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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Barcelona on 7th July 2023, in conjunction with the international

First open Barcelona
The British Barcelona Club pigeons were liberated along with the rest of the international convoy at 07.00CEST. What followed was a truly historic day for pigeon racing in the UK, with the first bird ever to be clocked on the day from this iconic racepoint, Southfield History!
Mark Gilbert
Southfield History

Mark Gilbert of Winkfield was first open and first section D with Southfield History, a hen clocked on the first day, after fifteen and a half hours on the wing, doing 1290ypm over 698 miles. Southfield History was paired up earlier in the season and sent sitting a five day old squeaker. Her sire is Son Naomi from Cor de Heijde, 6th international Barcelona, and the dam won 17th international Barcelona for Twan Bongers. Southfield History has previous form, having flown Pau last season in fifteen and a half hours, winning tenth section and thirty-third open. In the same race, her nestmate was fourth section, nineteenth open. Mark timed seven further pigeons in the provisional open result.  

Pedigree of Southfield History
Kevin Foster
Second open

Kevin Foster of Longfield Hill was second open and first section G with a three year old, widowhood cock on 1053ypm over 685 miles. This pigeon was bred by the Belgian international fliers, Van Ouwerkerk - Dekkers. The sire is father of 12th national Perpignan, 29th international and others that scored from the St Vincent and Pau nationals. In turn it is a son of De Sterke, 24th national Barcelona and the dam is a daughter if Night Flier, 21st national Barcelona, clocked at 1.04am. Kevin's second pigeon, a three year old hen, was sixth open on 744ypm and also contains the Van Ouwerkerk - Dekkers bloodlines. The sire is Paulo, 4th national Pau and the dam is a direct daughter of Mr St Vincent. Seventh open was another pigeon for Kevin, a four year old hen on 696ypm. The sire of this one is a son of De Cas, whilst the dam is out of Starlight x Melissa when paired to the sire of the 2016 Le Mans winner. 

Sixth open
Mick Bunney

Mr and Mrs Bunney of Paulsgrove were ninth open and first section A with a five year old on 684.4ypm over a distance of 662 miles. First on the clock was a blue hen, raced on the celibate system but then paired on week before Barcelona. It contains the Bunny's old Dordin family bloodlines. They also timed a second pigeon on 425ypm to take twenty-first open. 

Lee and Kevin Buddle

Lee and Kevin Buddle of Dover timed tenth open, fourth section G with a five year old on 658ypm over 663 miles. Their second pigeon, a five year old on 511ypm was fourteenth open. The Buddle's timed two more pigeons in sixteenth and twenty-second open. First on the clock was a hen flown on their widowhood chaos system. Its sire is Mike, winner of many prizes from Marseille, Pau, Agen and Perpignan. The dam is a daughter of Pipi, who flew Barcelona four times (673 miles) and won 4th open 2011, 9th open 2014 and 10th open 2012. Pipi returned injured from Barcelona in 2012. The Buddle's second pigeon was a duaghter of Elsa, first national BICC Narbonne in 2014, when paired to a son of Tom and Lynx, 1st national BICC Marseille 2017. 

Doug Gatland

Doug Gatland of Hookwood was twelfth open and fifth section G with a four year old, light chequer cock on 622ypm over 675 miles. Now named Cornish Dream, Doug's winner was bred by Duncan Harvey of St Buryan in a co-breeding project with the late Trevor Jenkyn of Penzance. Both the sire and the dam were Louella Dutch distance pigeons purchased by Trevor, with the sire being a grandson of Times 6 and Icon and the dam a grand-daughter of Red Rum, La Rosa Benita and Barcelona 241. 

Mannor Loft's hen

Mannor Lofts of Southampton timed a four year old hen on 520ypm over 672 miles to take thirteenth open and second section A. Martin, Clare and Jack Norman timed a hen bred from the bloodlines of Andy Parsons of Salisbury, when crossed with those of Mick De Carteret of Guernsey. 

Mark Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow was first section J and fifteenth open with a five year old on 500ypm over 712 miles. Mark's single entry was bred from a son of Legacy x a daughter of Lee and Kevin Buddle's Tom. It has flown both north and south road having cards from both Pau and Perth. 

Mr & Mrs Rhodes

Steve and Sally Rhodes of Aylesham were seventeenth open, seventh section G with a five year old cock on 493ypm over 670 miles. Bred from their Zaragoza 3rd open x international hen Freieldenhoffen, it was raced on the roundabout system. 

Mr and Mrs Fear of Hayes timed a six year old on 467ypm over 700 miles to take nineteenth open and eighth section D. Bred out of Drennan Expected, the sire is a red cock from Bill Knox (GB17R33312) and the dam is a Spanish Diploma winner, chequer hen GB09N62680. 

Bill and Tricia Knox

Bill and Tricia Knox of Canterbury were twentieth open and ninth section G, timing a six year old cock on 446ypm over 676 miles. It was sent sitting eight day eggs after rearing a single young bird. On the sire's side it is a grandson of 2nd open Pau x 1st open Barcelona and the dam was a grand-daughter of Red Alert, 1st open Barcelona and Minx, 1st open Barcelona. 

Dave and John Staddon

David and John Staddon on Ditcheat were twenty-fourth open and first section C with a four year old on 406ypm over 700 miles. The Staddon's section winner is a blue cock named Deano. Deano was bred by father and son, Dean and Dean Pallatt and contains one hundred percent Jelle Jellema bloodlines. The sire is a grandson of Romee, Zwarte Goud and Snelle Jelle. The dam is a grand-daughter of Dirke, the father of Kleine Jade, 1st international Barcelona and also features, Rika, Marcus, Golden Future and Frankenstein. This cock is a nestmate of the Staddon's 2022 Barcelona section winner, Pallats Pride. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Barcelona.