. : 32-36-200-499-... (9/21)

24/06 Argenton II (507 km) :     Club 279 p. : 1-3-10-16-... (9/14)

                                                  Prov. 2,943 p. : 4-34-93-198-... (9/14)

                                                  Nat. 15,210 p. : 63-274-594-... (9/14)

02/07 Limoges (627 km) :         Club : 306 p. : 1-2-3-4-9-10-17-... (9/15)

                                                  Prov. 1,600 p. : 1-2-3-5-13-15-27-... (10/15)

16/07 Aurillac (680 km) :           Prov. 840 p. : 3-12-17-18-... (8/16)

30/07 Souillac (693 km) :           Prov. 903 p. : 5-8-20-26-34-90-94-... (11/17) 

'De 563' : (BE22-3062563) successfully completed the three long distance national races Limoges, Aurillac and Souillac with total coefficient of 3.80%. He is a son of 'Late Lucky' X 'Rostje New Schumi' and thereby grandson of many Ally icons such as 'Lucky Erik', 'moeder Neymar', 'New Schumi' en 'Bontje Wilmina'. Mother 'Rostje New Schumi' (531/20) was so talentful as a youngster that Norbert and Stefan Ally quickly moved her to the breeding lofts. 

'De 563'

'De 547' ' : (BE22-3062547) also flew top results on the three national long distance races (4.80%) and managed several absolute top prizes on the middle distance races (a/o 1st Club Bourges against 383 p.). An allround super athlete. In his pedigree, on father's side, we find another allround crack with genes for speed ('De Gaston Junior') as well as endurance ('Sister den 115'). On mother's side we find the '529-hen' a talented half-sister of 'Angoulême Vooruit' through father's side. She is also a half-sister (via mother's side) of the 1st National Tulle 2022 PEC, 'Golden Gouda Junior', who is also the grandmother of another super yearlings (427/22). 

'De 547'

De Limoges : (BE22-3062401) was one of the stars on the Ally lofts in 2023. This crack won 1st Provincial Limoges against 1,600 pigeons in addition to a top results on Aurillac. On the preparatory speed races this phenomenal racer showed his class with a victory on Clermont against 345 pigeons. It's in his genes as his father (Aaron Talent) also flew 1st Prizes on speed and a 1st Provincial Brive. Mother of 'De Limoges' is no other than Miriam who became 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance as a youngster. 

De Limoges : a/o 1st Provincial Limoges 2023

'De 556' : (BE22-3062556) in turn was the winner from Argenton I besides achieving other top results from Bourges, Chateaudun, Souillac, ... His father is another top racer ''Neymar jr. Favorite' who's hen is a full sister of 'Ace 688', 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distnace Old birds 2022. 

'De 556'

A racer we can't forget is 'De 427' ' : (BE22-3062427). 'De 427' only flew 1 national long distance race, namely Souillac, on which he won 8th Provincial against 903 pigeons. On the heavy middle distance races he flew a series of top results (Bourges, 2x Argenton, ...). He descends from top racer 'Golden Aaron' and is a grandchild of the fantastic 'Aaron' (421/12), just like 'De Limoges'. On mother's side, 'De 427' is a grandson of 'Angoulême Vooruit'. 


'De 427'

'De 493' : (BE22-3062493) is the next in line to be introduced. As son of racing crack 'Witslag Beauty' (a/o 1st Provincial Brive) he honored the Ally name in 2023. With absolute top results on Limoges (2nd Provincial), 2x Chateauroux, ...this 'De 493' has exceptional athletic qualities. The hen of 'Witslag Beauty' at the time was the '947-hen', a beautiful late hen from top racer 'Den 117' x 'Sister Young Bordeaux'. 

'De 493'

We end this overview with 'De 423' : (BE22-3062423), a full brother of 'De 563'. With amongst others a 5th Provincial Souillac and 15th Provincial Limoges past season this beautiful red widower from Aarsele was responsible for some great moments. 

'De 423'

Last year (2022), Norbert & Stefan Ally became Belgian champion with their young birds. In 2021, the won National Cahors. This season (2023) there were weekly succeses with their yearling widowers, with their stunt on Limoges Yearlings (1st-2nd-3rd-5th Provincial) as absolute highlight. After their auction at the beginning of 2021 (old birds), father and son Ally have made their return to the top in no time, they actually never left. This has only been possible thanks to their quality bloodlines. The class of their stock is also proven by the many references they received from fanciers around which were successful with the Ally pigeons. This year, they received additional super references from the PEC. We may conclude that the future is looking particularly bright in Aarsele.