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PIPA announces historical auction of Jelle Jellema in January 2024!

Jelle Jellema is without doubt the most successful extreme long distance fancier of the past years. Moreover, fanciers world-wide achieve fantastic results with the Jellema pigeons, from One Loft Races to International marathon races.

At the highest point of his fame, Jelle has decided to make the majority of his beautiful colony available in auction on PIPA! A complete collection of legendary racers, breeders and children from these icons. To be exact, the auction will take place between 15th and 28th January on PIPA and include the following pigeons: 

  • All breeders
  • All racers from 2020 and older
  • A selection of 2023 young birds from all top racers and breeders 
  • All One Loft Race breeders (an exceptional collection!)

Marathon specialist

Father Ultsje and son Jelle knew many successes in the Frisian Steggerda. In 2008, Jelle settled in Nijverdal with his family. From then on, the pigeons were only selected for the toughest of races. The results list was always the most important indicator. The stock pair Zwart Goud x De 02 - with their most prominent children Orion, Saffier and Jade - formed the foundation to the 'modern Jellema pigeon'. Although the pair 'het Fondkoppel' (Bergerac-doffer x Blauwe Dame) should be placed on the same height as the stock pair according to Jelle. Not surprising; the glorious 1st International Barcelona winner 2014, Kleine Jade, is a granddaughter of both these pairs. She too would turn out to be a true super breeder. 

Kleine Jade NL11-1292679

Super pigeons were never sold. The results always came first. Kleine Jade, but also stars such as 1st Int. Olympiad pigeon Romee and 3rd Int. Barcelona winner Silvie were kept to strengthen the colony's breeding quality. This has been successful for Jelle. Many (Inter)national Top 10 winners, but also winners at the Algarve Golden Race and the 1st Super Ace in Victoria Falls OLR 2023 are descendants of Kleine Jade. Furthermore, the impact of these stars is substantial. What to think about MG430 (son Miss Gijsje Arjan Beens) and his best daughter Silke (1st Nat. Barcelona 2020). The amount of references from this super hen, despite her short breeding career, are simply phenomenal! 

Naomi NL20-1165795

From 2014 onwards, there was regular co-breeding with the stars from Hugo Batenburg. Amongst others, Kleine Jade, Romee and Silvie were paired to 1st Int. Barcelona winners such as New Laureaat, Special One and Jef. It goes without saying that both lofts benefitted from this cooperation! Also in this auction are the descendants of breeding phenomenon Rena, a guarantee for top results! Rena herself won 6th Int. Pau and 8th Nat. Barcelona...her mother Evi won 9th Nat. Perpignan and 10th Nat. Barcelona...her descendants won a/o 1st Nat. S4 Bergerac 2022, Kleine Rena (daugher Rena)...1st Nat. S3 Bergerac 2022, Naomi (granddaughter Rena)...7th Nat. Barcelona 2020, New Rena (daughter Rena)...8th Nat. Perpignan, Demi (daughter Rena). All these stars will be available in auction on PIPA! 

OLR success 

Descendants from the Jellema icons have shown to battle amongst the best on prominent One Loft Races such as the Victoria Falls OLR, Pattaya PIPR OLR and the Algarve OLR. Crossed with marathon and speed bloodlines these pigeons have won achieved many top results. For instance, the 1st Final Algarve Olden OLR 2021 of Jürgen Altmiks is bred from a double grandson Kleine Jade...the past two years the 9th Final and 7th and 11th Ace Pigeon Pattaya OLR were won by Jellema descendants...Jelle won 4th Final Victoria Falls OLR 2020 and offspring of Kleine Jade won a/o the following top results in the Victoria Falls OLR 2023; 6th-9th-14th-16th Final and 1st-10th-22nd Super Ace Competition...and grandchildren of Kleine Jade previously became 2x 1st European Ace Pigeon at the Pioneer Club China! The conclusion: Jellema pigeons are successfully crossed with other bloodlines, both marathon and speed. They are thereby a real added value for One Loft Race fanciers, looking for a quality injection to breed pigeons specifically for this discipline! 

With the auction of the total Jelle Jellema breeding team and racers from 2020 and older, PIPA offers the best of the best! The lots include National winners, (Inter)national Top 10 winners, children of Kleine Jade, Romee, Silvie, Rena and all other world-famous Jellema icons!